Monday, August 26, 2013

Last bank holiday before Christmas!
Huzzah! I do love this bank holiday lark.
I didn't do anything of note. I watched some repeats of the Show-jumping and dressage that had been on during the last week and have made a half-hearted attempt to tidy my room. Its not quite there but its a lot better than what it was. I have floor space!
The problem is that both me and Welshy have a lot of crap. And there is no space to put any of it. His clothes live in part of my wardrobe, in a drawer in the spare room, and on my floor.
Did some job hunting but obviously not a lot has been put out.
I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. So stressed. Please, please let the recruitment agency that contacted me Thursday get back in touch soon.

Riding tomorrow though. That's one positive about my coming week.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Not able to decide if I was better off at the museum or at my current job.
New job pros.
No more weekend work.
Bank holidays
Being amazingly interview-worthy

Worse wages than the museum.
No freedom to expand myself
No friends here.
Rubbish leave allowance

Museum pros.
The variety
creating mischief
being able to suppliment my wages by overtime
Not being interview-worthy
much holiday leave

Rubbish money
no weekends/bank holidays

Irrelevent really! Will never go back to the museum and it will be a step backwards should I go. But oh dear oh dear!
They want me to manage 235 candidates. Seriously impossible without putting on some extra hours. Little boss is bottling out of asking them for a pay review and the pressure is getting bad.
Had man phone up about a role and was so shocked when I told him how little i'm on. Quick search on Reed shows I should be earning at least 5k more than I'm getting for this.
Hopefully he will come back with an interview for me.

Football got called off by rain today! Farcical! Never seen that before in 13 years of going!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can you believe that I once blogged about my 21st birthday on here?
Well last week I "celebrated" my 30th. We had ummed and aaahed about where to go for ages and finally settled on Croatia. Bit of a let down considering I'd planned an epic South African trip but you know what can you do when people let you down? And Croatia looked - was  - really pretty.
Because we left it late we had limited hotel choices and this resulted in me booking a place where they hadn't cleaned it by the time we arrived at 10.30 in the evening and only cleaned twice in the week we were there.
Not that you could really class it as cleaning. Had requested a double bed, only to have two singles pushed together with an inch of wood in the middle. Which also gave me an awful stiff back.
But Hey! Enough complaining! People don't turn 30 every day! And Welshy was going to be going away at the end of the week until the end of September so we made the most of it.
 Zadar was pretty enough, lots of thinn narrow streets. Busier than we expected with Roman ruins and this awesome solar power disc thing that flashed different colours and a sea organ!
Disappointing in the choice of foods unless you are a big pizza fan.
We went to two different beaches and I taught Welshy how to snorkel and play with the fish. I met some awesome hairy crabs.
Went to a beautiful national park with waterfalls you can swim in and we found a sheltered area under the trees to use as a base.
And on the Monday I got an awful case of the blues and couldn't eat, couldn't leave the hotel. Was angry and snappy at an undeserving Welshy, told him I hated the place. I didn't.
Poor patient Welshy.

Back home now and as is the case every Summer the Brat is busy making the place disgusting. Flies are all over the kitchen where he has left food out to rot. I have cleaned two sides and hidden some plates and cutlery so I can eat.
I expect I will end up tidying it up before Mother gets back from her holiday but I'm fucked if I'll do it before.

Rode the Monday and Tuesday. Did some jumping and I need to learn to trust her a little more and let her take me to the jump rather than worrying she is rushing out of control.
The lady is getting someone else to cover some more days which makes me a bit sad. I liked our arrangement and I fear this means no shows to be fair to us both.

Had an interview Monday and am just waiting to hear back.

Life goes on much as it did before the big. 3-0.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Bit of a delayed report here.
On Saturday I went to a yard barbeque, they had hired a mechanical bull which was awesome fun. I scored two 25 second results on a very slippy saddle which beat some professional riders and I finished 6th out of 40 which I was dead chuffed about.
Up early on Sunday and we went to The Lizards wedding. Such a lovely day. She is beautiful and definately looked it that day, at a lovely little church and an after do at a lovely country home that I pretended was mine.
Unfortunately ended up sitting on a table with a bit of a chav couple who were boring, exulted in the fact that they had Tuesday off of work(!) and proceeded to drink their way through the four bottles of wine that were for the table to share!
Welshy obviously didn't like much of the food that was on offer and when it became apparent that he didn't want the cheesecake they asked for it.
Which annoyed me so I forced half of his down as well despite being rather full just because I felt it a bit rude to ask a stranger for their food.
Then we both went to the loo and came back to find that they had stolen Welshy's box with complimentary cupcake as well as taking their own and there was only one cake left.
Lovely people.

Managed to get Welshy up and dancing which is a shocker and we drank a lot and stole helium balloons in the hope of replicating "Up"
Back to the hotel late and Welshy fell out of bed in the night! Hahahaa!
Home again and I've had a sluggish week at work but tomorrow is my last day before we go to Croatia for my birthday!! Yay!