Friday, October 18, 2013

So I went to Dubai right?
I loved Dubai. I didn't think I would, the heat, the culture...
We went to Oman on a long drive to snorkel and saw dolphins. Went to the Atlantis Resort and rode terrifying rides that were amazing fun as well.
The malls were amazing. One had a SKI SLOPE FFS.
I spent 4 hours in one!? How!? We ate cheesecake (I so wish the cheesecake factory would open in London)  Welshy ate lobster.
We went out to the desert and rode Mr Sheila the gender confused camel and her devoted owner, went dune bashing, rode quadbikes and attempted sandboarding.
Lovely time and a lovely time with Welshy as well, especially after I ruined Croatia for us.

Anyway, came home horribly jetlagged Monday and went to work Tuesday. It was kinda awkward, I was being ignored, the new boss had taken over my candidates and as my notice expires in 2 weeks it seemed silly to throw myself back into them.
Rode Tuesday and V was the best she's ever been.
Went to work Wednesday and at 10am they told me they were sending me on "Gardening Leave" as "its clear your heart is not in it."
I assume they are judging this on my past behaviour? Although I'd actually been inspired since then as she was working hard to change how things were?
Anyway. Went to have meeting with company B (The one that means long hours mentioned in last post) and it was all really productive and I just found out that they want me to start on the 28th!
Whoop! Bit nervous as they said honestly that they will get rid of someone if they have 3 months without progress. Hopefully that will keep me on my toes.
Long hours too. 8.30 till 6pm. Hoping once I start I can negotiage an earlier finish for riding.

But Seriously. 21k. I can start to save once again for a deposit. I can afford to keep a horse on that if I stay at home. I've never earnt so much in my life.

Friday, October 04, 2013

So Tuesday I got offered a new job right?
Wednesday I phoned up this agency that had offered me an interview and told them I wasn't interested. That I had a new job. I told them who it was with and that it was for 19k.
He spent all day Thursday trying to call me. I got annoyed and eventually took the call. I know its their job to be convincing, but my fuck, he could sell anything to anyone. He basically told me I had TWO companies fighting for me, that I could name my price and they'd beat what I've been offered.
So reluctantly I agreed to do it. One has offered me 21k plus a 200 pound bonus for getting 5 people fully compliant each month.
The other - and they are a MUCH MUCH larger company - like internationally big. They could train me to do basic life support courses. To take bloods (which sold the company to me completely)
They also offered me 21k and a bonus structure of a rolling £10 bonus for every doctor that I've out for work and ten pound per month for every month they work. So say I have 30 doctors that's 300? Right?
*math fail*

The bad side is that I'd be at work until 6. Although they possibly will be shrinking the hours to 5.30. I think they said they started at 8.30 though.....

Either way it'd be close to 7 by the time I get home. Not so down with that. I'm more taken though with that than any of the others simply because I want the pennies and to learn to stab people!
I'm wondering if its possible to ask them to have a 30 min lunch break instead of the hour so I can leave earlier.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

On Friday she wanted me to call in sick so she could spend the day with him. I refused. She's walked him to the school gates every day. It would be pretty fucking obvious don'tcha think?
Anyway. To take revenge for this, she decided that they would go to a show. Which is fine except my Godfather was visiting and expected someone to be home to let him in. And she told me at 6.15. When I was halfway to the yard. I had to quickly muck out and return home so my poor Godfather wasn't sat on the doorstep.
Anyhow. Welshy is back now. Yay! Boy has committed to staying her - I fail to see how it would work. He is a messy cunt. We all know this. He is lazy and filthy.

On Sunday me and Welshy will go to Dubai! I am very excited! We plan on renting dune buggies and going a bit mental!!

And most excitingly of all, yesterday I was offered a new job!!!!!
The one in Bank so hellish commute, and its till 5.30 which is sad but 18k a year which means I'm not going to be so desperately poor come Feb! I will still be at the yard by 7 pm which is sad, especially now the nights are rapidly drawing in but hey ho! I am very excited. Hoping for the contract to arrive tomorrow so I can get my notice in before I go away.