Thursday, September 30, 2004

Did anyone watch the Chelsea/Porto game? We went out to find it, but ended up watching the Woolwich rejects.
Anyway, they flicked over and showed the Chelsea bench celebrating after the goal.
Now did I see a certain S.P or did I dream it?
Its one of the two puzzling questions that I woke up to this morning. The other being:
"Did N really have a picture on his phone wallpaper of a kitten in a basket?"
Now picture a tall 6ft 5 lad, who's fairly well built and the question becomes more puzzling.
Is he really a secret softie at heart?
Or was I so drunk that I saw something else and interpreted it as a kitty?
In the end I text STF to find out what the hell it was and if he knew.
It was one of the "Crusha" Cats.
So after arguing with my - who? myself? (sounds a little crazy,) other side of brain? Little inner child? - Anyway after arguing with myself I now am pleased that I won the argument.
Oh God. Its getting worse, I'm pleased that I won an argument against myself.
Ah-hem moving swiftly on. Was it S.P making a rare subs bench appearance or was it someone entirely different - my money's on Damien Duff - I got very drunk - I confused with S.P and pointed at and Shouted.
"yaarrrgghh you wanker!"
Someone put me out of my misery, he wasn't in the subs list in the paper today so who was the mystery impersonator?

I knew I'd written a post before I went to bed last night.
I'd like to get your attention so we can all go over and look at CASINO AVENUE. The inspector has written about and put up pictures of "The Charlton Triangle." in which stands the Cherry Orchard Estate where I lived until about seven years ago.
Although my memory is very hazy, i was about 3 or 4 at the time, those pictures are very simular to the flats in which i lived,
I'm not sure but I think I lived in the flats shown in the top row of pictures, in the middle.
And even if it wasn't that one, it was one very, very similar, Actually the more I think about it I think it had 3 floors to it so it probably wasn't that one.
I remember living in the flats very clearly, despite my age at the time, I remember having nightmares as we could hear people above us fighting and screaming and flushing the toilet, I remember smelling piss and rubbish as we walked down the flights of stairs, I remember it being dank and dark there and my Dad building a gate, that was impossible to open so me and the other kids on the floor couldnt get onto the stairs.
My Mothership says that I shouldn't remember that but I do, and I remember thinking that no matter what I ended up doing in life, I was never going to live in a flat like that again.
I don't remember the exact date, but it was some time after my brother was born that we got moved to the Rectory Field which was on the same dirty estate but it was a proper house, and we lived next to Oldest Friend and It was the same house that my Mother had lived in when she was young and I remember deocorating and finding graffitti from her brothers on the walls and the original lino from when she lived there.
I liked that house although it did have its own set of problems, the only main one I remember being subisdence and i think I heard about asbestos but I don't know.
I miss being there sometimes, Oldest Friend was always there and I'd climb over our adjoining fence to play with her and her brother and younger sister and we played in the circle, being banned from leaving it. I knew everyone in that circle and it was pretty ace, now they're all being moved out and we left a long time ago, when they were first making moves about knocking it all down and I went back a few times to see Oldest Friend before I went to uni and they moved to Surrey.

remember how i said i wasnt going to be out late?
kin varsity it was 2 for the price of 1 and they N and STF kept buying me VK so i had 2 when they kept to 1 drink. think they were doing it on purpose.
then went to bishops, where they wouldnt let me have lemonade, met A after Owls lost in LDV, then me and STF went to casino, where he lost 60 quid, or techinally to him a tenner.
fuck knows, madness he was up 60.
Full day at uni 2moro. christ. they did it on purpose, bastards.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Off out on a search for football and cheap drinks, wont be a late night as have full day of lectures tomorrow and showing up hungover for them wont be good.
Freshers fair today.
Didn't do as well this year as i did last when I walked away with a free camera and popcorn maker.
Mainly cos I couldn't be arsed to join up with HSBC/Barclaycard credit cards again, just for the aggro of joining and then canceling them, plus I already had the goodies they were offering, was tempted to see if I could end my student account with NatWest and restart it just so I could have the 5 year free railcard, but decided against this (Or alternately, was dragged away with TP so I couldn't argue my case with Natwest Rep.)
I got a free bandana too, awesome, been pretending to be a cowboy AND a pirate, sometimes both at the same time.
Also have enough sweets to satisfy my sweet tooth for oohh a good week or so, and the usual array of condoms, shampoo, toothpaste, loo roll etc.
Plus a UV perminant marker pen, preferably for marking up such equipment as computer, printer phone, so obviously I will be using this for drawing on unsuspecting people's faces before they go clubbing. Mwhahahaha.
A full day of lectures tomorrow, 9-5, that's gonna be a shock to the system!
Must start getting down to work, gotta think up something to do with Aquatic biology that will entertain me enough to write a 4,000 word essay and a 5 minute presentation.
I quite like the idea of writing about how they've cleaned up The Thames, but not sure if I'll get enough info, or writing up the plotline to FINDING NEMO, (hey its "aquatic"!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Got back from the pub and was watching The Farm in TP's room.
Was quite surreal, basically all these z list "celebs" live and work on a farm, the funniest and surrealist moment when Paul Daniels started yelling at Vanilla Ice (ice ice baby!) to prove his point.
Surreal, funny too, to see that Rebecca Loos flirting with the farmer.
Ace programme!
"When there are more than two groups the only sensible option for a parametric test is to use one-way analysis of variance.
It makes the assumption that the data is continous, at least approximately normally distributed and that the variances of each group/sample are homogeneous...."
Erm, I know it means something, and I know its something that I SHOULD know, but its like the book is talking in another language, possibly from another planet.
I've been wondering about it all since my tutor spent a good 45 minutes explaining it to me and talking me through it, but I've come home and I'm still lost.
I'm guessing that this is gonna result at some point in many hysterical tears, dramatic cries of "That's It! I quit uni and i'm off to join the circus/become assistant kit manager at Charlton/Tramp/whatever!" and I've got till the middle of November to work it out and get my I.S finished.
Ah sod this, The deadline is ages away. I'm gonna have dinner and go to the pub to watch Man U.
Meanwhile, me and The Brat are making plans to go to see the Mighty Addicks thrash Liverpool again!

Monday, September 27, 2004

We won! Yippie!
El Karkouri with his first Charlton goal!
met MH at 6 and it was like old times, catching up on gossip, like the fact that STF is constantly texting her, wanting her back. (He dumped her part way through the summer for an old flame, who dumped him or cheated on him, I lose track), she's not wanting to have any more to do with him except as a mate.
H2 slapped a child at the nusery she was working at, which has resulted in her getting 6 months on her police record, which means very little to me.
LF got engaged, then unengaged in the few months between the last time I saw him, as the girl he was with was using him as a rebound.
J is now engaged to his little slapper - I'm sorry, but I just need to laugh at these two lads, how funny!
I think I can offically state I'm over LF, once not too long ago, I spent a vast majority of the day thinking about him, and yeah, my heart did that little leap when MH mentioned him and that little crushing disappointment when she mentioned he was in a relationship, but I think that's mainly due to all the history, I still think there's unfinished buisness between us but its all over well and truely.
Gonna get back to the football now! And it was well cool, they opened up Scream just for us, well our little party of four and the few Blackburn fans that were there, normally Scream only gets opened for Big matches, like the FA Cup or England, so it was kinda neat, but no atmosphere.
Really missed being there tonight, more than ever, for some reason, and I can't wait for the 17th, when I can go to see us play Newcastle.
Have you ever wondered why, when radio stations play "Late Night Love" and other crap like that, they play "What's love gotta do with it?" and "No Scrubs." I mean neither of them are really about true love are they?
Might go and watch Wednesday play Franchise FC - sorry MK Dons - on Saturday as TP will be out and I fancy seeing what Ben Chorley is like, seeing as the last time I saw him, was in GCSE Drama, nearly 6 years ago now!
God that makes me feel old! All the things that have happened to me since that depressing period of my life!
Left my loan form behind, lost the teeny slip of paper that costs a fiver to replace (But have got an email from the girl who found it!), left Perry the Pilchard (Pencilcase) behind so had nothing to write with nor anything to collect my loan with.
The Sheep is in my Aquatic Biology class....
Monday's offically suck, BUT................
Charlton are on the telly tonight and its Freshers Fair tomorrow!
And we get a field trip out to see seals in aquatic biology, which makes up for the 3-4000 word essay and presentation and field trip on day of I.S hand-in (not all on the same day!).
We're on the telly, We're on the telly, wish i was there, will be in the pub from 7:30 cheering them on.
We're on the telly, we're on the telly!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

In exactly 12 minutes It will be Monday.
Most Mondays suck dick, But this is an extra special Monday.
On this Monday my Overdraft will miraculously disappear, on this Monday I will be collecting 2k.
I will be at least £1500 sorted till xmas, I will be RICH!! Rich beyond my wildest dreams.
So what if it takes a week to clear?
It will be in my account and that means I can spend it.
HMV have been tempting me with a DVD sale.
Charlton are playing - On a Monday Night - and yet another reasons that Mondays Rock, is that it is £1 a pint night.
Can I spend my entire loan in one night?
I don't think so but it'll be fun to find out! :-)
I dont care if its just me and MH celebrating another bore draw 'cause I will have two fucking grand!!!!
I could go on holiday, I could bribe someone to do my I.S with that money. I could buy 100's of Ben and Jerry's ice cream tubs.
Dudes. I just saw two girls streak across the car park.
I might be excited about New Loan but I am not that excited!
Only a few minutes to Monday! I'm going to sleep and wake up rich!

