Tuesday, August 31, 2004

By way at the end of transfer deadline day, we never signed anyone.
There's always January....
Well Mum got in about half nine, Uncle G dropping her off and one of those Hayes manual book things so we can take (basic) care of Marvin.
Dad finally got a bed about 5-ish which meant it was far too late to start the drug test but they took blood test and hopefully will get it done tomorrow and he won't need to stay in any longer than what they said originally.
You can use your own opinions about the NHS / bed situation if you like, I'm not going to comment cos I'm grateful that the very first time, the most serious (so far) they found him the bed and did not send him home when he wanted to go, thinking that there was nothing wrong with him.
Anyway, He's ok, he's got aches and pains in his side but those are the kinda pains that normally come up when he's scared and worried about something.
Its a very scary thing, they're basically giving him a drug for people with Crohms disease which takes away his immune system, being told that a simple cold can kill you as a result of this drug is kinda freaky.
But as he says the first trial worked ok on 8 out of 16 people, and if you work on that principle I guess the odds are good, and even if it gives him another month (with a good quality of life, I'm not talking about another month in a hospital ward) then surely those odds are worth taking?
Mum took me setting the microwave alight pretty well, I told her when she rang so she could do her nut at the hospital (very quietly) and be over the most of her temper by the time she got home.
And it worked she just told me not to touch the microwave again (a bit of a trauma cos I do most of me cooking on that) and lit some candles and sprayed some freshener around to get rid of the smell.
Full round of applause must go to The Brat for actually noticing the smoke and smell (he was upstairs I was downstairs), if he hadn't have come running down the stairs when he did; God only knows what would have happened.
Mum's going back up the hospital tomorrow, hopefully she'll come home with Dad.
whats the best way to explain to your already frazzled and stressed mother that you blew up her microwave, possibly damaging it irrapairably, ruining a plastic jug and making the house stink of smoke and melted plastic?
By the way I've done noodles in a jug loads of times before and never had any hint of a problem, its not just my shit cooking skills.
I'm all shaky now.
I'm spending a lot of the day bouncing through the various music channels fighting over who watches what with The Brat.
And while I'm still pissed off with Brian wassisname, Peter Andre, its time to feel my wrath...
stop hiding in the corner there and come and receive your punishment for putting Insania in my head.
Now somehow I missed out on you the 1st time round, but I'm sure Mysterious Girl was as cheesy and vile the first time round.
Insania could have been ok if you hadn't had insisted on singing it every 5 minutes on I'm a Celebrity, pretending that you had made it up there when really it was something you'd done a few years ago.
Now I'm a reasonable person and if you wanted another go at your five minutes of fame, well you can have it, but that was 25 minutes ago now bugger off.
What the fuck is this new thing of yours? Some stupid ballad and if that's Jordan (need a bloke to help me on this one) that's even worse and vomit making. Its bollocks mate, no its worse than that its total trampwank. Go back to the jungle and stay there, go back to working at TK Max or whatever it was you was doing before I'm a Celebrity.
Go. Now. Before I start burning voodoo dolls of you.
*Takes deep breaths and stops clinging on to the side of the chair, turns music channels off and finds the Scooby doo show*
I miss the olympics, I'm having severe withdrawl symptoms.
I loved waking up and watching whatever was on, no matter how trivial, even if we weren't in medal contention for Bed making or whatever, it was great, there was always something worth watching.
Now i'm reduced to my kid TV shows and although Dora the Explorer is very entertaining in a irriatating kinda way it was also educational.
I now know that pequano is little in Spanish, I took spanish for 2 years in school and I think I've learnt more from watching Dora the Explorer and The Terminator
"Hasta la vista!"
Yup, a few more shows and i'll be fluent.
Mum rang earlier about Dad, they had a problem with some a ward and had to clear it, meaning that now they can't find a bed.
So Mothership and Dad are going for a pootle for an hour or so to come back and see if there's a bed free.
Random thoughts----

Freddie Shepherd, May 16 2004:

"Bobby has another 12 months left on his contract and everyone knows that. That's a fact. You don't sack Sir Bobby Robson."

Isn't BedShaped by Keane really, really lovely? I know i'm sorta jumping on the bandwagon here, but Keane are cool, even if when you see the lead singer, you just want to pinch his cheeks and give him 50p to spend at the sweet shop.

Vienetta and mustard?
Not a good combination - damn you Brat!

