Monday, October 31, 2005

So here's my Halloweeny ghosty story.

About two years ago, I went on holiday to Bridlington, with the LF, J and MH. The place where we stayed was a Bed and breakfast and we were on the top (4th) floor, overlooking a row of smaller houses, perhaps about three stories high.
Anyway, the house was being converted to a B&B and many of the rooms were still empty and we had the 4th floor to ourselves and the 3rd was empty, which was a good thing considering the noise we made!
It was a fairly nice place, I didn't see anything wrong with it, apart from the quietness, I'm too used to all my city hustle and bustle I guess!
One night I was watching The Terminator2 in the Living room, after we came home from a night out, the LF was talking lovingly to a keg of Stella that was in the kitchen and MH and J were having one of their silent and at this stage fairly frequent arguments in their bedroom and I was all alone and surprisingly sober in the living room.
Now picture a large white painted room, with a sofa against the wall where the door opened and facing the fireplace and the mirror, the TV was in front of the window, and the wall facing the window was plain white, not even a picture rail or a dado rail.
I'd just watched the part of the film where John Connor's foster parents are killed and I noticed something and glanced up and away from the TV to the window.
There was someone standing there reflected in the window, in an stone archway.
Now remember that it couldn't have been the TV, and the houses opposite where too small for it too be someone over the road.
What the hell was it?
I glanced over to the facing wall, as expected it was a plain white wall, I glanced over at the mirror, I don't even know why, I was just expecting something to be there, nothing.
At the window again and then at the wall. In the space of 30 seconds or so.
I looked over at the window and then the figure walked off, arms swinging, past the stone arch.
I leapt to my feet and went to the window, nothing, I felt really uneasy and went to find LF in the kitchen.
Was it a ghost? I don't know, Like I say I looked for any reasonable explanation and it wasnt even like the tv could be reflecting it, it was the wrong kinda film.
I can't tell you what they were wearing, if it was a he or a she although I have the feeling it was female.

That happened fairly early on in our holiday and I said nothing about it to anyone, I dont know why, I just didnt.
Anyway the other spooky thing, while we were staying there was odd.
The living room also doubled as mine and the LF's bedroom, one night we were laying in bed, just starting to drift off to sleep, when he spoke to me.
"is your arm moving?"
I was on my side, arms tucked under the duvet and shook my head.
Silence again for a bit and then he suddenly sat bolt upright, looking at either end of the bed.
"what is it?" I asked, he shook his head. "Nothing, lie down, go to sleep."
I sulked and lay back down, shortly after he lay back down too.
After the holiday we were talking about our holiday back in York, MH remarked that she hadn't liked to stay in one room on her own as she felt it was creepy and I remembered LF's strange behavour and asked him as he looked odd.
"There were shapes at the end of our bed, two of them, white shapes."
He believes very strongly in things like that and believes he sees things, I don't know whether he does or don't or what.
So there you go. Was there figures at the end of our bed? I don't know, I believe that there was from his reaction.
What did I see? I dont know, I just know that it wasn't anything I expected it to be.

What do you guys think??!!
Its halloween! I love halloween, I love scary movies!
Lets play the Salem game!
In honour of the occasion, I'd like you - yes you that lurker in the corner there! To tell me your ghost stories, has anything creepy, unexplainable happened to you?
Do you believe in ghosts? Tell us all about it!
Go on! Go wild! And if nothing ghosty has happened to you, tell me your favourite horror movie, horror urban legend! Best Halloween costume!
Come on people, lets get in the spirit of this thing, I'll be very disappointed if no one plays!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Was today predictable or what?
Ah well next home game is Man U - No problems there!
Todays got me worried, we looked incapable of winning, is that cos we were knackered after our midweek antics or are we too reliant on Bent?
I like to think its cos we were knackered. Its a nice excuse anyway!

Our reward for beating - yes Jose beating, as in you lost! - Chelski is a home draw against Blackburn, I wanted a home draw and definately wanted to avoid Arse, United, Pal-arse and Millwall but not sure if that'd be a nice game or not.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Grrr of the day goes to the Woolwich Job centre.
Who last week told me I had a meeting today, and sent me a letter during the week about coming to a "new deal" meeting next week also.
So yawning muchly I make my way to Woolwich, I await half hour AFTER MY APPOINTMENT WAS SCHEDULED to get my turn at the desk and then get sent to another desk, where I wait another 10 minutes to be told by a man who clearly couldn't believe I was so thick that the New Deal meeting cancelled out this one and I need not have bothered, although there was nothing on the letter, either letter(!) about this.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm in total shock!
My voice is hoarse and croaky, my hands hurt and I'm still shaking!