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
I think I have made it possible for people to see some of the matlock bath pictures I have taken. So yeah. Enjoy!
(It is entirely possible that people wont be able to see them, or they'll disappear after a few days!)
Random Derbyshire Villages No.3: MATLOCK BATH.

Matlock Bath, is possibly the most fun out of all the villages I've been to so far, Yes Dovedale was stunningly picturesque and Bakewell was ok in its old-fashionedness, but Matlock Bath. (Not to be confused with plain Matlock) was F-U-N-K-Y!
Its got the air of a seaside town, with lots of amusement arcades and fish and chip shops, and you could definately spend a nice weekend there, without getting too bored.
We rode the Heights Of Abraham up the cliffs and then went and explored inside some of them, I had to duck in places and I'm only 5ft 2. So anyone taller must have a problem, it was really cold in there and I stole a piece of rock, once they had run around in virtual blackness mining the lead.
It was well worth the £8 to get in and that also gave you a discount for half price to come back again another day.
We ate chips by the river and fed the ducks and I explored the aquarium (I found Nemo!) and above that was a really cool holographic exhibition, I filmed some of them, like the Frankenstein that came alive and smiled at you as you walked past, and the puzzle cube that made itself.
Just got back now to find that the heat from downstairs has caused all my posters to fall off and I've been given a perminant link on Forever Charlton, cool.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Remind me again why I went to uni so far away? Not only did I miss Andy Hunt making his (Brief) comeback in the Reserves, the chances of me getting home to The Pal-arse game are less than 40% (even with The Plan) and now it looks like I may miss out on Spotty's return to The Valley, playing for the Chelski reserves.
Meanwhile tomorrow sees me venturing into the Great outdoors with TP, yes, my poor liver is going to recover from a week of excess with a trip to Matlock Bath, We will ride the cable cars, we will explore the caves and eat fish 'n' chips by the Big Goldfish pond and if our money holds out we will be also exploring the Aquarium.
I'm really looking forward to it, In my first year halls, we stayed in Matlock and once I realised that it was a village I have made it my mission to go and investigate and I'm off tomorrow - Hurrah!
STF can't come watch football monday night as he has to work, gutted. Hoping N, R and A will still come, but never mind, the important thing is that It will be the Return of £1 a pint Night and me and MH's nights at the pub watching the Football!
I feel kinda bleugh.
Its either me coming down with Freshers Flu or what is known as My Central Heating Allergies are kicking in. I'm betting on it being the allergies, as even though my rooms radiator is turned off, its still boiling unless I keep a window open, as all the heat from below is congregating in my room and I also have boiling hot water pipes running through my room and one of the Jerks has a extra heater type thing, you know the ones you plug in and run as an extra radiator.
The thing is my body takes a long time to adjust to the change in humidity levels and I'm guessing this is why I'm suffering from a sore throat and a alternately blocked and runny nose. (Sexy!)
Hopefully in a week or two my body will have adjusted, in the mean times, I'm keeping my window open, the sink full of water and nursing myself with Lemsip, Strepsils and Hot Chocolate
Ok. I think I have hit upon a plan.
A plan so awesomely cunning that it is fool-proof.
When I have my 1st lectures next week, and my Mothership phones I will drop subtly into the conversation, that I know that the lectures on the 28th will be cancelled, as both lecturers have to attend "meetings."
But they are sticking notes up on the internet, (Technically true - well at least for Habitat management anyways.)
So seeing as I will have that Thursday free, I might as well come home on the Wednesday afternoon, as Charlton are playing on that Saturday, and Oh look! It just so happens that Charlton are playing in the Cup that night, If Dad's feeling ok, why doesn't he just pop down to the ticket office and pick up tickets for me and E and i'll just get an early train down that day?
Obviously this will be a bit more subtle than that and I will have to do a huge chunk of my I.S in order to allow me to justify this 5 day absence from uni work.
Should I feel guilty, as I know that these lectures make up at least 60% of my last year marks?
No. We're not gonna think about that, we're just gonna concentrate on how great it will be to beat Palarse.
I'll keep you all (As I know you're on the edge of your seats about whether I get back or not.) informed and up-to-date as to whether this plan works. If not its back to praying to SkySports and making Palarse Voodoo dolls.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Dear SkySports.
You are my last hope.
Please, please, please show Charlton/Palace in the Carling cup.
(I've still not given up hope, I'll be exploring every possibility in order to get home for this match.)
If the worst comes to the worst, I'll come home early wednesday afternoon and beg/borrow or steal notes from those lectures, i'll just need to figure out a way to explain my absence from lectures to the Parents who definately won't understand.
I'm NOT missing this match.
Urk, all these late nights are starting to catch up with me.
I have a horrible dry throat and my eyes are heavy and tired. I have been challenged (mainly by those who know my love for sleep) to have a whole week of "going outs."
I like the idea of a challenge but am afraid my body isnt so impressed.
Finally enrolled today, after several cock-ups (as usual) and queueing I am now enrolled, and it only took me three hours.
Havent got my loan cheque yet though, mainly cos I have been besiged (sp?) by hundreds of sheets of ex-trees and have lost the only essential bit of paper, yes the one needed for me to collect the loan.
Bastards. I have also lost the teeny enrolment form they've given me, which is about 3 inches tall and 12 inches long.
Honestly, I bet they did that on purpose, if we need a new one of those, they charge us a fiver for it.
Absolutely gutted that Charlton/Palarse will be on a wednesday night.
If i had just one module on Thursdays I'd have bunked off and came home for it. But I also joined up for Rainforests To Deserts, to make up my missing module.
And yup, its on a Thursday afternoon, now I could live with myself for missing one lecture, but two?
I'd feel bad.
I've investigated the Trainline website and it is possible that I could get the 10:25 train and get into Derby at 12.05.
If the lecture starts at one, i'd be pushing it to get across Derby in an hour, once lectures start I'll know if its a 2pm kick off.
Could I manage to get home, cheer the addicks on, get a one hour 40 min train, plus one hour to get across London, plus another hour to get across Derby and still be fairly alert for my lecture?
Oh dear!
I REALLY want to go, but don't know if its really possible without me being a zombie, and I'd be spending another £27 to come home that same weekend for the middlesborough game.
What do you reckon? Will it be possible, and will I be able to get away with it?
Earliest night in yet! But that's cos I was out with TP and Giggly H.
Am very tempted now to see if i can manage to go out the entire week, but it'd probably kill me in the process.
Got told my purple dye made my hair look red!?
be gutted if thats the case.
Enrolment take 2 tomorrow!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