FAO that fat exPondscum guy - Brian, Bryan what ever the fuck you call yourself, If it was such a big deal and trauma for you to be in a million-billion pound "band" why did you sign up in the first place?
Come on what were you expecting it to be like?
Dont come whinging to me and singing a song about what a nightmare it was, bollock off and get a normal job.
Showbiz dinners and the free champagne Men in suits who think they know it all No one knows me but they know my name That's not real to me Hotel lobby to the aeroplane Another country but they start to look the same Watch the world behind a windowpane That's not real to meWhen I see my babies run When all the madness has been and gone I'll raise my family and live in peace Now that's what's real to me (real to me)

And why havent we signed anyone yet?
Today is transfer deadline day.....
I figure if i sit in front of Sky Sports News long enough, i can some how telepathically get them to ignore the whole Wayne Rooney/Bobby Robson stories and have an interview with Curbs saying that he has signed at least 2 world class drop-down-dead-in-astonishment defenders, for prices so cheap you think he's been conned.
I can then breathe easy and sit back and smirk when opposing forwards make a run as these defenders will be so hard (but fair - no silly bookings or red cards) that as soon as they look at Henry/Smith/Rooney/fill in your own striker, the striker will pale with fright, as soon as the defender starts to trot towards the opposing striker they will fill their shorts, leave the ball for fear of being tackled and run and beg their manager to be subbed.
I dreamed about it - therefore it must be true and WILL happen, I just need to be patient.
(ok i dreamed about it when I was such a defender and it was Micheal Owen and this dream was 2 years ago, but who cares about details?)

Monday, August 30, 2004

I have real live links!
All thanks to The inspector, not sure why some of them seem to be invisible but there you go
Marvin is parked on our drive and God is he sexy!
*Edit* I made them come up, all by meself, aint i clever?! (23:24)
Daddy's off to hospital tomorrow, just for 24 hours, he's going to have/ or has had the heaf test for TB, tomorrow he goes to the Marsden and they will inject, or put in via a drip this new drug thing.
They're off to get Marvin now.
Expect lots of ramble and shit tonight and tomorrow as I try and find ways to distract myself and not worry
How exciting!
The Very, very, extremely kind and nice Inspector Sands is sending me via email code linky things to hopefully get them on my blog and working.
Here's hoping i'll be able to follow that rather than Blogger's instructions, honestly sometimes I wonder how I manage to get dressed in the morning without aid!
(I always knew if i complained enough someone would take pity on me)
last night I was putting my birds away and one of the refugees' from Nanny, Sid (Vicious) - Ask The Brat - was flapping around, when it tried to reinact a scene from The Birds.
It tried to land on my glasses, why it chose that particular landing space I don't know, but it was a bit freaky seeing this budgie with claws out stretched, wings flapping and beak out going for my eyes was a bit freaky.
Then it got me to thinking, the night before I watched C4's 100 scariest moments, mainly to avoid watching MOTD and us losing.
A lot of people think The Birds is scary and I think it was number 43, (The Winner was "Hereeee's Johnnnnnny!" From The Shining).
I've seen a lot of horror movies, from IT to Candyman via such under rated classics as Witch Story and CubbyHouse, I love them all although they rarely make me jump, and I get more enjoyment out of watching others like MH jump and squeak at frights, so what would be MY top 5 scariest moments?
So here they are.

5. I couldn't decide between The smurfs - Childhood trauma dont want to talk about it - or the Child catcher, I still hate Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I think that wins overall. (that was 37)
4. - The Bit in Jaws where the head pops out of the sunken boat, I couldn't look down the plughole for ages and I was only 6 the first time I saw that film in my defense
3. Sloth from The Goonies - I couldn't watch that film for years.
2. Watership Down, one of those animated films that you think are for kids but are most definately NOT, General Woundwort, The Black Rabbit, Holly's account of what happened in the Warren and the song "Bright eyes" which is genuinely creepy.
1. The Judderman - from the Metz adverts.

I dunno what this says about me, possibly that I was a strange child seeing I'm still freaked out by Sloth.
But the Judderman? That's fairly recent and oh dear.... its all coming back.....
"Beware the Judderman my dear, when the moon is fat"......
I'm going to hide behind my pillow now.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

When I'm at home I spend a lot of time on the laptop in the living room watching whatever crap happens to be on the telly, playing solitaire - my biggest addiction since Tetris -, and reading other blogs - which I still can't put up as I don't know how to get links to other sites up.
I still can't work out if i like other people being able to read this as its more of a personal journal, than random happy gibberish but it seems other people do look at this, I already know of one - Charlton Lass and Inspector Sands of Casino Avenue has looked in on this once and I know I'm linked to other Addicks blog's, but I'm not sure if any of those read this...
Anyway, while catching up on some of the other Blogs to read their opinions on the Villa match I find that Jakartass reads this and prefers it over some of the others.
Which is a nice ego boost.
I wish I could get some other links to some of the sites i read but I can't.
Again, If anyone would like to talk me through step by step exactly how to get them up, I would be very grateful.
Seeing as I seem incapable of following Blogger's instructions.