We were goddamn fucking awesome. I think I'm entitled to be a little biased, but my fucking shit!
We out sang and at times out played the Chelski, John Terry was their man of the match, saving them several times.
And we lost El Kark! I swear I have no fingernails left for Saturday!
Surprised to see Powelly last the entire game and injury time, was almost expecting to see an oxygen tank be wheeled onto the pitch for him!
And Penalties after all that! I felt sick - and it was nothing to do with the cunt next to me throwing up in the first half and then passing out, dribbling till penalties!
I was so sure that with their class, they'd outplay us and Curbs has just said that he had to bully players into taking penalties!
Me and E were laughing before hand about Chrissy taking one and remembering the penalty he took against Welling one year!
At I'm not ashamed to admit I could hardly bear to look when Hughes took his!


A proper match review can be found on here Better than I could do!
Fingers crossed for a home draw please!!!!!!!!

Updated with pretty pictures! If ever there was a blog entry deserving of them its this one!
Random thoughts for the day!

Spins - Beware the butterfly! Sunshine Will know what I'm talking about!

I'm going to Chelski tonight! I've never been before as paying forty quid is well outta my bracket, but they're only 20 quid tonight so yay!

Probably alienating all you Americans out there but my fucking god, how annoying is Frank? I want to smack his silly head in! Stupid advert makes me want to take up drugs just to have that kid come to me so I can dangle him out the window by his ankles until he promises to behave!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ok I give in, better put this insommnia to good use! I'm signing up for this NaNoWriMo thingymajig and let's see what happens or will it be another one of those things I fail at!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Its like being back at uni, here I sit with a tub of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice-cream, several bottles of alcohol, solitaire ready to bring up on screen when I get bored and a job application to fill in, ready to be emailed tomorrow. (S0 no different really from the essays I ujsed to write the day before!)
I think I'm fully prepared to witter on about shit I have no idea about!
Now do you think "hire me you bastards or I'll firebomb your office" do as my opening statement on my covering letter?
Just come back from a party at OF's, (owner of the gorgeous and now famous Dotty!) funny having to go all the way to West Sussex to see them now instead of climbing over a fence or the more recent two minute walk round the corner.
Its the sorta place that they should have had from the beginning what with their animal collection that they always had. Now they have enough land to have a small-holding and three acres of woodland around them. Indeed OF was talking of getting a pig, she's wanted one for ages!
Dad coped surprisingly well, last weeks emergancy rush to hospital seems to have sorted him out for the time being and he's almost back to being his old chirpy self.
I miss not living next door to them, I hardly know anyone my age in this street and E is a few miles away in Plumstead.
Different to having your best friend on the other side of a fence and always bouncing in and out of each others houses and sleepovers every weekend.
I still think of her as my best friend although we can go weeks or months without seeing each other and only the odd MSN conversation or text.
She's the sister I never had as a child and her family are like extended versions of mine and I'm closer to them than I am my own uncles who I see every week.
Let's hope it lasts at least another 18 years of friendship! Hurrah!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is it wrong that I made Mothership wheel me round B&Q and Dad walk?

I didn't think so either!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I've FINALLY got the rest of THOSE pictures through from GT.