going purple right now!
oh yes.
isn't Robbies' "Radio" a bit of a grower?
hated it at 1st but really love it now.
sorry if the spellings gone downhill.
had to take my glasses off to dye my hair and didnt put my contacts in.
quick question.
Anyone have an idea when Curb's book is due out?
Need to know for a birthday present.
Bugger, just realised that Palarse will be midweek.
Might be able to make it without missing any lectures if its a tues night game, if its a wednes night, may have to do some lying as there is no way i'm missing this match.
all depends on what happens fri when i enrol, until then everyone cross their fingers that its a tuesday night and I'll be able to get home and get back on wednesday and that my lectures give me those days free.
Still reeling from last night's antics, Alcohol is definately not my friend.
so stupid, N is such a slag that I know it will mean as little to him as it does to me.
But R. Oh dear, this could potentially be very tricky and will have to be handled very carefully,
He didnt know about the bet see, and i don't want another stalker on my hands. The Sheep was more than enough and I may have to sit him down and explain that I'm NOT interested in any way.
We have Palace in the cup!
Can't believe it, ace!
Was cheering in the Friary when I heard that and got a few stares.
came home and text E, MH and The Lizard.
MH called me a sleaze jokingly, Lizard understands how awkward things could be with R. and E went into a paddy and worried over the kinda people that i hang around with.
I can understand after what happened with her and she don't know them so to get told that I kissed two of them for a bet when she knows that normally I wouldnt do that kinda thing worried her.
yes I could very easily have fucked R or N, and believe me they try it on, but in a cheeky kinda way and they all know that I wouldn't go with any of them so its just a bit of a game.
They are decent lads all of them, and if she could have seen them worrying about that daft wasted girl last night, she'd understand.
(honestly, who'd leave someone in that state?)
Oh dear god.
remember how i said i wasnt going out?
I did.
In fact I kissed N and R.
I didint know much about N didnt have much choice. he had been teasing me about peeling the labels off my bottles, claimin that i was sexually frustrated.
So while i was happuly peeling labels, he just grabbed me and kissed me.
good kisser.
coyote ugle rocks.
male topless fire eaters and female dancers in chaps on the bar wall.
missed east 17 though.
never mind.
Any doubt that i had that these were good guys were gone cos we found a poor wasted girl in a shop doorway and they tried to help her home, she staggered off, didnt like me.
cos i wasnt a bloke.
oh well, we tried and they were really sweet trying to help.
Kissed R too, bad bad bad mistake.
think im more drunk than i thought, they STF and N said if i kissed one of them (R and A) they'd kiss him too.
they lied.
Kissed N again with tongues, i have soft lips apparently.
bad, not getting involved with him.
We have palace at home.
How ace is that? definately gonna get tickets for that.
going to bed now, have driving lesson at 1pm.
cant believe that i got off with 2 of my mates.
am very very naughty and more drunk than i thought, am sorry if am writing gibberish.
missed E17 in the end.
oh well
gonna regret this in the morning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Apparently East 17 are in town tonight.
They, like Take That and Boyzone totally skipped me by the 1st time round and I've been invited by SFT to come out on the piss and meet them, but don't think I will, I honestly can't afford it and I'd be quite happy letting East 17 pass me by again, but now I feel a bit rude.
Oh hell, I don't care.
I'm tired anyway and they won't mind.
To go out or not to go out, that is the question.
Yes both me and my bank balance could benefit from stopping in tonight, but Spurs are playing Oldham and STF, R and N could be talked into coming to watch even if TP can't.
Went into uni to enrol, for them to tell me that I needed to come in on Friday as I'm causing a problem.
Despite feeling very gutted that I had got up early and walked in for no reason, I went into the Learning centre and looked through old, dusty and boring volumes of Animal Behaviour.
Not even a pretty picture to brighten it up, and not all the editions had contents/index pages, which made my job a lot easier!
Still after 2 hours I had come back with 6 references and even if I can only use a sentence from each of those, its something.
Was gonna go in tomorrow with TP and try looking through Conservation Biology but am meeting up with Bobby Robson instead, so depending on how pissed off and how long enrolment takes on Friday I'll look then.
BUT - Do i go watch the football tonight or not, bearing in mind that I am also potentially going out on Thursday?
And FLASH - Steve Wigley? Really? Isn't he a bit lost?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well, we managed it, although it sounds like we weren't impressive, although in the cups do you expect anything else?
Coverage on the internet was a little better today, except it still kept cutting out after 10-12 minutes, which meant i missed both goals.
Met up with H who was in my 1st year halls and went for a drink in Varsity, although it was only the one, especially after last night.
Gotta set my alarm so can be up tomorrow to enrol.
Forgotten how to get up that early!

Woke up at 11, trying to work out why I had decided to go to bed wearing my plastic flowery necklace that I had found in the toilets in D&E.
Still, felt a bit dodgey, but my stomach and head felt ok, once i got into the fresh air and walked to uni.
Spoke to JC about everything, and I'm gonna find a nice easy 1st module to do, that's preferably 100% coursework so I dont have to stress too much about it, while dealing with everything else.
Also asked about the possiblity of getting to graduate in Jan with everyone else. (Unlike most uni's who do their graduating in June/July time. Derby does it in January!)
So I'd have to wait another year to do the zoology graduation, I felt quite cheeky asking, and then he was so nice and reduced me to tears. (I'm getting all weepy now thinking about it).
He said as long as he can get proof from Dad's doctors, he'll do everything in his power to get me to graduate both in January.
Went shopping afterwards as I owe STF a present. See on my MSN I had a picture of me when I met Matty Holland at the Ireland games and my name was:
"A prize to the 1st person to know who this is."
I did mean it for my non-football liking chums but he got in 1st so won a prize of a pink pen.
So I went and brought a huge gay, girly bow and wrapping paper, so he can have it later.
I had such a great time last night, I really like hanging with those lads.
They're typical lads with conversations that revolve around the 3 B's (Booze, birds and [Foot]Ball.)
STF is really sweet and kind and treats me like a little sister.
N is a male slag and tries it on all the time in a jokey kinda way so we both know that I have nothing to worry about and A is always pissed, I guess that's what happens if you support the Owls too long!
I feel kinda knackered and am gonna have a little power nap, then I'll be all refreshed for the Grimsby game.
Bit gutted by that as I probably would have tried for tickets to that as its only an hour or so on the train from Sheffield and I could have stayed with MH but I have enrolment tomorrow so have to be in early.
Never mind, lets hope I can get radio coverage this time and we actually win!

Fucking Awesome.
Just had the best random night out ever.
Original plan was to watch Liverpool/Man U with C and I and TP.
Ended up in Bishops with STF, A and N as TP didnt want to meet them, and discussing my sex life, or lack of.
Really, what else can you expect from lads?
Me and STF went onto D&E, after all my moaning about it yesterday.
From the Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme to the pop-punk mix they played, via the usual set of cheese and chart crap.
STF is a shit dancer, so we were both ok! and he's one of those guys who knows everyone so met another A -from Ilam, if you don't know, Ilam was the plague village that cut itself to try and prevent it coming to their village,
(I only know this from Blue Peter!)
Just been to get doner meat and chips and am going to bed, need to get to see JC tomorrow.
Had a fucking awesome night on twenty quid.
Its great going clubbing with guys, they all try and fix you up with their mates!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Apart from a little trip to Darley Abbey Park, I've been busy unpacking and setting up my printer and scanner and playing stupid buggers on the net.
This is a neat site - one of those wotsits.

So are YOU "The Speed Freak?"
Constant foot to the floor on their “stress accelerator”
Borderline workaholic or perfectionist
Everything must get 110% effort, no matter how (un)important it is
Rapid speech; interrupt others frequently
Periods of deep fatigue after all-out effort
"The Worry Wart"
Have trouble turning off their thoughts
Drive themselves at high RPM, but rarely put themselves in gear for action
Paralysis by analysis; useless wheel spinning worry
Frequent anxiety; tension headaches
Slow to recover or to come down from high-stress situations
"The Drifter"
Tend to shotgun their energy across many options
In perpetual “mid-life crisis”
Often feel dissatisfied; that life is not “adding up”; or that something is seriously missing in their lives
Doubt their existing goals; don’t buy into anything very deeply
"The Loner"
Difficulty in giving or receiving easy, relaxed closeness or intimate sharing
Feel uncomfortable with others; often masked with a smile
Feel lonely, often unfulfilled in relationships
Feel alone in carrying burdens or worries
Often drop out of or cancel social events at the last minute
"Basket Cases"
In constant "energy crisis"
Energy often fades by mid-day
Frequent aches/pains in muscles or joints
Sometimes depressed; feel most activites are too much to do
"Cliff Walkers"
A walking life insurance company "risk factor chart" - high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol misuse, no exercise
Believe "It will never happen to me"
Usually have a somewhat worn appearance
Difficulty sustaining energy

According to that I'm either a "Loner" or "Drifter" type of stresser.

Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of adding pictures to this.
(assuming I can figure it out)
So you all can enjoy such delights as "The View from my window."
"My View at the Valley."
Yes, I can see you all wetting yourselves with excitement now!
Old Brian Clough died today.
I guess that means tomorrows SunSport will have a big obiturary.
Am glad that I am temporary TV-less so I miss the big feature on East Midlands Today.
Ram FM is already putting the black bunting out as TP has come from her room to inform me that "some old footballer-type person has died." So i'm guessing that I'll be avoiding that and Trent FM too for a while.
Incidently he was in Derby City Hospital, that CL worked at occasionally and we passed on the way to Mickleover Tesco, as we lived near Uttoxeter Road and following that road took us past it.
Its not the hospital that MH got taken too after she was bottled though, after the Portugal game as City Hospital don't have no A&E.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

When I go randomly pressing the "Next blog" button, I find loads that tell me proudly that they can do rubix cubes in 2 minutes.
Like that's something to be proud of, I can do it in two minutes too, they ain't that hard to dismantle and rebuild you know!
By the way did anyone else have the Rubix clock?

TP came banging on my door with TJ at 10am, waking me, well actually I woke at 9.55 due to a poster falling off the walls, but I refused to get outta bed till they knocked.
Actually met another Flatmate, when she came and knocked on the door to introduce herself, still not seen the rest, and have been blanked by another one in the kitchen.
Which is real friendly!
We went to Sainsburys and brought stuff, however as the others have been there all over the summer we have to share half a shelf in the fridge and freezer cos they're stuff is everywhere else.
STF and MH came and admired my room and we caught up, then went to visit our Beloved Friary to catch Chelsea/Spurs and the last 10 mins of Newcastle/Saints.
I''ve just been for a shower now and am freezing.
I don't like showers in the 1st place. (Parents, never let your kids sit through Psycho at the tender and impressionable age of 5.)
And this shower seemed to only have two temperatures, freezing and hypothermia status.
My goosebumps had goosebumps, I was huddled in the corner, psyching myself up to dive under the water for about 5 seconds before diving out again.
I tried to man the cold pretty well, but I did let out a little squeak when it went down my ear.
Surely there had to be some trick to this I thought, I mean freezing water in September is bad enough, but in December its crazy.
So i turned the knob and water invaded my little shivering corner.
Having not learnt my lesson the first time, I did it again, but after the 3rd attempt I gave up and dived in and out.
(By the way, the name of my shower gel - Ice Shower!)
Phoned up Bobby Robson, and am now going for my next lesson on Thursday at 1pm, and am pootling into uni tomorrow with TP to look for anything to do with Voles.
And then we're gonna meet up with I and C to watch Man U/Liverpool.
We're so close to The Friary! I love it, no more 25-30 minute walks for me!
Nope, I'm just a 5 minute stagger away!
Speaking off staggering the lickle firsties have gone to Desperate & Easy, Ha!
They don't know what's in store, I almost felt sorry for them, then I remembered I'd be hearing them coming home and all my pity went.
Still. Feel all smug cos they think its gonna be some ace club and its not.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ok, I have half of my posters up, The Brat's TV, still refuses to work, so I'm missing MOTD and I REFUSE to pay for ValleyVision, unless we win hugely and I still am TV-less.
I hope I get it working, I can't miss Eggheads and what about Tom and Susan in Neighbours? I need to know how that's going to work out.
But being TV-less could be a good thing, yes, think of all the extra work i can get done, think of all the extra time spent bouncing around on the net....
Bad me!
I need to work, and if possible push that 3rd to a 2:2, i doubt it will happen now but you never know.
So I will be organised, and I will ring Bobby Robson tomorrow (As well as being Ex Newcastle manager, he has a double life as "Bill" the Driving instructor and Derby County fan - but his disguise doesnt fool me one bit, oh no. But I will respect his wish for privacy and not let The Sun know that he's also my Driving teach.)
I will also eat properly, so far all i've had is toast and 2 packets of crisps.
Not a good diet, So if MH is willing tomorrow when she visits and TP wants to, we will go shopping and get some yummies, like chips and burgers and I will eat properly this term.
Tuesday I am off to find JC and sort out this HND foronce and forall.
and Wednesday I enrol.
Well here I am.
Halls this time round is St Peter Hilton and I'm nearly unpacked.
Well ok, all I've done is arrange several hundred posters and sorted out internet access.
Bit of a nightmare getting up here too, We decided not to go along the usual route of the M1 and went via Cambridge.
Big Mistake, part of the dual carriageway was shut and we had to sit in a jam for twenty minutes and then once we got going again, we discovered part of the carriageway was shut elsewhere, so we got Diverted back to Northampton,
so we went sidewards basically for 2 hours before realising that we'd also be gradually heading back "dahn sarf." and finally found ourselves, lost in Kettering, which was exciting as I go past that all the time on the train so it was nice to tour it via car.
Dad didn't see the funny side or appeciate the tour. Don't know why though!
Listened to TALKSPORT and keeping up to date with Charlton on SKYSPORTS website. (They Drew 1-1 and Luke Young scored - AGAIN!)
I have proudly hung my Charlton Pennant out the window, so everyone can see it!
I've not really met anyone here yet, apart from an American girl called Simone, I was a bit worried as the fridge and freezer was full so haven't yet gone shopping, will have to do that either tomorrow or Monday as MH is coming down and we might go to The Friary to watch Chelsea/Spurs, andTP comes tomorrow too, so I won't be lonely and will have a chum.
Right, I'd better start unpacking, I'll want to sleep on my bed at some point tonight!

Why can't I get Charlton on the internet or pick them up over the radio.
Its not as If Birmingham is a Million miles away!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Starting to get a little nervous now.
Its like I'm gonna be a Fresher again, worrying about if I'll get on with my new flatmates, I know I know Twin P. (TP?)
But I don't know her as closely as I knew everyone else, so there's that doubt there, that I'm sure will go when she comes on Sunday.
Its everyone else that's an unknown quanity.
Bit gutted that I'm gonna be so close to Birmingham but won't make it to the Charlton game, though.
I'm excited too, at the idea of making new friends and a little wary of it.
I'm looking forward to sitting in drafty old St Pancras or being in the New bit.
I feel very proud of that new bit, I watched them build it for two years and was excited when I got to go on it to get my train. - I fear that I may have a future ahead as a kinda Train Spotter Platform type person.
I'm even looking forward to the 1 1/2 hours on the train, and being delayed as usual. I Miss Derby Station Platform 6!
However, I'm worried about coming home and meeting Dad at St Pancras or at Blackheath station and seeing signs that the Cancer has got worse, that he'll be losing weight again and that means that the end is in sight.
But I'm not going to allow myself to dwell on that yet. If I come home on late October, (Next Saturday Charlton game) and seeing that he has gone downhill then I'll worry.
I'm gonna go and pack some clothes, wash some football shirts to take up and hopefully tomorrow I'll be in halls and I'll be able to get internet access straight away so I can listen to Birmingham coverage over the internet as I can't always pick up Brummie stations on the radio there.
Last time I was in Halls, Internet didnt work properly till November due to dodgey wiring.
Not that it mattered as I didnt get Fred till after Xmas, so missed out on Charlton coverage apart from what I saw on The Premiership.

Too much to do!
Not enough time!
Actually, that's a bit of a lie.
Most of my stuff is packed, I just need to sort out clothes and find where I left my posters when I came home and shove a few more random things into backpacks and I'm done.
Fred, my computer has a brand new hard drive and now all I need to do is figure out how to get Word, Excel and Powerpoint back on it, seeing as I had MH's illegal copy on it in the 1st place!
Its hard, to remembering that I'm only going to be there for a few months and restricting what I'm taking with me.
Obviously DangerMouse: The DVD is an essential.
The Big Question now though to Inspector Sands. Now that I'm going back to Derby, do I get to move from The London Blogs Section of Casino Avenue to The Wider world section?
Now where did I put my Charlton 2004 calendar and as a matter of fact where is the Charlton version of Club manager?
I think i'll be risking a trip into The Brat's room to rescue that one!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Computer is all fixed and ready to come home!!!
I have been shopping with The Mothership and brought all sorts of essentials, for Derby, like cakes, and Haribo and noodles and Packet Rice thingys.
Yes, and boring stuff like loo paper, shampoo and washing up liquid.
I'm also trying to Sort out the HND thingy with John Cassella now I can go to uni and see him (Well I can next week anyways)
Meanwhile my Mothership obviously had something on her mind.
"Do you remember Z"
Z and me went to Primary, If still in contact with her, she would qualify as Oldest Friend as Her Mum had her just a few days after me and they became Maternity Ward Mates.
"Yeah, I remember Z."
"Well her Mum came into the Nursery today. She's getting married in June next year, and that Y is having her second child in November."
The hint and accusation hangs in the air....
Ssheesssh. I thought I'd have at least another 10 years before I'd have to face these kinda conversations, but I dealt with it in a grown up and mature fashion.
Yes. I went off and sulked in the tinned food aisle.
"Up strides Inzaghi, the side's designated penalty taker, but di Canio already has the ball in his arms and no intention of letting it go. "It is mine. MINE!" he indicates to his hapless colleague. A frustrated Inzaghi looks over to the sidelines, where manager Caso is shouting at him to go and take the kick. "He won't let me" pouts the striker, pointing at Paolo (subtext: he can have me and we both know it). Di Canio duly slots the ball away, and he races towards the Sampdoria fans to celebrate. The rest of the team follow him bar Simone, who stands looking hurt in the centre-circle.As soon as di Canio had finished squabbling with the Sampdoria players post-goal, he raced up and grabbed Simone by the shirt, incensed by his lack of celebration. So furious was di Canio's expression that players from both teams raced to separate the two. "We had words, sure, but this penalty was just too important to me" explained Paolo later. "This kind of thing is healthy for the club.",8018,1304263,00.html
*Smirk* I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses PDC.