according to Scubatime, I can learn to dive for £125, in Greenwich too, be able to get there cos of Marvin the Metro that will be mine or The Brat's if we pass.
Its something to think about, I loved the try dives we did in Lanzarote, learning to dive in The docklands though is slightly different from the Canary Islands though!
So I've been doing a lot of thinking.
And the main thing is I've accepted what I've always known deep down; I WILL come home after uni rather than moving to Sheffield with MH.
1 - it means I'll be able to take care of everyone here.
2- I'll be able to save more, less rent and stuff.
3 - E said she'll look into getting me a job with her, ok i know this aint a guarantee but its more than I had in Sheff.
I finish uni in January, that'll give me a year to save some pennies together for me and E to go see W and B in New Zealand, maybe take the Mothership, help her get out and about after Dad.
(of course this is mainly dependent on Dad keeping to schedule and kicking the bucket as planned, knowing him though he'll go on for ages yet)
Maybe W can sort us out some courses to go on, some voluntary stuff maybe I know there's a national park nearby.
Maybe we can go travelling around the island, I'd love to see where LOTR was filmed...
Then go to Australia, I'd like to tour there and maybe work my way across.
E's not so keen on that, although she'd like to see the Barrier reef.
I'd like someone to come with me, maybe I could talk her into coming. LF has said he'd like to travel and if we meet up sometime soon, I'll tell him of my plans and if he wants to come he's more than welcome.
Maybe The Lizard or Oldest Friend would like to come, or even The Brat.
I know its going to be hard and I know its only dreams at the mo and dreams are easy, but I feel more settled in my head now, having a plan, knowing what I'm going to do or try to achieve and fingers crossed I will get there.

4-1 Bolton
4-0 Man City

I guess at least you can say we're consistant, shame its not the kinda consistancy I'd like.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Probably wont be writing anything down for the next week, although I'll probably be bouncing home at some point.
The normal ordinary me is leaping heroically into action, into a nice telephone box (how come the ones in Superman were never vandalised!?)
And I will be speeding to E's rescue in the Morning.
So yeah.
I'm gonna stop dribbling on about LF on here other than to mention him in a mate way.
Its doing my head in now.

I have a confession to make...
A secret and sordid one, I actually really like Cliff Richard.
Yeah I know, but come on, some of the stuff he's done is Legend.
Its so funny, Young ones, Wired for Sound, Summer Holiday, Bachelor Boys, Devil Woman, Living Doll, Carrie.
I love them all, but it makes me feel dirty for saying so, Only those ones mind, Ah-hem, now i've cleansed my soul I'm gonna listen to Survivour and "Eye of the Tiger"

Today has been a good one for a sport fan.
I was up at the crack of Dawn. 7am, to see the British Womans rowing thingy, we won a silver and a bronze. I wasn't really paying much attention to tell the truth, cos all my energies were focused on sending "sink" vibes to Everyone but us in the coxless 4's.
and Oh my God! How nerve wracking was it? I thought the play-off final was bad, the Mixed badminton Finals was torture, with me dancing round my bed, but this was sheer agony!
We won by something like 2cm!
It made the final in the 2000 olympics seem like we had won by 3 or 4 boat lengths.
Afterwards Matthew Pinsent cracked up and sobbed while getting the medals, Bless. You could even hear Steven Redgrave telling him to behave or he'd set him off, and you can understand why, after all those years, he must have wondered if it was possible to win a Gold without him and the pressure and grief he would have got if he hadn't got a gold must have been immense.
Then After I had dragged myself out of bed and down to the Standard to get bird seed and came back in time for Football Focus and to see Ben Anslie set off on his quest for Gold.
So there it was, 2 golds, 1 silver and a bronze and in between keeping up to date with the olympic Athletic heats, We were flicking back and forth to The Cricket.
We won that, after we had to come in and bat again, In order to score the ONE RUN we needed to win.
Then E came and It was time to trot down to The Valley.
I love that first home game of the season, you come into the stands and see The West Stand and Covered End (in my case) filled with Red shirts and singing Valley Floyd Road (mercifully we missed The Real Thing) and you smile and think. "God I've missed this."
Down to my Seat and Scary Matthew told me that he had graduated with a 2:2, which is ace.
The game itself was a little dull.
I can see Luke Young and Rommedahl linking up well, cos they're both pacy and Murphy seemed a little frustating to me, cos he didn't seem fully fit.
Uncle I spent a great deal of the game abusing Euell, who is NOT one of his favourite players.
I'm not going to go into full detail of the game cos its all on the Charlton website.
But I was very relived to score first as I felt that was going to be decisive and their equaliser was pretty good and I don't think Deano had much chance with it.
Their own goal (Unsworth) was a scuffed shot that slithered under Shaka Hislop's armpit.
So of course there was a lot of stick going HIS way for the rest of the match.
Came home to find we've won ANOTHER gold medal for cycling and the results of the equestrian appeal had been decided with the Gold going to Leslie Law and us getting Silver overall, so fairness prevailed.
I've just watched Kelly Sotherton pick up bronze in the Heptathon and it was a shame that Denise Lewis had to pull out and I think that's the end of her career now.
Paula Radcliffe in the Marathon tomorrow, so fingers crossed for that!
Bring on Wednesday night and Villa at home, which I think is going to be a hard one, I predict one nil to us.