Obviously I'm not showing any more off that what has been seen and if you missed them tough!
But I do like this one. This gives away my internet anonymity more than any other that I've posted so its a 24 hour jobby I'm afraid.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Baah. I hate London.
I managed - miracles of miracles to get to St Pancras on my new route and to take MH to where she wanted to go.
And then the morning was my own!
So what did I do with it?
I started by strolling down Oxford Street. How I hate the crowds getting in my way and my fucking god, there was tourists taking pictures of fucking Debinhams! Do you not have shopes in other countrys?
I can imagine it now.
"Oooh Look Doris, this is one of those London things. A shop"
"Oooh Mavis. Did you go in?!"
"No I wasn't sure of the protocol in these places, but I have a nice picture of the shop window.!"
I mean honestly what the fuck do you want a picture of a shop window for? And a busker? And a tube carriage?
Freaky fucks.
So I walked all the way down Oxford Street and then went into HMV where I sat reading a book on Bill Hicks for two hours (Ha! Take that fuckfaces! I READ a book in HMV instead of browsing for DVD's or CD's.!)~
How I hate fucking tourists, they toddle along at .5 centimetres an hour an walk 5 abreast so its impossible to overtake and you have to slow down for them and then they stop suddenly and you collide into the back of them when they stop to answer their mobiles or look a maps or take 90 degree turns into shops and then have the cheek to tut at you when you cant stop in tim and collide into them.
I then found MH and we went to Pizza Hut in Leicester Square for tea, (again I got us there without getting lost - I'm great me!)
And then I found our way to the pub me and Flash Found our way to outside of Euston on our adventure and we stat and srank.
And that's why speellling is a little poopoo.
Hurrah for being on the nice side of Lopndon!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Grr. MH is coming to London tomorrow to go to a churchy thing, and I'm an added bonus! Somehow I've agreed to escort her across London in the morning and find something to do while she does her Churchy thing in the morning and then hang out with her.
She's not got any idea how to get across London, where this place actually is, or how to get there, which is where I've been roped in.
So I've been looking up new ways of getting to St Pancras to meet her (just my luck to have the Northern Line down!) and then to get her across to WC1, kick my heels around for several hours (it won't be worth coming home again) unless I find something exciting to look at or visit and then repick her up and take her back home.
I feel that somehow I've been conned into organising all this for her. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

See J! Good things come to those who wait! I was going to write about the football but then The Brat pinched the computer off of me!

Didn't you shout at the TV when they brought Crouch the BFG on? It was a kinda pointless game we knew what, so why didnt they play Bent who's scoring trillions of goals for fun? Grr to it all, I'd have started with him anyway rather than Teacher's Pet Owen. Still it was a bit more interesting than the snoozefest at the weekend.
I think Luke had another solid game though and definately must have cemented a place for the World Cup.
Report here! I am still expecting another report from STF who is doing/falling for the Geneva scheme so he can go to Germany and follow England about how Gary Nev's spot if safe, I wonder if for this friendly he'll make the effort and play Bent or the shock - call up Murphy?

Oh and welcome J as a new commentator! Hope you return!
'm very sorry to use this medium to contact you,but owing to the urgency that i have be in touch with you.
I am one of the top aides of a governor in south-south Nigeria,for security reasons i will mention the name to you in the course of our discussion.
He has instructed me to ask you for help which will be of benefit to you,as i know you will be ready to help.Recently in our country the present adminstration has decided to fight corruption to the last and our president have decided to focus his searchlight on we the governors from the south -south Nigeria,because we produce the crude oil which sustain the Nigerian economy.
Two state governors are already victims,first the governor of plateau state Chief.Joshua Dariye,he was caught in London and jump bail.Presently he can not travel out of the country as he is wanted.
Most recently the governor of Bayelsa state,Chief Dr.Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was caught in London with huge sum of money.He has been charged to court and remand in prison custody in london.
For you to believe,kindly ask Nigeria embassy in your country for comfirmation or British embassy in your country.
Based on this my boss who is one the serving governor has asked me to approach you for assistance as we will not want to travel out of the country ,also any member of his family to travel.You will be rewarded handsomely if you will help out.
He has some funds in some foreign countries,so he will like you to front for him.And collect the funds on his behalf for save keeping and investment pending the completion of his tenure as governor.
So if you are willing to help,kindly contact me,giving your own contact details.In order for me to contact you with the full details.Here is the email address you are to reply to
Note if you are not going to help,do not respond to this mail.
John Amori.
Special assistant.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wheelchair on Friday!!! Yay! I figure I can steal it to play on without him knowing and keep it until the novalty value wears off and I can go back to walking.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Remember Puppy Dotty who came to visit last month?
Look at her now! She's huge!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I sometimes wonder how much I should write about Dad on here.
As much as we joke and laugh about it, it does rule our life, but I never like that. I don't like the fact that no-one can leave the house now and leave him home alone and that our lives seem ruled by methadone hallucinations and medicines and diets.