Manwhile The Mercury made me laugh with the headline "The New Mendonca!" under a picture of Kevin Lisbie.
Turned out though he was actually talking about Jeffers, rather than himself.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Anyone else press the next blog button up there ^^ and keep pressing in the random and vague hope of finding yourself back where you started or another blog that you read?
Just me then.
I keep finding random jibberings by spotty, depressed teenagers, who's life is so hard cos their mom's dont let them have a mobile so they write baaad poems and cut themselves.
Or are in Foreign, and Dora The Explorer hasn't taught me that much Spanish yet!
Still I live in hope that one day I'll come across one that I already know.
starting to feel a little lonely.
Been working my way through Disney movies and now have "You'll be in my heart" From Tarzan in my head.
Why did it take so long to get the last post up?
I posted it before Eggheads and thats at half 12.
Oh Well.
I think i'll go watch The Lion King now.
I appear to have been abandoned...
I know Mum and Dad have had to go up to the hospital for another dose of WonderDrug.
But Where is the Brat?
Why was I not woken by Slipknot or Korn as I usually am when they are out?
Is he at work? Has he gone to see his mates? Is he at college? Has he been abducted by space aliens to have experiments performed and anal probing? (Please!)
----Oooh! Eyes widen----
This means, I can watch what I want on the TV! I can listen to MY music without being scorned and laughed at.
AND possibly most importantly, I can have that last piece of Chocolate cake before HE gets his grubby little mitts on it.
And I found out a bonus to Monday night. We are still above Man United.
-----Rubs hands together and smirks gleefully before running away to find a spoon and the aerosol cream------

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just been to Oxleas Woods to take some pictures of plants as some of the ones I had taken at the time of my project weren't very good.
(According to Google, its also a "dogging" site. Erm, moving on swiftly..)
While waiting for E, I was accosted by a nice lad on one of those grass board type things, which basically was a Skateboard on giant wheels and little straps to put your feet in.
It looked well good whizzing down the hills on and its now top of my Xmas wishlist.
Lad was VERY cute too in a grungey way! Could tell straight away that he was a drama/art student, even before he told me!
Shame E came when she did!!

Oh dear God.
It all suddenly became very, very clear why we have been losing very badly on the away games, we were SHOCKING!!
It was nearly as bad as my personal Worst-Match-Ever-Watched-At-The-Valley game (0-6 v Leeds)
In fact the camera man got bored half way through the first half and filmed the crowd for 5 mins in the first half.
Our Midfield had forgotten how to pass a ball, just as I feared and I think Murphy was exceptionally bad, I'm convinced after conferring with E that he only made one successful pass.
Deano is to thanks for us not losing 3-0, although He was a bit dodgey at times, but luckily he managed to collect his second £50 of the season, He did pull off a couple of wonder saves though, one at close range.
Perhaps it was best summed up by the lack of half time highlights, which disappointed me as I wanted to see Kelly Holmes again parading around in her new Charlton Shirt.
Yes Kelly is a Charlton fan, beats having Jim Davidson as Our celebrity Fan, although I did hear Steve Rider from Grandstand is also a fan...
My other Half Time Highlight was that Scary Matthew told me and E and C that he had taken up Ballet for his Drama course, and believe me, he's called Scary Matthew for a reason, so I can just picture him prancing about in a tutu.
NOW that would have been a half time highlight to see!
And I managed to do all 5 Spot the Differences in The Junior Reds page.
Normally its:
"Brat help! I can only get 3!"
(Its HARD ok?!)
The Next match I'll be seeing is against Blackburn Rovers, in a bar in Derby, and hopefully It'll be better than THAT.
Its gonna be strange, cos all the people that I used to go watch football with, MH, V,M,N STF etc will have left, although I did hear that STF is still around, so I can take the mick outta Shrewsbury!
I'm not so keen on watching the football in a bar on my own, I get funny looks for being in there in the first place, as (often) the only girl, and even funnier looks for being the only Charlton supporter there too so I may have to hold back on the teasing if I want someone to watch the football with!
As long as My lectures work out ok, I should be able to get to the Newcastle game on the 17th, but as its a Sunday evening game it could be dicey, getting back to Derby.
If I can't make that, I'm away from The Valley till Oct 30!!!!
How Will I cope?!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Alien: Resurrection was crappier than I remembered, then again I wasn't paying that much attention to it last time round!
The baby Alien/Ripley though is cute.
Me and Dad finally took my laptop to be fixed! Hurrah! only been sitting in the living room since June and only a week before I go back, think it needs a new hard drive. *sigh* more money...
And my leg still hurts, I dunno what I've done, last night I managed to convince myself I had a DVT or a possible blood clot. - Hypochondriac - moi?!
From about 9pm last night, I kept getting waves of pain at the back of my knee, sometimes it was really sharp and owie.
I was looking it up on NHS Direct, which possibly wasn't the best idea as now i'm totally convinced that's what I've got...
Football tonight, our first SKY game of the season, the next few un's are gonna be on there too which pisses me off as I won't be able to get home for them.
There is a good interview with Euell in the paper today.
Breezy with showers according to the Weather guy for tonight, so I'll expect to be freezing my ass off and end up grumpy and depressed as Charlton will have forgotten how to kick a ball what with all these international breaks.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

And I was there for you
When you were lonely
I was there when you were bad
I was there when you were sad
Now it's my time of need
I'm thinking, do I have to plead to get you by my side?

I'm a cuckoo - Belle and Sebastian. Kinda sums up the last few days.

Alien: Resurrection is on TV, its very very bad, nowhere near as good as Alien or Aliens but its watchable and it brings back a lot of memories, of watching it in Derby, with MH amused cos me and LF were frantically texting each other throughout it, she was amused but also pissed cos that was the four hours later he told me how he felt and she was complaining, that Jena and her weren't like that and they were together.
I want to see him or hear from him, apart from the little chat we had on his b'day I've not heard from him since.
I'm not going to rant, but I miss him and his friendship and I'm afraid that me going home will mean we lose touch altogether.
Well, that's the hat-trick for my Brat now.
Some muppet's just tried to mug him in Woolwich on his way to work, he's already been done over twice already, once at the bottom of our street for a pound!
And another time by the Hungry Horse in Shooters Hill on the way home from a party one night.
By the sounds of it, he's ok and they never got anything.
Apparently he was walking past the hospital and a wanker on a bike demanded his money and his phone or he'd stab him.
Brat vaulted over the fence into the hospital and scarpered into reception and asked them to call the police, he's at work now and very shakey.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Do you know what I need?
In Asda you could buy 2 for £3 or something like that.
Anyway, I'd buy them, and eat them solid for two days or so.
I tried this experiment with Trifle, I ate a 16 portion trifle for several days solid.
To put it politely, my insides nearly fell out, and not out of my mouth.
But I NEED cheesecake, the chocolate one or the toffee one...
Sometime I wonder why when I eat these shitty foods I don't end up the size of a hippo or covered in spots...
Hell my eating patterns are screwed, at least when I'm at home i eat pretty decently.
I guess its cos I can never be bothered to cook in Derby and I survive on sweet things like that or by eating a peanut butter sandwich a day - for two months.
Christ thats not healthy either.
Ok. New resolution for Back To Derby.
Eating properly, cooking at least one meal a day, and to take notice when I get hungry, not to ignore it.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch didn't marry Aaron, she realised just in time that Harvey was her soulmate and they rode off together.
You can keep Friends and Sex in the City, I watched them, but was never very keen on them, Sex in the City, in particular I never understood why MH found it essential viewing, it was just disappointing in the end, they all seemed to end up Mothers and wives.
I guess that bugs me as I dont want to get married or have kids.
But anyway.
Sabrina and Harvey!
I used to rush home from school to find out the latest "adventure."
(The cuteness of Harvey also did a lot to help this!)
Its like something I grew up with and its just WOW, I kinda grew out of it when I went to uni so missed a load, but it's been on The Ministry of Mayhem (Not a patch on SMTV) over the summer so I can catch up, and get hooked again.

