Friday, December 31, 2010

This is a work in progress.

Bxing day grandparents came around. Went to football, called the game off unnecessarily in my opinion (and many others) very close to kick off.
My grandparents are ok, its sad to see my Nan go downhill so, she told me she was going to go back to work in the New Year as she was till only "twenty-something" and then that her Mum had done her hair for the party.
Later she asked my granddad when he lost his hair. He's been bald all my life and from photos I've seen, most of my Mum's too.

Got back into my wiifit, what with that and Worlds Strongest Man lately I have had no time to update.
Welshy came home yesterday and I am attempting to see how long I can stay at work without a day off.
If we take away the three xmas days I'm on day 11. I desperately need the overtime money if I'm to live while I do unpaid leave for my school placement.
When I get back from that, I'll be getting one weeks pay, then living for 5 weeks and 2 days on that. Bad times.

Better get going, will do a year review when I get a chance!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Chrimbo everybody!

Hope you all had nice days and dinners and presents!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whats the point in having fucking internet banking when you can never remember your important data cos you've had to re-request it so many times you've run out of combinations that you'll actually remember?
I've had to write it all down and now I can't find what I've done with it, which is fucking annoying as well.
fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck fuck.

Meanwhile I now have 3 days off for Xmas! Whoo!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yup. Didn't get tickets. Ho Hum. We'll think of another plan.

Just got back from riding. Could only manage half an hour, was just a bit too slippy and icy out. Couldn't do much more than slow trots. Then we had a stable management lesson to get our moneys worth.
Yeah. I've spent 20 fucking years around horses. I fucking ate these poncy riders who just show up and get on and off and then hand their horse to someone else. I chewed them up, spat them out, pissed on them and then chewed them up again.
I got banned from answering questions. Haha! Then I demonstrated how to pick feet, rug and saddle a horse.
Then cos I'm so motherfuckingly awesome. I had to help teach another how to put a bridle on her horse.
He was a bit of a bitch, pulling faces, snapping his teeth and shaking his head. After a brief tussle, I just slid it on.
She was impressed. "You clearly know your way around horses."
Damn motherfucking right!
Riding was a bit interesting though, despite going slow my horse's back legs went from under her a few times coming down from trot to walk. Definately wouldn't have liked to take it any more faster than that.

Welshy's supposed to be going home tomorrow, but his train is cancelled and he's been swapped onto a later one. Fingers crossed he makes it.

Not sure my mum wants him here for Xmas, Brat made his feelings very clear last night in that he doesn't want Welshy here at all. (nor me, it has to be said and indeed feels rather unwanted by Mum. I have no idea how, as she bends over backwards to him but he's always out or in his room. Welshy rarely ventures downstairs when he's here but sits in my room or plays FM.)
Anyway. If Welshy is here for Xmas, perhaps for political reasons it is best if he does go to his friends for Xmas as much as I'd like him here.
If only we could afford to move out again!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Went to Brentford. Don't wanna talk about it. Hate penalties.

Prob won't be able to get spuds tickets as there's less than 200 remaining. The boys have all got theirs but as I'm constricted by taking Mothership and Boy, I don't have enough credit on my Red Card. Shame but we'll find something else to do.

Went for an interview at a local school today for my PGCE app, was a bit random and definately the quickest interview I've ever had! Spent longer straightening my hair! in and out in 10 minutes.

Ho hum. Now to confirm that work can give me the unpaid leave and I'd better get a uni interview at least now!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy week trying to sort out missing cards and writing complaint letters, rescheduling my school placement interview, and cancelling riding. Couldn't afford it this week as I had no cards/money.
Booked it for next week only to remember that Charlton are in the Semi of the Paint Pot trophy and I have to get to Brentford.
the N.M.M.C.A.S.C Better get their arses in gear and sort out my ticket now I've done that.
Gotta try and get tickets too for our Cup game again Spurs. On Dad's birthday. They were his favourite team so it seems appropriate that we go to that as a family.

What else has been going on? MH has had her sperm donor baby. God knows that kid's gonna need all the help it gets growing up. I haven't been in touch to wish her well. She got through it ok, as I found from her sister and CL's facebook statuses and thats enough for me.

Am considering taking a language course in the New Year over at Canary Wharf. It'd be useful if I ever go and live abroad and now that mum has the apartment in Grotty, it'd be useful to be able to speak some Spanish out there. Hopefully we'll get it sorted.

Overspent again this month. Isn't good. Especially now i'm on more money. I'm supposed to be able to save the extra for uni if I get to go. Gonna have to crack down in the New Year and be good.
Didn't help that I had to repay Welshy's Dad the 20 Euro we borrowed for the weekend and paid for me and the boys to get to Sheff on the train in Jan at £168. Thank Christ the only Xmas present I still have to get is just for Brat and that we get paid a week early this month.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So yeah. Gatwick was opened at 4am. I woke up and tried to decide what to do. Meanwhile Mother who had been planning her attack then pounced on me and started telling me I was stupid for going, that I'd not get a cab to get me there and then started sobbing telling me that I was selfish for leaving her, what if I died as well?
So I decided to just risk going for the 9am call. Woke up at 6. She was still on the sofa fretting and I called a cab and went anyway.
Pretty uneventful, roads no where near as bad as expected and I got there just in time for last call - not the way I roll! So I ran across Gatwick in my socks to make the flight.
Flight ok. Got to Barca ok, managed to get on a train ok.
20 minutes into my train, I got pickpocketed, somehow. lost my wallet, all my Euros and my bank cards. I met up with a friend of Welshy's and he took me back to his while I tried to get things sorted.
BTW Natwest are not Britain's most helpful bank. They cancelled my cards no problem, then refused to transfer any of my money into his account.
for ttwo hours I wasbounced arond the telephone system, each of them telling me they were sorry but couldn't do anything as neither of us have internet banking.
WTF. What about old people who have never heard of the internet? Neither of us had money for food, accommadation, transport. We were stranded. I plan on writing a complaint letter.
Eventually we managed to get his Dad to give us 200 Euro. Which after paying for accom, left us with 100 Euro to live on for 3 days.
Clearly the most rational way to deal with any other problem is to drink. So between us, we got through a bottle of vodka and a bottle of absinthe in two nights.
Lived in a falt with a photo of a child lying in a pool of blood. I mean what? Not sure the camera's the first thing I'd think of if I was told my child had been shot/knocked down/whatever.
And Miss Haversham from Great Expectations lived there.

Gotta go, gotta get ready for work.

Oh. Cricket Wooo!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow is disrupting everything. Gatwick has been closed for two days. So I was preparing myself for a cancelled flight, except mine appears to be the only one going ahead when it reopens at 6am tomorrow.
my Flight is supposed to be at 7:05. EasyJet website claim it will take off then. I hope that I can believe the Gatwick Website more as it says it will be 9am.
9am is do-able. 7am is not any more.

So I'll be giving it a go early tomorrow!
Now where's my team of Huskey dogs?!