At long last Justice has been done...
Those lives that have be wrecked, hounded unfairly, can now try and rebuild.
Oh yes....
The A-Team have been cleared of all charges.
One can only wonder at why it has taken so long.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Went to London Zoo today to see the Komodo dragons, and I'd like to point out that we had nothing to do with the dragons being reduced to one.
It was just going to be me and E but both our Motherships somehow got involved in the act.
Went on my first ride on the Explosive Bendy Buses. A 453 takes you all the way and my sneaky hint is that you *can* get away without paying for riding on them.
Got to play with my camera phone some more, taking pictures of the animals, lots of the Arabian Oryx, which kinda puts all those boring weeks in Wildlife conservation sorta worthwhile.
Some of "Dory" from Finding Nemo and made a fool of myself by shouting to E to come and look at Dory while American Tourists giggled at me. Also some of the pygmy goats and a few different birds, the rest were a bit dodgey and didnt come out the best.
The Meerkats and Otters are great, I loved watching them play and the Meerkats watching out for baddies.
The monkeys are not great to me, I can see why people get fasinated by them and the whole "Closest living relatives" thing, but I'm more into the animaly-animals.
I like the hooved animals, giraffes and antelopes kinda things.
I try and figure out what I prefer to help me see what I want to get into job-wise. I like fish esp sharks and birds and hooved things and mammals but I'm not sure what I want to specify in apart from Conservation I really dont have much of a clue what I want to get in with.
Anyway. Poor Mothers were too tired to let me go and look in the fishy section.
But I did get to look in the reptile house and see where Harry Potter got filmed.
You know the bit where Harry frees the snake without realising it, Oh yes I sat on the floor and played Harry.
Childish me?
We've got Pompey tomorrow so let's hope it goes better than last weeks debacle!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I found this and am trying to figure it out, basically you cross out what isnt you.

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities.Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride of oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

(If this works to cross things out, i shall make a mental note that its <> < / s > without the spaces obviously.)

These things are a little generalistic I know.
Some of the things are how I see myself. I love to make a joke and its my best way of defending myself.
I don't even know what suave means except it makes me think of James Bond and I know I'm a little plain to look at, mainly cos I don't take much interest in my appearance, as it seems a lot of time to waste when you can be doing other exciting things.
I've been told I am caring and as I've mentioned before I will listen and try to help anyone with a problem but I don't think of myself as caring.
I don't have leadership qualities, I like being told what to do. I'm pretty passive and will agree to what the other person wants.
I don't have a high pride in myself. I'm not too fussed about what I look like as long as my clothes are relatively tidy I don't really care. I guess I'm a bit of a scruff and I have a fairly low opinion of myself.
I love getting praised even though I don't actively look for it and always tend to dismiss it, but I do like getting praised, I guess most people do.
I've been told I have an extra-ordinary spirit and I like to think I do too.
It takes me a long time to lose my temper and I struggle to keep it under control but I can lose it and lash out at who-ever is nearest .
I'm not really careful and cautious, I tend to speak without thinking and jump in head first to a problem.
Yeah I can think quickly, I know and have been told that I march to my own beat in ideas and do things that other people do not expect of me and I am a huge day dreamer.
I'm not a talented artist or muscian, I think a lot of that is due to the dyspraxia I think I suffer from.
I'm pretty sensitive to others but I do tend to dismiss their fears as stupid and pathetic, judging them as I judge my fears, as silly and pathetic.
I'm a pretty healthy person, I dont fall ill easily, and even when I do I tend to dose myself up with Hot Chocolate (my cure for everything) and Lemsip.
I relax pretty well, In fact sometimes I find it hard to get un relaxed.
I'm pretty hasty and it takes me a long time to learn to trust someone but then I pretty much trust them for life or until they let me down.
I'm not hugely into "romance" but I do day dream about it (and most people who read this will guess who with!)
I'm fairly loving but do not know how to show it and I love to make friends but I find it hard to make the first move and prefer to wait till they come to me.