So the England player's revolution seems to be coming to a grinding halt, with people ignoring what they decided on Wednesday and are talking to the press.
Well really, what can you expect from Jermain "Judas" Defoe and once one broke it was only a matter of time before another (Owen Hargreaves) did.
Mind you, he probably thinks he's got it easy. "Hehe i'll break the ban cos what can you do to me?"
I can just see Gary Neville demanding, "look first one to break the ban will be tackled badly and then they'll have their legs broke."
Or something like that, Gary Neville looks to me as threatening as a piece of wet lettuce.
I went to Bromley this morning and it was a nightmare, I hate shopping when its busy as it was and due to cock-ups with the phone and frantic arguments with BT this morning (What do you mean you can't get the phone fixed till next week? I'm terminally ill, I need the phone to liase with my hospital) meant we missed the peace of early morning shopping.
But I now have a new spanky pair of trainers. *beam*
And me and Mum are going to see Open Water tonight and tomorrow Spurs are playing and Monday night Its Charlton vs Saints!
Although its not gonna be the same without Chrissy "Colgate Smile" Powell, I know he's not been playing for ages and I hope he gets some games for The Hammers.
A big smile also goes to Flash and Billy for cheering me up too.
Unfortunately my happiness is short lived as not only did one of my budgies die when I was at Bromley, Arsenal are winning...
BUT... Wednesday are drawing with Walsall. I've been sending Walsall "Win" vibes so i can get revenge on MH. Hehe, what a cunning plan!

Friday, September 10, 2004

So England refused to talk to the Press after the Poland game.
Never Mind, I'm sure I can deal without listening to David squeaking away and Mikey Owen's dribbling, I watched the Wales/N Ireland game instead, it was far more interesting.
It was ace, Robbie Savage finally got justice and got sent off, and after a "handbags" incident, and N Ireland ended up with 9 men after the second goal-scorer made an interesting gesture to the crowd.
Couldnt help but cheer for them, to hang on for the next 70 odd minutes, and they did well really.
Took Cousin L to see the horses yesterday, me and E had a jumping lesson, forget all you've seen of Hickstead and elegant horses, bouncing around 5ft fences in perfect control and unision with their riders.
With Molly, its a 6 inch chewed pole off the ground, that she could easily hop over - Hell even I could hop over it, she could trot over it in calmness but that's not fun.
Ohh no. We lurch into a huge out-of control canter, with her taking bunny-hops, in order to get to the jump quicker, she cuts corners off and takes them, in the manner of Carl Fogerty, and i'm terrified to move in case she loses her balance and falls, and believe me I do not want 1/2 a tonne of horse on top of me.
She leaps over the jumps like its a 5ft wall, (I think when she was little she wanted to be a showjumper.)
Alice, who E is riding, totally misses the pole, and walks straight through it the first time. (Not much sense, bless her, think Black and White cow and you'd be not far off.)
So while Teach is frantically trying to rebuild the jump, I'm also frantically trying to stop Molly or at least get her to circle, knowing that if we did manage to stop, We'd go from walk to gallop and I'd have no chance and lose even the teeeny-weeny bit of control I have.
Anyway, It was exhausting, but good fun, although, both my shoulders ache and thighs too from trying to cling on for dear life (also encouraging Molly into more speed unfortunately)
Cheered me up being miserable for the last few days.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I dreamed about Frank Lampard last night...
It was very strange, we had gone back to Halls and he moved in the room next to me, he blantently also had a thing for me, although I was only aware of this cos he gave me his Dairylea sandwich. (It was a dream, bear with me.)
"What are you doing here?!" I demanded of him, "You're supposed to be in Poland, you're playing tonight."
"Nah mate, I got Fossils and Strata this afternoon."
"No Fossils and Strata is on Tuesday afternoons, Its Wednesday today. You need to be in Poland."
"I don't want to go to Poland, its cold."
I had convinced him to get in the car and drive to Poland when I woke up.
Still, I suppose its better than the dream I had with Jamie Carragher and the cooking lesson, that took place on board the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers.
I've never even been to Alton Towers and i don't like soup.

Bugged, Bugged, Seriously bugged.
Most people who know me, knew that THE last thing I wanted to do after uni was come home, however its the best thing I can do to help look after Mum and The Brat.
So I told MH, that unlike what we had planned I couldn't come to live in Sheff, with her like we had planned.
I told her that I planned to get a job, maybe working with E in Smiths if I couldnt get the job I wanted straight away, and save and go travelling, I asked her not to give me any grief over this as she has done, telling me to come live with her, that Dad would like to see me settled somewhere (conviently forgetting that Sheff was never going to be a perminant thing.)
I told her this, a few days ago, while I was on my Rescue mission, and her reply has bugged me ever since, she asked me what was the point of going back to uni, if I planned on working in Smiths forever.
She knew how hard it was for me to make this decision, that it feels like I'm giving up all the freedom and independence I fought for at uni, surely telling me that is not supporting me?
I answered her telling me that its not forever, just till I find something better, save some money to go away, whatever comes first.
But God! It's bugged me, How dare she?!
She's known for ages how much I did not want to have to do this, but its not just about me, its about how I have to do whats right for everyone else.
Its bugs me, because it doesnt take me much to lose faith in people, all my life I've been let down, either intentionally or unintentionally by people that I have cared about, and now I feel like she's done the same.
It doesnt help that she's been talking about mine and LF's relationship to people that we used to go to the pub to watch the football with, which hurts cos its private and not to be talked about and she's told her new bloke in Sheff about Dad, telling me that I should talk to him as his Mum died of cancer too.
I do not want to talk to a random stranger, I do not want my private life talked about, and have told her this several times. I do not want grief over something that is hard enough for me as it is.
The more I think about it, the more bugged and annoyed and angry I get and the more I wish I had got stressed with her when she texted me.
Its too late now, she doesnt even realise how much it has hurt me.
But the more I think of it the more bugged I get.
Is it wrong at 21, to feel like the whole world is against me? Surely that's the sorta thing a 13 yr old should feel?
Maybe I'm over reacting a bit, but I cried for ages when I made the decision to go home and she didnt help any.
Bah! I'm gonna stop whinging now and eat an Ice-cream.
When's the football coming back?
I miss football.
DTE Lesson from yesterday.
Azul- Blue.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Dora the Explorer Spanish lesson pt.2
Word of the day:
Pesano - wait.
Little bit of excitement for a Monday afternoon at the Bexleyheath offices of Charlton today.
A suspicious package came through the post, thankfully it was only flour, but who sent it?
I reckon the favourite suspects have to be Stuart, Powell and Royce, ssshheeessshh!! Anything to try and get a game!
Yeah, I like this, sexy blue.
its cool and trend-setting.
You can so tell its back to school time Phil 'n' Fern are back, Doctors is back and best of all Sunset Beach is back.
Mum's at work, so I can feel very smug that she's back at school and I'm not, Even The Brat is back before me.
Its been an interesting Summer, not only with the Dad situation, and the new Mum situation, but I've done more than I've done in a lot of summer holidays, I've been on holiday to Scotland and toured around the Highlands, I've been to York and even stayed in Woolwich for a week.
There's been football, riding and the Independent Study fortnight.
But you still get this nagging feeling that you should have done more, made the most of these three months.
Like gone on holiday abroad or something, mind you it was out of the question with Mr Overdraft being as bad as it was.
There's still a fortnight to go, might go on a hack (ride in the country) on my last week with E and her sister P and anyone else we can rope in to it.
Might even text Oldest Friend, see if she wants to meet up before we go back to Loony-versity.

