Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hurrah! For some reason I'm getting paid a lot more money than I expected from the job this month so I don't need to panic about trying to live for 6 weeks on 300 quid. Its practically a full months pay which'll take me about 250 away from actually clearing my overdraft.

I'd like to be in a position by March where I've only spent half of that, but realistically 3/4's is more to be the case, cos of this stupid housing benefit mistake but even so March payment will take me out of my overdraft and there will be a few months of dipping in and out of it but hopefully by Summer I'll be clear again and able to pay off a lot of my credit card debit, I might even deliberately keep myself in my overdraft and pay off 2-300 pounds of it at a time simply cos the interest rate is so much higher than if I cleared my overdraft first.

Hurrah for options and being able to save a little again!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I got made perm at work! Woo! Would have liked it to be in a few weeks time so I could have saved up a bit more to cope with the transition of weekly to monthly payments.
But having a real job is more important really and the security that entails. Money's not much better than when I left Greenwich but i'm hoping I can go for the promotion they're talking about funding dependent and make it better there.

I was super excited as I had cleared all my debts and just needed to start work on the overdraft when a letter came through that I had been mispaid 405 quid of housing benefit that I need to figure out how to pay back. Will be March 22nd when I get a full pay packet so. YUCK to that.

Welshy and I are planning a Baltic and Russian adventure in July and hopefully I'll have a bit of money by then. St Petersburg, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania await (not necc in that order).

Spanish lessons continue apace and Mother goes on the 20th and hopefully dog arrives after then and Welshy on the 28th.