Saturday, June 25, 2011

So am back from the Lakes. My Tipi was beautiful (and waterproof!!). We avoided most of the rain and the toilets were the best I've seen on any campsite.
I've never been on a holiday where so much has gone wrong and yet its been such a laugh. We failed in our mission to get a car so that left us a bit stranded, stopping us from riding as we wanted to go do. Ambleside was the nearest town over an hours walk and 3 miles away and once we mastered the location of the permissive footpaths was a lovely stroll.
We walked to Hilltop - home of Beatrix Potter (Never knew she was such a big thing in Japan!) that was a good seven mile walk, again amongst beautiful scenery.
We managed to get a bus to Hawkshead, a lovely little town and to Coniston where I rowed a boat and learned all about "Swallows and Amazons" And Go Ape at Grizdale.

I got home late Thursday to find I've won Dressage Olympic tickets, so now I've got two of the three day event. Be nice if I could get Cross country and Gold Medal Show-jumping if they come available on the buy-back later on.

Yesterday was the wedding of a good workfriend of mine and one of the members of the N.M.M.C.A.S.C. I totally approve of Registry Office do's. Over and done in half hour. None of this nonsense you get in church dos.
Of course I had to make a show of myself by skidding on the damp lawn for a photo... forgetting I had white trousers on.. Idiot!
The after do was a great party, went home with many glow-sticks. I danced for hours in barefeet. Drank with the boys and went home with Lollypop. Someone at the bus stop said it looked like he'd been to a funeral and me to a rave, as I had so many glowsticks attached.
On the bus it was someone's birthday so we all sang "Happy Birthday" and I presented her with some glowy magicness before going home and passing out in a happy drunken heap.
Spent today just chilling, watching a bit of Hickstead and BMM'ing Welshy who is up to his neck in mud at Glasto.
Work tomorrow. Sigh.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I got on my MSc course! Whoo.

Well actually I got approved for the first year of it. If it works out I can't afford it or just cant complete the workload satisfactorily, then out I go at the end of year one with a PGdip.
So we'll see.
Gonna try and do it while working fulltime and doing my overtime at the museum. (30 hours overtime completed before I hit the Lakes!) and riding... But I fear something might have to give.
That's 500 quid gone before I even start the month and that's a good half of my wages if I can't get the Overtime to cover it back up!

Meh. Its only money. Sure it will be fine. Paid off my Vegas flights earlier so all I need to do really is win 3k out there and my first year is sorted!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I can't believe I didn't get any olympic tickets! I'm outraged! I had my application in on the very first day as well! Now I'm forced to watch the horses from a window at work. Maybe.
Am gonna try for any sell- backs they might do later in the year and of course I have the ones I won at work... But still...


I'm going to Vegas in November! Wheeee! and trying to plan a decent week in Lanzagrote maybe...
After that its a lot of a saving for all this MSc nonsense. I have been sucked back into the overtime trap. I'm still thinking about Bali in March but we'll see! Lake district in a few days! Whoooop!!