The papers are full of David James and the England game, and as always the press are stirring up "Eriksson out" campaign.
Personally he's never really impressed me, The only good games I've really seen is the Germany game. (lets face it, Germany WERE a poor side) and the Argie game.
I'm also bored with this blogger look, might look for a new template thing, but don't want to lose my linky things.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

So conclusions from the Crises meeting.
I doesnt care.
D will go along with everyone else, and sorted out a mobile phone (like THAT'll ever get used) for Granddad.
J wanted to put Nan and Granddad into Warden accomodation (No WAY in Hell are they bad enough for that)
Mum, M and G all put they're foot (feet?) down, No way is Nan going in a home.
M will put Nanny's money in a joint account so that no one can get it without his signature as well as Nan's so she cant just sign up for random ripoff accounts.
G, J, I, M and D all agreed that there was no way that Mum would have stolen the money and they never suspected her at the mo.
G and M tried to tell Mum to keep the money as it was the last sane conversation that M had had with Nan that she was really happy for us to have the money as she was really pleased that she could do something to help Dad out, so he could have the house how he wanted it before he pops off.
Mum and Dad are giving the money back tomorrow in front of Granddad and Mickey.
Me and Cousin L and The Brat made a hammock - very successfully and its only 13 days till Derby-Day so I finally sorted out Rent and Accomodation - only a month late.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dear David,
What the Fucking hell was that?
If you're gonna dive for a ball, do it properly, rather that tossery effort tonight.
Mind you, you're welcome to do it down The Valley anytime.

Following yesterday's debacle Aunt G and Granddad came to see Mum, they explained that it IS alzhemeirs that Nanny has got and perhaps when we've laughed at her and not taken real notice, we should have and realised that she was getting worse.
We're having a Crisis meeting tomorrow with all of them, trying to sort something out.
Mum's feeling terrible that we've not noticed and is upset that perhaps the last thing Nan'll remember is her "stealing" from her.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Random conversations that I have had with my Dad today.

Before we went to Nan and Granddad's we watched the Cricket, and Dad looked in the local paper. The News Shopper.
"ooh look at this?"
I look away from England, who look like they're collapsing and losing.
"Someone's gonna commit a murder next year."
Repeats line again. "Says so here."
I decide not to ask what drugs he's on, - none of us can pronounce it.
"What are you on about? Why would someone say they're gonna commit a murder a year before hand?"
"come and look see. We should tell the Police."
Dad drifts of into fantasy about the Sweeny and Starsky and Hutch.
I sigh and get up and read over shoulder.
"Err Dad."
"Dad, this is the Year 2004, that date is 1995"
"Oh yeah. Don't tell anyone."

Much later, I watching Darren Gough get wickets like they're going outta fashion.
A fly is headbutting the mirror, it flies to the windowsill and hits it with such force it knocks itself out.
Me "Haha, silly bugger, that'll teach ya."
I get up and get a drink, when I return the fly is buzzing drunkenly, it flies into my hand and knocks itself out again.
Me. "Neat."
I take it into the garden, where Dad is watering the flowers, and lumbering around, looking like an old grey Frankenstein, with his hands by his side, not outstretched.
"Look Dad, It flew into my hand."
"Wow, do you know what you should do?"
I shake my head.
"Get a thin bit of string and tie it too its leg, you could keep it as a pet."
Me. "rrright."
Dad (warming to the subject.) "We could call it Marty."
"Marty, you know, Marty McFly, like the Back to the Future guy."
Me. "I'm gonna leave it here to recover and I'm gonna go back indoors now and file for adoption."
I wish I was making these up. I think the drugs have addled his brains, IF he had any to start with
My Mothership is upstairs crying her heart out.
My Nanny H had a stroke, possibly a year, eighteen months ago now, She's recovered pretty well, except she's going senile, and losing her memory.
She can't remember anything, she comes round to our house and picks up the paper, "ooh I havent read a paper in years."
15 minutes later... (after finishing the paper.)
"Oooh is that today's paper? I haven't read a paper in years."
She repeated this little routine about four times before she went home recently.
Things like that are funny, and although irritating, it don't harm no one.
My Mothership and Dad want to build an attic in our house, Its kinda funny thing really when you think that Dad could quite possibly be dead in a few months and outta all the things you'd think he'd wanna do, he wants to build a pond, finish the rockery and have an attic.
So we had plans drawn up, and since Easter have approached The Grandparents H to borrow the money to have it done.
Granddad H hadn't the money to hand but by sorting out his "paperwork" as he calls it he could get his hands on it.
Nanny H had the money sitting in the bank and it was arranged that we would borrow the money off of her and pay in back from January with £500 a month.
We're NOT the kinda of fuckers that'd rob them or cheat them in anyway. We've borrowed money off of them in the past and they know even if it would take us 20 years, we'd find a way of paying the money back.
So Mum got her heart set on the attic, happily choosing colours and bedding and stuff.
Yesterday Uncle M dropped round, asking what we'd do about Nanny, who he said had been getting bad again.
Her memory had improved since she stopped taking the pills, after going to the doctor as her "brain had been leaking from her nose" (In other words, a runny nose.)
He'd put her on other tablets, but Uncle M thinks that they have messed her mind up again and wanted us to all sit down and sort them out, make sure they werent doing anything stupid
We went round today to see how they were.
My Nanny cornered My Mum in the Hallway as soon as she walked through the door.
"You bitch, you've been stealing off of me, you've taken my money, lalala, blah, blah, blah"
Mum and Dad spent the next hour trying to explain that it was alright for them to take the money, that Nanny had agreed with it, we hadn't just stolen the book and helped ourselves and then left an IOU as Nanny seems to think we have.
Anyway We left them to it, Granddad trying to explain (and HIS sanity isn't the best either) to Nanny.
And Mum Cried.
Its not fair, not only have we got Dad to consider, We're been left to deal with them, who are going insane.
Uncle I goes out gets Granddad drunk, even though he can't drink on the pills he's on, Uncle J and M live in Gillingham and Sevenoaks and Aunt G and Uncle D don't really care either way, and like I, leave it up to Mum as she's nearest.
It's not fair on Mum or us and why can't anyone else see it? M and J try to help but they're about 45 mins away and its all down to us, we're the ones running around taking them to the doctors, dealing with Granddad when he gets drunk and I dumps him at our house, we're the ones who come across like the baddies.
- Yes i'm grumpy and annoyed, it didnt help with the Three foxes that were trampolining on the car and screeching for 2 hours last night, from 4.23 am outside MY window.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Gutted. Absolutely gutted.
I just found THE best job, working for the London Wildlife Trusts as an information Officer.
It needed people that could use Word and Excel and Access and GIS (I dunno what the last one is and only a vague idea on Access but still)
knowledge of biological recording methods and all the other shit, plus a degree and I'd have got £20,610 a YEAR!!!
Ok I've never had a job so don't know if that's good or not, but I guessed that minimum wage was probably about £8000 (correct me if i'm wrong)
I want to have saved AT LEAST £3k for me trip (possibly taking place in 2006) but OH My God!
It would have done me quite happily, without beating my own boat, and getting cocky, I could do the vast majority of it standing on my head (If i could stand on my head)
Absolutely Gutted.
But at least I know there are jobs out there in London for a zoologist which has cheered me up no end, If there's one availible now, there's gotta be one availble in January for me.
Hasnt there?
*mental note* Tell E about job 2moro, she could try for it.
* Why Thierry Henry is so popular in the Arse dressing-room by Arsene Wenger:“I would still fancy Thierry because he has tremendous penetration power.”
* Says Patrick Vieira on the current Arsenal squad: "We have a very beautiful team."Did anyone else notice that he didn’t say this last season when Ray Parlour and Martin Keown were still at Highbury? full of wonderful little tit-bits like that.

I just did the BBC test the nation type thing on your personality, I came across as an idealist, which means I'm spontaneous, cross barriers, am imaginative, I'm easily bored (YES!), gets lost easily (I got lost going on the bus to Woolwich and ended up in New Cross and another time I went home from the cinema in Well Hall which is a 35 min walk from my house via a 2 hour bus ride to Crystal Palace Park,) I like to find new routes for a route that I consider boring, I'm ruled by my heart and put others needs first and i'm introverted.
I think with these things it depends on the questions that you get to how you do and what your results are like, so I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt but all of those things seem right to me and checking with E, she says it all sounds like me, esp leaving things to the last min and getting lost!

