Sunday, August 29, 2010

Went flat hunting. Found an ex council flat so grotty outside, huge inside. Needs professional cleaning. Cheap though. We'll see. Nothing can be worse than last year.
Working again tomorrow then off on Tuesday to Go Ape! again.
Am slowly working on updating this thing. Updated my "100 things" list anyway to make it seem less like a 12 year old girls blog. Man I was so mardy when I first wrote all this shit.
Am gonna head up to Derby in a few weeks, see the boys. R is back from the Caymans which is ace, not seen him in forever.
Not a lot else has happened since the other day. Am already fed up of sharing a single bed with Welshy. He thrashes about like a beached whale and is always waking me up.
Poor old lad.
Mother is home from Grotty on Thursday and then everything will get even more awkward and cramped.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diving was fab, met a 5 foot angel shark, HUGE rays, lovely coloured fish, explored a ship wreck and got checked out by a Grouper. I took a camera down with me so hopefully I'll get some fab photos back but diving without glasses or contacts meant often I was just sorta nodding vaguely when my Dive Master was pointing things out.
We scattered Dad too out there, on a small group of rocks next to the pub he favoured and gave him a beer to go out with. Later that week we went to watch the Liverpool game with him.
I got hammered one night and finally achieved that drinking milestone of drinking so much you throw up. I cut all my hair off to have a quirky bouncy bob (Welshy reckons I must have taken a lego woman figure in to the hairdressers with me to use as a model) and got terrible prickly heat and am trying desperately hard not to itch and rip my skin off like I did last time.
Home now. Have been to see CL and meet her baby (born at Xmas) It was nice enough, although HOW did it manage to get baby food goo on its socks? and watching it trying to eat really put me off my scone and I felt revolted.

Flat hunting again. Mother is still in Lanzarote so Welshy is at mine and we're flat hunting tomorrow, so we'll see what happens there. The cutns that we lived with are trying to steal my deposit and we're fighting to get it back (all 695 quid!!)

Remember I set myself some challenges to achieve before I was 30?

One was to move out (Check - although Temp Set back)
One was to pass my Maths GCSE after scoring a F the first time round (For those of you who dont know, the scoring goes A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.)
I've struggled all year with it and I finally got my result a D. I'm dead chuffed with this, still not technically a pass (A*-C) But its a huge improvement. If I was doing it just for fun I'd take it as a pass and leave it at that.
Its still not quite good enough though to get me into uni to do a one year Teacher Training Course, well a few unis will take me if I then pass a maths equivelency test.
But due to the state of the world at the moment, uni places have been slashed and there were no spaces for me.
So I'm gonna try and do a resit at Xmas, made a few enquiries about it and we'll see if that gets me a C.
I can still apply for Goldsmiths (local uni) for next year in the meantime and they might let me with a D.
So another task: To get a proper job and leave the museum by Sept will probably be postponed for a bit. Its no biggie, at least I have a job.
Another mission I wanted to accomplish was to pass my driving test, but lack of real job + lack of funds = no lessons.

Finally I wanted to go live abroad for a year. Well thats kinda a vague plan at the moment, me and Welshy are considering doing a CELTA/TEFL type course starting September, and we'll consider our options after Xmas. By then I should know if I'll be in uni, if I'll have passed my maths and if not we can then travel for a undetermined amount of time or all being well we can go from Jan till August when I would need to return for uni.
The only downside to this plan is that what will we
A - do with Geronimo the Tortoise.
B - What about the flat lease that we'll be getting which'd be for a year. No point doing that if we plan on being out of the country for 3/6 months.

But I tell him, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, lets do the course, lets see if I can get into uni next year, If I cant then we can travel. If I do, then we can spend the year after I pass working abroad.
But at least we'll have done the course so we dont need to faff doing it then.
We'll see.
In a year I've virtually achieved 2 of the 5 tasks. Its good going, I figure.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick update cos i'm dropping with tiredness.
Am flying on holiday tomorrow. Lanzagrotty here I come.
Flat... Not sorted. Gotta leave it on the 21st. Everything is too expensive, saw one lovely flat, couldnt get the 2k the agents wanted before moving in.
Welshy saw a slightly cheaper one today, ex council so its scrotty as hell on the outside but nice inside. Nothing can happen now till I move out so we'll see.

I'm so desperately tired. Was my 27th on Sat (HOW?!) went with Welshy to the History Museum then to Littlehampton to visit a friend.
NEVER go to Littlehampton. It is a place old people go to die. Anyway I went to bed at 3, woke up at 5.45 to get to work in time.
Feel worse today than I did then.
Gotta be up in 5 hours anyway. So its bedtime.