Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mother may have tit rot. I'm sure we all remember just how much fun it was when Dad got kidney rot.
Waiting further investigations before we start the whole fun over and over again.
This seems particularly sucky when you think that she's just about to start a whole new life with The Most Wonderful Man in the World (hereby after known as TMWMinW). 
Which as idiotic as she's acting over the situation, at least she's happier than I've seen her in a long time and things also looked like they were going to be working out for me. 

Still. She's thinking positive until tests reveal one way or another so I will do the same.

Fingers crossed people.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Still really enjoying work so far. I was told that I'm entitled to 3.5 days of leave so wisely using them to take half days for all Tuesdays and Fridays.
Work have agreed for me to leave at 5.30 on Tuesday which means a bit of a scamper but I can get to the yard for 7pm like I used to again.
I got paid yesterday! SO MUCH MONEY! I know its really crass to talk about how much you get paid but 1581 pounds! I've never earnt so much in my life! A ridiculous sum!
Cleared my overdraft and credit card bill and still left with a reasonable amount for the month. And once I pass probation I will be getting bonuses.
Mind. Blown.
So what will I do with all this money? Well the idea of a horse is still foremost in my mind although I am struggling with the idea of how I will find the time.
But priorities come first and that means finding a home for me, Welshy and the animals. So I will be saving for a deposit.
I am also thinking about the driving lessons again. I feel a car would come in handy when it comes to running about, saves so much time and effort hassling with buses and if the horse comes into play (see obsessed!) I can drive to the yard in 45 minutes rather than taking 90 as it currently does and long sits in the cold.
I also used it to go to a McTimoney session run by a lady at the yard. It was a rather odd session with lots of massage and strange slaps and flicks but for the first time in a long time I dont have any real aches in my shoulders and am waiting for Friday's ride to see if i'm level (apparently my pelvis and hips were wonky - which I could tell as my stirrups weren't level).
I enjoyed it though and it was nice to be able to afford something like that rather than desiring it and not being able to afford it or putting it off as a new coat or shoes were needed first.

Welshy is away again now and I might see him before Xmas, not sure yet. Mother wants to bring her bf over for christmas which would be awkward for all concerned. Glad I'll be at work for most of it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Work is going well so far. So nice to be in an office where they appreciate my efforts and want to help. the long days suck though. Suck big. Fat. Donkey. Balls.
Leaving the house at 7. Getting home at 7. On Tuesdays I get to the office for 8 so I can leave at half past five in order to get to the yard at a sensible time, but still don't get home till 9 or 10.
I arranged for KOM my little boss to have an interview with my new place. She never turned up and never bothered to re-arrange despite texting me that she was feeling trapped and stressed. She ignored the guy calling to re-arrange and my text and now I find she has deleted me from Facebook.
I don't understand and it makes me a little sad but fuck it.
They are talking of ending my promotion early. Talk of me being a "good hire" of having the "potential to go to the top" They'll soon realise I have no idea about anything!!
I am thinking that if I did get promoted then I can ask to go and leave early. To leave at 5 or 5.30. I believe Alanis Morissette sang about this being so ironic. I can afford to buy my horse. I cannot afford the time to look after one.
I dunno. At the moment I am just very tired and hoping desperately that it will soon all fall into a decent routine. One that doesn't involve me crashing out on Saturdays and sleeping all afternoon.

Riding is going ok. I didn't ride the Tuesday and Friday of Fireworks Night (wisely - horse didn't appreciate the bangs)
And I jumped my first little course (or at least two jumps set out in different spaces) and my first double (two jumps two or three strides apart) on Sunday.
Good times.

Mother is back from Grotty tomorrow and Welshy is away again next Sunday.

I went white water rafting at the Olympic Venue in Lea - such good fun and me and E and P are off to give Ski-ing a go in a week or two.

Finally. Thoughts go out to Red Squirrel who's wife died from cancer this week. I miss his occasional presence here, although it seems many years since I had my collection of "regulars" they are often in my thoughts and facebook news feeds.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I had a very nice two weeks of gardening leave and last Monday I started new job. I'm really enjoying it so far. So much easier and nicer than where I was before.
This week I will be set up with my weekly "targets" so bit worried about hitting them. But it'll be cool :) Getting an assistant to help me with referencing (!) who will be working for my bonus! They want another compliance officer and I'm trying to get my friend from last job to come and work with me. Made a bit of a booboo calling her up at work though.

Only downside to this is the long hours. Work starts at 8.30 and finishes at 6pm. I get home at 7 and on Tuesdays I get to the yard at twenty to eight. URGH.
I ended up lunging and giving the horse the quickest muck out ever. Which left me feeling a bit guilty.
Gonna have to mention something to work to get there a little earlier. Its impossible at the moment to ride with that. A normal muck out is 40 minutes. Plus an hour riding. Plus an hour (or hour 20) to get home if I can't scab a lift.
Then the usual bath, dinner when I get home. Its just a bit too late.

But that's the only downside and I'm hoping I can work around this.