Its LF's Birthday today. So happy 20th to him.
We were robbed yesterday in the end of the Eventing. Basically the German Rider Bettina Hoy on a very gorgeous Grey - Ringwood Cockatoo entered the start gate while doing a warm up circle.
So obviously the time was running and as she went round the 1st fence it counted as a refusual.
We appealed and got promoted to Silvel medal position.
Then while individual Show jumping was going on a counter appeal happened as Bettina would now go down in the rankings, meaning that Leslie Law (us) would win Gold for a perfect clear round...
But the counter appeal went for Germany again, so the German team were given the Silver we were relegated back to Bronze and in the indivudual we were given Silver when we should have bronze.
So we're now thinking about appealing the appeal for the first appeal....
I'll keep you posted....
Meanwhile I *May* possibly have my hands on a lickle blue 4 door metro, thats either a F-reg or a B-reg.
I'm not too sure, but again I'll keep you posted.
Me and the Mothership and E are going riding. Me on my bestest 4-hooved buddy Molly and Mum on a Piebald (Magpie - coloured for the none horsey) Cob (Read: short and stocky) Called Tilt and E will be riding a taller Cob that could quite easily pass for a short Shire. (Read: black, white hairy legs)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

what's that thing at the top of the screen?
I want it to go away.
Please go away..
Apparently we also did the Locomotion at my Birthday. I'd forgotten all about this highlight until E reminded me yesterday.
We Ruled at it. Oh yes. I remember it all clearly now. "Jump back. Oh I think you've got the knack!"
Yes. I did the actions too. I may never live that night down.
Taking The Brat to Eltham later to give Blood. He was full of it last night, but has gone to work thinking of ways to get out of it.

Something puzzled me when I was staying at Uncle J's and Aunt M's. Or should I say someone.
Moira Stewart.
I remember her doing News at 6 when i was little and the logo was made out of layered green blocks.
I remember thinking she was old then and when she vanished I assumed that she was retired.
But she's still going strong and strangely seems to look younger than I remember her being in the first place.
Although in that Picture she looks like the Mum from My Family, albeit a black version.
I can't find any info on her age though.
So yeah. Moira Stewart. The 1st and only black woman newsreader who also knows where the fountain of youth is/ or has a very good Plastic surgeon.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Spiderman 2 is shit.
Do not, I repeat go see this film.
It is more cheesy than a tub of dairylea.
The 1st film was bad, but it had comedy moments in it to perk it up.
And you could forgive the awful "america rools!" bit, I think the exact line was "Dont mess with NYC!" After all they had to change it due to 9/11 so its bad but forgivable.
What wasn't forgiveable was the cheese between Peter and Mary-Jane or MJ as he kept calling her in the sequel. Which got annoying after the 25th go.
If I was a Mary Jane or Sarah Louise or anything gay like that I would KILL anyone who called me MJ or SL.
But they were minor points in a ok film.
Anyway. Reasons why the 2nd film sucks dick.
The only comedy came from him doing his spiderman washing and the colours running. However this was apparently 2 years later, surely by now he'd have learnt to seperate colours and whites?
The second came from him losing his spidey powers and having to take the lift and having to talk to a stranger commenting on his spidey suit.
He told that it itches and sometimes rides up in the crotch. Which amused me.
Anyway, other than the TOTALLY predictable bits with him and Aunty May - Possibly the most irritating old lady on film since the old bird from Titanic. And Mary-Jane. GAHH it sucked.
The other strange thing appeared to be that when he fell, he'd bounce off of cars and you know falling more than 6 storeys you'd expect him to have more than a sore back.
Ok, Ok I know that spiders fall and live ok, but i'm sure that if the Spider grew to the size of a 6ft man. He/She'd suffer some injuries.
And still on this, I know spiders are strong, but in some scenes he seemed to have got himself confused with Superman. Superman could stop a speeding train with just his feet, I'm sure. Spiderman probably can't. In fact Spiderman can not.
So why did he try? and I also got a nice mental image of Popeye when his suit ripped with his bulging muscles rippling under the suit.......
Err yeah, where was I?
Tobey Maguire is cute although I was fasinated by the little fish hook scar he has on his cheek.
But anyway.....
The Film.
So he was on the train, understandably knackered from the efforts of stopping the train and passes out.
So he gets body-surfed to a safe carriage where.... "OHMIGOD he's just a kid!"
Then the big baddy "Doc Ock?!" (Yeah, the least said about that the better.) Comes and the whole train goes. "If you want him, you have to go through me."
RIIIGGHHHT. More American BS. The imagery and connotations can not just be clear to me can they?
And another thing... Why didnt someone on the train have a camera or camera phone with them.
They could have sold the story and the picture for a FORTUNE!
Or would that just have been me?
So in conclusion. The Film is SHITE. He gets the girl and the scene is set for a 3rd.
- on another note. I think I'm turning into a girl, on at least 2 occasions I saw Mary Jane and thought. Ooh MH would say that she needs a necklace with that top/dress.
Is not good

Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Night Of Drunken Debauchery - and that was just the Oldies!

I don't normally do titles but I think I should on this occasion.
Oooh eeerr!
Is the world still spinning?
Only joking!
Although I did pass out on the living room floor about 1am, and me and Oldest Friend's rendition of Reach! by S Club 7 is something that should not be remembered.
The same can be said for me and Motherships Da Do Ron Ron, and me and E's attempt at Hi Ho Silver Lining or as I tried to tell MH. "we tried to do Hi Hoc Silver Linin.g ditn't work. no onewill slew at japanle with me"
I think that can be interpreted as no one will play at karaoke with me.
I think we also did Wig Wam Bam by Sweet.
I must have thought it was a good idea to record us screeching and there is also film evidence.
But in my defense I had 7 barcardi Breezers, a Blue WKD and I was doing fine until Uncle I decided to start making cocktails.
I think it was Sex on the beach. But I don't know, but it was nice and it killed me.
Plus the fact that I had one mini pizza and about 6 prawns all day definately didnt help either!
I remember complaining to E about the hard boiled eggs. We both had 2 each (i helped her open hers by smashing it against the wall)
But I KNEW there had been 5 eggs and I couldn't for the life of me work out where it was and I REALLY wanted it.
I also couldn't work out why E stayed. Every 5 minutes it was "I just don't understand why you're stopping!?" (in a plaintive confused kinda voice)
We ended up crashing into the living room, me telling her that although I was drunk, I was definately ok to take her home from the Friary, cos I had to look after MH and CL and her too.
I think my last words were. "Its ok, I can look after you and fix you and MH and CL and I'm gonna sleep cos I feel ill"
That was the last thing I remember anyway.
I woke up at 7 this morning, puzzled as to where the duvet had come from, why I was still dressed, why I had "21" and "happy birthday" sequins stuck to my head and why I had what was best described as "Hobbit Feet."
We chilled and watched the Olympics and the football for the rest of the day while Dad who had been having a I'm-gonna-die party. slept upstairs and Mum asleep on the sofa till 3pm.
So yeah.
I did end up having a good time, even if most of it was drink enduced, I remained logical enough not to text LF about the lack of a Monkey Butler as a present and I think I'm off to see Spiderman 2 tomorrow and go to London Zoo Tuesday.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Haven't missed it at all.
Nope not me, couldnt care less if it never came back again.

Happy Birthday to me!
Not allowed to open any prezzies yet as Dad is still asleep.
I'm loving the olympics already!
Here's hoping the day isn't too truamatic and Charlton pick up 3 points, preferably with Rommedahl, Murphy or Jeffers getting on the score sheet

Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm not the only one who remembers Nerds am I?
The ones I remember were acidic or sour or something. and were green, pink and yellow.
I haven't seen any for years though.
I'd like to know if they still exist.

For all Liverpool fans (and text to LF and sung to The Brat - repeatedly!)

