Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Pinched a Meme from Spins, its more fun than dwelling on our rubbish performance tonight and worrying about if Geronimo will cope with the cold.

The home I grew up in... Was originally a "prefab" designed to be a temporary answer to the housing shortage after the war. It was the house my mother was born in and lived in till she was 12, I lived there from the age of 3 until I was 15/14. I remember the pebble-dashing was painted pink, and also went yellow and grey in the years that I lived there. It was two-up-two-down, with a large wide garden

When I was a child I wanted to be...An author, or an olympic standard show-jumper, or a paleotologist, or a vet.
The moment that changed me for ever... was realising death really was The End.
My greatest inspiration... is Dad
If I could change one thing about myself... I'm not sure, there's the shallow things, like I'd like to be taller, look nicer but on the whole I'm pretty happy with the person that I am and I wouldnt change me.
My style icon... me.
The person who really makes me laugh... The Lizard, we always have a fun time together
.A book that changed me... loads, erm.. To kill a mockingbird, probably.
My favourite work of art... The Parting Cheer
My favourite item of clothing... my new geeky Black Holes Hoody.
It's not fashionable but I like... watching the Horse and Country Channel
You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at.... Remembering impossibly pointless things, like I can recite word for word the script to one of our planetarium shows, despite only seeing it twice.
You may not know it but I'm no good at... remembering things. I have a really poor short term memory.
.If I have time to myself…I facebook
My house is... always in a state of disrepair
My most valuable possession is... Sentimentally, my photo of my graduation with Dad, moneywise my new digital camera or my camcorder
My favourite building.... The Valley!
Movie heaven... is a really good horror film.
The best invention ever...changes day to day.
The last album I bought/downloaded...I've never brought or downloaded one for myself.
In 10 years' time, I hope to be in a job I love.
My greatest regret... Hand on heart, speaking truthfully I dont have one.
My life in seven words... Has enormous highs, lows, adventures and disappointments

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yesterday me and Welshy went on an adventure down to the Tortoise Centre and we returned with this!

Introducing *fanfare* GERONIMO! The coolest baby tortoise ever!

He's so tiny and so very, very cute, I can even forgive him for costing me 190 quid in order to get him and all the crap that he needs to keep him happy and healthy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So. You'd think after locking myself out of Welshy's room three times in one morning and THIS INCIDENT would have taught me how to master his lock? Right?
Apparently learning how to work a lock was a lesson I musta skipped at school, because last night I managed to lock him out, before going on my merry way home.
And after he and his flatmates attempts at making a contraption to get the keys failed to produce said keys, and attempting to kick the door down also didnt work. They eventually had to get a crowbar and smash the door to get him into it.
I'm now officially banned from touching whats left of his door.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Despite Welshy nearly making me stupidly late, I went for the stables for a ride again. I decided recently its something I wanna take up seriously again and get back to my former levels of goodness.
It was a really good lesson, one of those where I really achieved something by the end of it, Pebbles is a stroppy little pony at the best of times and the start of the lesson was a real fight between the two of us, to get her to do what I wanted, rather than taking it easy and chilling out as she wanted!
But by the end of it, she was bending and being really flexible and really working to please me and enjoy it herself rather than grumpily huffing her way about and then going back for a snooze.
We worked on basic bending and circles, its always good to go back to the basics, especially as I've forgotten the diameters of how large to make some circles, and learning how to bend properly and flow around corners, instead of just turning sharply was the real highlight, again it just re-enforces to me, how much harder riding gets the more you do it. I mean to learn to turn as a beginner, its all sharp angles, left rein, right leg, for example to turn left. To actually have the horse bend with the corner as it goes round, there's just so much more involved. The outside rein needs to be higher, the contact with the horses's mouth needs to be more precise, the inside rein needs to be more centralised to help support the neck, your weight needs to adjust and lean with the bend to allow the horse to move its own weight easier, you need to keep the pressure on with your inside leg to encourage the horse to move over!
So much going on just for a simple turn!

oh and did I forget that all this was carried out in canter without stirrups? Gonna be stiff tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ooops Part 1. Getting locked out of Welshy's room for the third time that morning and banging on the door for him to let me back in, meanwhile his flatmate wanders out to talk to me. Cue Welshy opening the door, in a huff and stark bollock naked. Not sure his flatmate'll recover from that sight first thing in the morning!
Ooops Part 2. Finding a lead attached to a display case at work and obeying my cursed curiosity to pull it and then realising that not only is it the lead for the display lights, that its also the lead for the alarm system.