Poor Dad's suffering, says its worse than when he had the kidney out, he crawls around like an old man, obviously we're taking the mickey something chronic.
I've just been riding and now I feel shattered, Molly, the horse I ride most often, is difficult, I think she'd be better off as a one rider horse than a Riding school nag.
The little kids get over excited cos she goes fast and wind her up, and it doesnt take her much to get her wound up and then she's hopeless for the rest of the ride and it takes all my strength to calm her down and have some form of control.
I dunno what set her off today, It was only me and E, but she wasn't in a good frame of mind and got more and more stroppy as the time went on, bouncing on the spot and dancing at mysterious invisible(but not to her) Dragons in the corner.
Anyway, by the time I was finished I was sweaty, dirty (she gives good hugs) and barely able to stand with no strength whatsoever.
The best thing about toddling around in my riding clothes is the looks you get, I could understand if I was in full dressage gear or hunting outfit, but I wasnt'
I was just pootling down to the Standard to catch the 202, in a 5 year old Charlton shirt, old jodpurs and short dark boots and carrying my hat in my hand.
(Hello to the idiots in the Garage near to the Royal Oak!)
And the reaction you get is strange, my Brat hangs around with Goths and Rockers and says I get more of a reaction when I have my riding gear on.
People slow down in the car to stare and offer stupid comments.
(My favourites include What's it like to have 17 hands between your legs? and Do you want to have me in between your legs instead of a horse?)
People wont sit next to me on the bus (before I even get to the stables, and I don't get anymore dirty there, than you do walking your dogs in the park)
Its another good reason for me hurrying up and passing my driving test so I can run away from Idiots like that, plus as well, that most tolerant of factions - The Schoolkids got on the bus going home and gave me plenty of evil looks, sniggers and comments.
So yeah I'm knackered and going to lay down and have a little rest and watch Neighbours..
Since when did Neighbours episodes have titles?
Someone sent me this as something they could see me doing, eeerr yeah. ok. I don't know if its true or just a story but its very funny.

Killer Biscuits wanted for attempted murder.
Lisa Burnett 23 a resident of San Diego was visiting her in-laws and while there went to pick up some groceries. Several people noticed her sitting in her car with the windows rolled up and both her eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of her head. one customer who had been at the store for a while became concerned and walked over to the car. He noticed that Lisa's eyes were now open and she looked very strange. He asked her if she was ok and Lisa replied that she'd been shot in the back of the head, and had been holding her brains in for the last hour, the man called the paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Lisa refused to remove her hands from the back of her head. when they finally got into the car, they found that Lisa had a wad of Pilsbury bread dough on the back of her head.....
A pilsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a loud noise that sounded like a gun shot and the wad of dough hit her in the back of the head. when she reached up to feel what it was, she felt the dough and thought it was her brains. She initially passed out, but quickly recovered and tried to hold her brains in for over an hour until someone noticed and came to her rescue. Lisa is blonde.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

If I was still angry and possibly a little obsessed with the career (or lack of) of a certain young midfielder I'd tell a story.
But I'm not angry or obsessed so I'll tell the story anyway. (lol)
This Midfielder was God in my eyes and I'm sure in a lot of others, he worked his way up from acedemy ranks to play premiership football at a nice South East London team, with many local rivals.
One day one of these rivals was brought by a Russian man who looks like a vampire and he had lots of money, which meant this other team could buy anyone they liked.
For some reason they seemed to have a fetish over midfielders, and this Midfielder was a very good midfielder.
So they asked if it was possible to buy him, the Nice South East London Club pointed out that The Midfielder was a key part of their team and would very much like to keep them.
However they had not considered The Midfielder, faced with a Lot of money, he decided that he would like to fuck over the team that had made him what he was, and demand a transfer, holding the team to ransom.
He claimed that this Big Money move would help his promising England Career and it was purely a football thing and became a pain in the backside.
Eventually it was decided for the sanity of everyone, including the Narrator of this tale that The Midfielder would go, although No one wanted the Midfielder to go.
Now The Midfielder is the most hated Midfielder of South East London, even beating those midfielder who play for Millwall and Palarse (who are just pitied.) and generally laughed at
His career has been reduced from Promising England potential, to playing Ipswich Town Reserves, and sitting on a bench picking splinters out of his arse.
However he has a Lot of Money and I'm sure he is very happy in his new home, although I wonder if sometimes he sits on that cold bench and wonders what would life have been like if he had stayed where he was, playing every game and being a valued member of the team.
Scott Parker. A living lesson that the grass is not always greener.
And I promise that is my last word on the subject. Unless the bastard plays against us, in which case I will be screaming for The Herminator to break his fucking money-grabbing legs.
(Over the top? possibly. Does he deserve it? Yes.)
Blogger is a bitch.
I had my post already and pressed publish and it died, pretty sure it wasn't me messing up anyway.
Anyway, did you know I couldn't have anonymous (whoo - spelt it right twice now!) comments?
My poor legions of fans wanting to leave comments and not being able too. I think I've fixed the problem now and I shall be testing it, and preparing to be inundated (ok maybe not, I'm sure you've all got better things to do, like cleaning that toilet, its in a right state) with comments (nice ones please!)
Dad's back from hospital and in a worse state than when he went in. Not from the drug side effects though.
No he pulled all the muscles in his back out trying to open a window this morning.
*shakes head* Silly fucker.
He goes back tomorrow for Blood tests and again in 6 weeks time for a scan to look and see if the tumours have stopped growing or (please, please, please) actually reduced in size.
If The Three Musketeers are still growing in their happy little way then he comes off the drug straight away and we're back to square one.
So you can still look at that in a good way, if this trial doesnt work, we'll try something else and we can all breathe easily that I wont unwittingly bring home a case of Freshers Flu, Mum something from her Nursery Brats and Brat from the Waterfront.
(This seemed a lot better written when I had it the 1st time)

Anyway lets see if I can test out this anonymous comments lark and if Blogger just dares to fuck up again, I'll.... I'll.... do somthing bad and then it'll be sorry.
And have you noticed how many times Anyway seems to be coming up, maybe its my new favourite word...

The Daily Mirror's Sue Carroll: 'To this end he [Freddie Shepherd] plans, it's rumoured, to install Alan Shearer - whose eyes are too close together for my liking - as player/manager'.


Whats the big deal with Shearer anyway? Its like he's God or something, Yeah he's good but I can't be the only one who thinks he's over-rated.
He or the fans throw a paddy if he doesnt play, if he's even dared to be put on the sub's bench, there's an outcry and Gullit/Robson gets the sack.

Its definately a case of being bigger than the club.

SShheessh listen to me! Anyone would think I had a vague idea what I was going on about.

Wonder how its going down the hospital?
Wonder if Dad'll be coming home tonight?
Just think...
This is potentially the last Summer Holiday I get.
For the last 15/16 (my maths is SOOOO poor) years I have had 6 weeks off for the summer, then I went to uni and lost my Half term weeks but gained nearly 3 months off for Summer.
This time next summer I want a job, I don't care what kind of job, Shelf stacking will do, I want preferably of course to have a job in zoology but I am prepared to do that voluntarily until I get experience.
I want to be planning my trip.
I'm already preparing, I was listening to Men At work on VH1 (With possibly the best line ever in a song. - Buying bread from a man in Brussels He was six foot four and full of muscles I said, "Do you speak-a my language?"He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.)

The house STILL stinks nearly 24hrs later. YUCK, YUCK and triple YUCK.
When me and MH went to see the Ireland games at the Valley a few months ago we went early as is her custom, in order to collect some autographs of the players.
Apart from seeing Mark Kinsella and collecting his autograph I wasn't too fussed about the others, We pounced upon Matty Holland and asked him to pose for photos.
She recently sent them to me with some of the others from when we took her sight seeing and some from the last time all four of us were in York.
Anyway, I blew one up and printed out Matty to show Mothership and Dad and now he looks at me from the mantlepiece.
He's also the picture on my MSN (I ran a competition with those non football mates of mine to see if they could name him)
MH - God Matty's sexy
Me - Yeah, (thoughtfully) like a little chipmunk

Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?
Can you keep a secret?
Well I think I *may* have worked out why we nearly had a visit from Greenwich Firemen yesterday (Or do they come from Eltham or Lewisham nowadays since they closed the one on Shooters Hill?)
While making me noodles I boiled the water as usual and I can't remember where and if I actually put the water in the jug.
That could *possibly* be the reason why the house still stinks.
But I'm not going to say that to Mum who Is treating it as an Unexplained Microwave Incident, They are already laughing at me as it is.
Only 18 days left till I go back to Derby, I gotta sort out my loan and housing ASAP!