Where’s your Striker gone? (Where’s your striker gone?)
Little Owen's gone (Little Owen's gone)
Where’s your Striker gone? (Where’s your striker gone?)
Far, far away

Where’s your striker gone? (Where’s your striker gone?)
Little Owen's gone (Little Owen's gone)
Where’s your striker gone? (Where’s your striker gone?)
Far, far away
Far, far away

Last night, I heard my mama singing a song
Ooh-We, Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep
Woke up this morning and my striker was gone
Ooh-We, Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep
Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep, Chirp

I'd love to know why I seem to end up being an agony aunt, when really I do see my self as sympathetic in any way.
Had to top up my phone to talk to E last night, after using up all the free ones you get on the 02.co.uk website. I'm not going to go into detail about what's wrong with her, because its ok for me to talk shit on the net but not about her and her problems, except to say I would not wish what has happened to her on my worst enemy.
Kinda gutted about topping up as I dont really have the money for it but it had to be done and about 15 mins ago I was getting hassled from some jerk ringing my mob and being a general dick, i have a phone phobia as it is and that does nothing to help me get over it.
Now MH has text, her specialist has told her he can't operate and she claims her life is over. Yeah i can see how it would affect her, but if we were realistic she can't do all those things already so its just learning to accept that it wont ever happen. I dont know if this means she will end up in a wheelchair or what. I asked her why the specialist will not operate but have had no reply.
I am sympathetic to all these people and their problems but sometimes it seems like they all come to me and I am alone with my problems, I know a lot of that to do is due to the way my head works. But I dont have an inexhaustable supply of sympathy and sometimes I just wish they'd leave me alone, but I do like to help, even if the only help i do is listening.
Its just exhausting and frankly I have enough on my plate without taking on all their problems as well.
OHHH Micheal Owen is definately off to Real for £8m. I think a teasing text to LF is deserved even if I dont have enough Credit really to do it..
Less that 26 hours till Charlton kick off the new season and only a few hours till my B'day *sigh*

Thursday, August 12, 2004

In Eastenders Dot Cotton has Kidney cancer.
Its kinda funny. Dunno how to take it.
She dont want treatment (at the mo anyways, sure Happy Ending will happen all round)
Its the kinda thing that hits you, the other thing that does is the No Smoking advert with that man who's dying of cancer and says his main ambition is to stay alive to see his daughter. But he dies just 9 days after the advert was filmed.
Dad says his main ambition is to see me graduate.
That advert makes me wonder if he will, most of the other time I know, am convinced; he will, but its silly things like that that make me wonder and think about the situation.

Its unfair, I want to be the free spirit, I want to run away and play silly buggers and travel, do stupid things. I want to make a decision in the morning to go to one end of the country or abroad and by the evening be there or on the way.

I know most people want to do that, and I know that people can't do that cos of money (or lack of), housing commitments, relationships and everything else.

I want to go away, now. Run as fast as I can, feeling the wind in my hair, feeling the grass under my feet, having a mad adventure that consists of nothing very much but a lot of laughs in between.

But I'm stuck and I'm boracic, Nan gave me £50 to get me own prezzie, but that's going straight into my bank to reduce the mad overdraft.
That will be used to make a little indent in the £112 i owe MH as final bills. Plus I have the £150 deposit back from Evil Landlord.
I figure I can reduce the Overdraft to about £405 pound, plus if I get any more B'day money that can go into my account. I'm reckoning there's at least £20 in the card from Nan and Granddad so if I can drag it down to at least £350 I'll be kinda chuffed.
God. Growing up sucks. I still wouldn't swop it for when I was little though, just wish it was a little easier.
Top 5 Bus stations ever visited.
1 - London Victoria - National Express ready to take me anywhere I wish in the country.
2 - Canterbury - nice and easy to understand.
3 - Derby - takes you to the Peaks and even Manchester, also the starting point for me and CL's epic Derbyshire tour taking in such sights as East Midlands airport, when all we were trying to do was get somewhere which is roughly the distance equivalent of Shooters Hill police Station to Welling.
4 - Stoke - bit of a dump.
5 - erm yeah. I'll get back to you.

I'm bored the West Indies are 238 for 4
MOTD returns in 2 days as does that annual horror - my Birthday.

