Sunday, February 23, 2014

I am enjoying how busy my week has been. I've been doing something every night and this week looks like the same.
Riding didn't go as well. She did a proper rear on Friday which scared me and today was very windy and i was on edge from the other day so didn't push through it. But I didn't get off, so its a positive.
Football and we won and now i'm really looking forward to the game at Leicester on Saturday.
Found a few jobs to apply for and i'll crack on with those, they have long expiry dates so i'll leave them a bit longer so I can feel justified in adding this work now into the mixture.
15 work days left! Gotta get something lined up for it just in case it doesn't get extended.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So far it'#s been a good week!
Temping has been going ok, very quiet compared to what I've gotten used too, but I need that at the moment I think. Commuting has been predictably hellish but what can you do?
I went to the gym on Monday - Go me!
And riding was awesome, more canter legyields and spirals and shallow loops, lots to work on but yay.
I went for my "first" driving lesson tonight! Glad to know I hadn't forgotten most of it, my first night drive too!
Applied for a few more jobs and booked train tickets for me and the N.M.M.C.A.S.C to go up to Leicester next weekend!
Now I just need to get paid as I'm painfully aware I'm a bit poor lately!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A busy week, had a meeting with a temping agency and it seemed to go well and I have a meeting with a national diabetes charity tomorrow. Goes well and I start immediately for a 4-6 week temping gig. Money is the same as what I would have got at the last job so I don't lose out any and it will keep me running while I look for something else. I must remain focused on that so it doesn't creep up on me and I find myself with nothing to go to.
I rode this week and have been absolutely soaked each time. Good session with my trainer today which made me happy. I did a gym induction too! I went on Thursday but haven't been since. The plan is to try and go on the days I don't go play horses.
Welshy is away for a month now anyway so I need to keep myself busy!
Speaking of keeping busy I start driving lessons again this week! Thursday! And I booked myself into a theory test on the 26th.
I'm going to smash it this time.
We did some tidying and got drunk on Friday night. Daring each other to try a bottle of gin that expired in 1992.
Yesterday we went for a meal at Burger or Steak, the meal was ok, the setting was ok but the waiting staff were rubbish.
Very tired now and I need to do some revision for this so I am prepared for tomorrow.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The funeral today went reasonably well.
Luckily there was no dramatics and all very civil. I did a reading. Moment of panic when my script was different to Aunt G who was doing the other section.
Afterwards Uncle I gave me a ring. "To remember Granddad by." I don't wear jewellery and I don't need a ring to remember him. It is pretty nice to be fair though, garnet and zirconia. Red and White for football.
Where did the money to get it come from? Why didn't they give me something for Brat? Did everyone get the same thing? Too many questions.
Too nice to wear everyday even if I did wear jewellery and its slightly too big for me. I would lose it in a muck heap or something.
I had to hide it from Mother, will have to continue to hide it.

Friday, February 07, 2014

I got sacked on Wednesday. It was a little unsurprising but yet surprising at the same time. I get paid till the end of the month and can have a good reference.
I cried.
I'm trying to make this a positive thing. I was stressed there, constantly battling to hit the targets and please people that never could be pleased. Its one less thing to worry about.
On Monday I had to meet my Aunts and Uncles to talk Funeral. I felt guilty. I didn't tell Mother I was going. I felt that was for the best. They told me what music would happen, they previously said I could say a few words if wanted but it turns out they had written a script/terrible poem for me to talk about.
I don't care. I just want this over as painlessly and peacefully as possible.
Mother has taken my sacking well. I planned to just take it easy until Tuesday, after the funeral but of course she is busy fretting about the money she is missing out on from me and will continue to miss out on.
I got more fucking sympathy from my riding trainer who hugged me today.
I've applied for a few jobs, but yes. I'm tired, exhausted and speaking frankly. So stressed I've not had a period in 4 months - and I'm definitely sure I'm not pregnant!!!
This is positive. No more leaving the house at 7 and getting home at ten or even twenty past 7. I've booked my theory test. I have joined a gym. I will get another job soon - sooner than the last time I was unemployed I'm sure!
I will cram in as many driving lessons as I can in this period. I have applied for 9 or 10 jobs already and not even looked properly.
Tuesday I will make appointments to sign on, will speak to the recruitment guy who got me this job.
People kept phoning me previous to this bombshell to ask me to interview and I turned them down.
I will not cry and be weak.
I will not cry.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Just booked my first driving lesson in I don't know how many years. Fingers crossed this time we pass quickly and painlessly.
I also learned how to take blood this week.
Just the way I roll!