Friday, October 10, 2008

As for Shorty's question yesterday on whether my mum accepts Welshy yet.

I dont think she does. She's already making funny comments about "having to get used to me not being about as much" and "I'll have to book in advance to see you now" and "I'll have to be used to being alone."

It really exhausts me, I feel kinda like I'm getting torn in two different directions, I really wanna spend time with Welshy. He begs me to move in with him, but I feel like I can't cos she makes me feel so horribly guilty for not being there with her, to give her a reason to cook, to eat, to leave the house, to live.

I really have no idea about the best way to go about this, I'm too much of a pushover to just walk out and leave her, especially with Granddad still really sick.
I know she's had it rough over the last coupla years, we all have and I've bent over backwards to look after her as much as possible, so I guess part of it is my fault for spoiling her and part of me is still that silly little girl looking for her approval, desperate for her to like me.
And I guess part of it is the other way around. I was a Daddy's girl. All she ever wanted was for me to be little and fluffy and not run about in torn jeans, falling out trees, forever dirty and screaming and sobbing whenever a dress was placed on me.
I know she struggles with the idea that I'm independent from her, I've always known that, even from before she tried to talk me out of moving to uni.
I know that she loves my brother a lot more than she loves me, because of the above and because of his problems. So why do I still feel the need to try and get her to approve of me, even though she ignores me and then makes me feel guilty whenever I do my own thing?
She pushes me away loads and yet makes demands on my time and attention and I just simply can't say no to her.

So whether she'll ever accept Welshy and welcome him as one of my friends is debatable, and certainly not going to happen any time soon!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hurrah the money's been located! And Welshy only has one more day at work before coming home on saturday!
I am rather excited by this, its been what? 16 months since he went back up to Wales. And although he'll be living 40 minutes away in the shittiest part of london, it'll be ace having him about again! And ordering him about so we can go on little adventures!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last Monday I paid in Welshy's rent and flat deposit for him, 930 quid.
The money came out of my account on the first, however his landlady hasnt recieved it in her account.
So where's the money?
I asked Natwest, my bank, if they could check it went into the right account, they did this and confirmed it. So I went to her bank HSBC and asked them to confirm that it had gone into her account. They said yes and that it could take a few days to clear. So I waited. And waited. And waited.
Finally I grew fed up of waiting and went to the bank yesterday, they claimed that they could not trace it their end, so I went to Natwest and asked them for the statement showing that it had left my account and gone into hers, which they confirmed and said it must be a fault at the other end.
So I went back to HSBC, gave them her details, showed them this statement and gave them the reciept from the transaction (which I fear they might still have!) and they agreed that it was the right account but they couldnt prove that I'd actually paid the cheque in and told me to get Natwest to trace it, and they traced right into.... Yeah you guessed it, the HSBC account. So they photocopied me a copy of the cheque and I went back to HSBC. Now HSBC are starting to get concerned. Not concerned enough to ring me like they promised too, today though! And certainly not concerned enough to phone up the landlady and explain to her whats going on.
They're still blaming me for somehow getting the numbers wrong, even though when I challenge them about it, they agree that the account details are right.
So where does that leave me? I'm not sure. It leaves Welshy 930 out of pocket and he's potentially going to be homeless come Friday as the Landlady wont give him keys without the deposit!
How can a bank cash a £930 cheque without putting the money into the right account?
I intend to find out the whereabouts of this money tomorrow, even if it takes up my entire day off. I shall take my paper, some supplies and amusements and I refuse to budge from my one-woman peaceful protest until that money is traced and placed in the right account and I get an apology!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I've had a busy day with N, according to his wishes as to be allowed on a horse I took him riding where he commented that "its not as easy as I've always thought" and "I kept bashing my balls against the saddle"
Cheers N, nothing like too much information is there?
I then took him home to get changed and then we headed into the big city to play at being tourists. We went up to my former Aquarium where we got in for free (hurrah for my security pass still being valid there!) had a quick look round and then walked up to Trafalgar Square where he posed for many pictures, sat on one of the lions, laughed at me when i fell to the floor after jumping off of the plinth there. Its gotta be about 4 -5 foot high, so perhaps me taking a leap off of it wasnt my smartest move ever!
Then we walked up to via Picadilly Circus for more Touristy type photos to go to Mayfair to visit the IceBar that Welshy took me too once, on our one and only "official date" which impressed him.
"You've scored here Charlton"
Then we walked down to Buck Palace so he could have some photos taken outside there and then with one of the guards in their fancy uniforms and then walked home to get his stuff and back to the train station!
An epic sight seeing trip!