I hate Birthdays. I think I have a growing old phobia, even on the eve of my 10th birthday I remember sitting in front of a mirror thinking. God the next 0 i hit will be 20 and then 30 then 40 etc.
Now on Saturday I'll be 21, which means 9 years away from 30 and THATS half way to 60.
I shouldn't be thinking of things like that but God its depressing.
I hate the whole fuss of birthdays, and I'd happily ignore Christmases too.
I think a lot of it is due to my Mum, she was raised as a Jehovah's witness, despite being a commited atheist as soon as she left home, she still does not see the fasination with Xmas and Birthdays. Of course she tried to make a big fuss about them for us, not wanting me and The Brat to suffer what she and her siblings did and Dad loves Christmas but me and The Brat both picked up on the vibes from her and we're not too fussed about the whole dealie.
Another reason - at least for me, I don't know about The Brat, is that when we were little we didnt have a pot to piss in. I remember school holidays when we'd eat Spaghetti on Toast over and over again, hoops, worms, letters, shapes. Every variety possible. (possibily the reason why I hate Spaghetti now - although I still love Hot dogs and I remember the half term when we ate Hot Dogs every day)
I remember getting very upset at them getting presents for me, thinking that they couldnt afford it and that something bad would happen as they had no money and we would get evicted. (I think I saw a poster about that when I was little and the image stuck.)
So I would never be one of those kids who asked for this, that and the other. I'd ask for things that I knew would never happen like a pony and if asked for reasonable presents say "nothing."
Now at nearly 21 the habit is too ingrained to break, if asked I say nothing, I would rather people did not waste their money on me.
I particularly do not want a fuss, I want to ignore the whole day. My Family will not let me forget and we're having a bbq.
Fair enough, I thought. What with the sit with Dad if he wants to have his mates round go for it. I can sit upstairs and laugh at the Drunken oldies.
No. Mum wants MY mates to come round. She tried to get me to bring uni mates down but I flatly refused, leaving them thinking that I am ashamed of them.
While I was away doing my I.S Mum got hold of E. I have stressed to E about not wanting anything.
E agreed with me, but also thought as it was what Dad wanted, perhaps it would be best, so on Saturday I will be invaded by people from the stables.
Yes it will be nice as I have not seen some of them since I went away to uni, but the question is do I have anything in common with them anymore?
I just want to forget the whole day but I am not being allowed to do it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well i'm back!
Missed me? I thought not. Hehe
Well like I said Its my own fault PDC has gone to Lazio, can't blame him family reasons and the chance to join the club he supported as a boy, I know i'd have gone. He's said that he would have liked to have join Charlton earlier in his career and he really wishes us the best.
Yesterday, I finished the voles at about 11am, normally this means pootling round the park until 5pm when I got picked up by Aunt M.
(The park was a funny place, get there for 8am, have a half hour break at 10:30 - which normally lasted a good hour if not longer - work till 1, take a good 2 hours instead of the allotted one hour -break for lunch)
Anyway, i digress, Today she was at work so I had to get my own way to Herne Bay train station, train to Rainham then plead with cousins M and E to come rescue me - oh I wish I had a car!
instead of dossing about I decided to sneakily get a bus to Canterbury - on the lookout for Orlando Bloom a canterbury local - sadly he wasn't around - stalking moi?!
Was very tempted by HMV offering 15 for Terminator 1 & 2, DVD decided against it as had no way of getting the big box home - good thing once I got home and realised that I am actually £500 overdrawn!
Spent a nice hour and a half pottering round the city before getting a bus back to Herne Bay, walked along the sea front, taking in the Stunt show with BMX's, skateboards, rollerblades - (He was cute!) from Team Extreme, and my phone beeps, MH - "You've signed Danny Murphy!"
I knew his move to Spurs had broken down, and we were linked via rumour but thought that was like the Beattie rumour after all he was an England international.
So text LF for confirmation - shockingly he text back - what is it with blokes and replying to texts?
£2.5m? Bargain!!!
Return via slight detour to train station - sense of directon letting me down again! Chatting away to a mad 15yr old Russian.
Return indoors to find we've signed Jeffers too and PDC is definately off!
Its mental.
Anyway home now taken a little nap to recover from shock of being up at 6.20 everyday for the last 2 weeks.

Tired, hot and bothered and can't wait till Saturday, I'm not going to Bolton away, will have to wait till week after till the Season kicks off really for me.
but MOTD will be back, much better than the stupid Premiership - ffs all this time and I still can't spell the damn word!
Anyway, gonna eat my dinner and take a long chilled bath, might put some more accounts of my adventures on later or tomorrow, depending on what I feel like.

Friday, August 06, 2004

I knew something would happen to us while I was away.
PDC looks like he maybe buggering off to Lazio and in sad news 'The Flying Jumble sale' himself Stevie Brown has had to retire.
But be glad we do not have this kit.

"Chelsea midfielder Scott Parker says he is happy he missed out on England's Euro2004 squad.
He said: "It was disappointing not to go to Euro 2004 with England but I had prepared myself beforehand."
Beep! Normal sevice Will be resumed Shortly - beeep!

P.S - Voles are big on escaping.
P.P.S Shrew bites are poisonous.
P.P.P.S - Come on Charlton for tonight!