So I don't try to talk about it unless I have too. But then I worry that cos I don't write or talk about how he is getting worse, that I'll come across as unfeeling or uncaring. But I don't like to talk about it, Actually I don't care about talking about it, I'll tell total strangers about how he's about to kick the bucket, or I'll just fob them off with "he's fine ta." But I can't and dislike talking about HOW I feel about it, despite everyone prodding and poking and demanding "That I just open up dammit!"

So how is Dad lately? He's bad, very bad. He spent most of the week a fortnight ago in hospital and none of us were sure if he was coming out again.
He spends a lot of time either asleep or doped up on methadone, telling me about how he "fell" out of the window in the attic.
He's lost total use of his left arm, as the tumour has pressed too much on the nerves. The thought now is to give him something that will totally kill the nerve and take away even the little use of the arm that he has.
Dad was thinking about that. But now the other arm is going. A few times now he's dropped things out of his hand because the grip has gone and he's spilt medicine and tea.
Wednesday he spilt his cup of tea on the brand-new cream carpet, which really upset him and he started to get weepy.
Thursday I had to feed him his medicine and his cup of tea and that embarrasses him as much as it does when I have to help him dress sometimes.
(We brought him a babies beaker - you know with the lids! - I don't think he was that impressed!)
The Brat especially is finding this hard, he can hardly bear to be in the same room as him or look at him. He escapes from it all by work and sleeping, but I don't have that.

He's dying now, We're no longer in denial and pretending that tomorrow he will wake up and there will be a miracle. He's dying and it depresses him and he spends a lot of time in thought or the rest of the time he's so drugged up he don't know what he's doing.
Although things carry on as normal and we laugh and joke and try and act like everythings good. But it's not.
It's a matter of trying to make the most of everything, and remembering that he was well once and was told over a year ago that at best he had nine months to go and waiting for the ineviatable really.

(Spins - Your prize will be in the post early next week sometime! I just need to get it wrapped!)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


If you asked someone if they've missed you and they reply with:

"There has been a trout-shaped hole in my life lately."

Is that a good thing, or do you twat them for taking the piss?

I twatted him. I think it was the right decision.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oooh My Dad's getting a wheelchair!

No stairlift though, which disappoints me, I was looking forward to bezzing up and down on one of those.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

After all the hype 5,000 never got in touch, which is probably Flashy-washy-wishy-pishy?
(Stop now I hear my brain telling me so I will.)
We never fully celebrated this occasion and I demand that R makes a special one-off comment to mark this event cos we all miss him!
Anyway. To the prizes. Flash never gave his address before Monday so he's forfeit the prize and according to the rules of the game it then goes to number 4,999 which I think we decided goes to Spinsterwitch.
Hurrah! for Spins! There really is a prize so if you want to claim it drop us a line.

Flash - There is still the honour of being my 5,000th visitor, which is something that you can put on your blog! (bear with me I'm dosed up to the eyeballs on lemsip and I think it's doing stranger things than usual to my brain) There is also the invite to help me celebrate my new ill-gotten yellowcard (of which I had to put up with the sleazing of a strange guy to get - but it was worth it) one Saturday perhaps the 22nd of this month? Lemmie know?!

The next fantastic prize will be going at 15,000 page views!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh God guys!
Remember my photos that I had done with GT (as if any of you have forgotten)
I hadn't put them all on to a CD and wiped them from the computer, and then when the computer died, I couldnt turn it on so took it too a shop to get repaired, thinking that my files would be wiped.
Only I've just found the files on a back-up folder and specifically nude photos!!!
What if the Computer People found them and saw them?
What if they all had a wank over them in their workroom?
What if they all copied the files for private use?
What if they all end up on Google Images?

*Goes into nervous breakdown*

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Every year its the same thing, not always this early though.
Every year for a week I wake up with a dry, sore throat and a bunged up throat.
Always when the central heating goes on.
Its quite painful really, and what makes it worse is that its the same whenever I go anywhere else to stay with central heating.
It always takes me a week to acclimatise to the lack of humidity (Its the only thing I can put it down to) in the house.
Luckily I'm pretty healthy otherwise!

Oooh Addicks on Soccer am!