Friday, May 31, 2013

Went for an interview today. Was pretty pointless, spent 20 minutes answering essay style questions. Then without even looking at them I was asked if I can answer a telephone and work a computer. I said yes so then they decided they would call me Monday about a possible second interview.
What a waste!
Rode today. Hacked out with another girl, first half all good until a pigeon flew into a tree and then there was lots of sideways cantering and she just got worse on the way home, including some bouncing on the spot, half rears and then slipping.
Was the slipping that scared me most! Eeek!

Welshy away Sunday for a month! Boo!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Buoyed by my experian credit success I decided to use their option available for a part-buy part rent.
Yeah, even with that and a guesstimate of being able to somehow scrap 4k together means I'm still not able to afford to move away.
Doomed I tells yer, doomed.

Plus side though. Applied for a job yesterday. Invited for interview on Friday, fingers crossed I can get the leave sorted out!
18 would make me feel a little more comfortable about the future but still wouldn't be enough!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lovely happy lazy bank holiday. Had a long nap too! Watched and loved the programme about the queen's horses!
got a credit report from experian! Amazingly I scored as close to perfect as possible! 999 out of 1000. Should stand me in good stead should a miracle happen and I find the funds to move out of home!
boy wound me up. Was trying to watch kafka's the metamorphosis on sky arts but his running commentary of 'there's a man opening and shutting a pretend door.  Is he supposed to be getting on a train? Etc' annoyed the shit out of me and I ended up turning in on to some awful shit like storage wars and retreating upstairs where I'm now despairing and thinking sadly abput getting ready for work tomorrow!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anticipated fallout from "certain" individuals who shall remain nameless but sound like the electricity company EDF failed which is good, still can't quite get my head around it all though.
Anyway, Riding was fab on Friday, even popped a few little jumps which was great for the confidence and had a good lunge session today. Built myself a training programme for the next two months so we'll see how we get on keeping that going!
It was The Lizard's hen do last night! We had to learn how to do the dances from Dirty Dancing, horribly self-conscious watching myself in the mirror, so focused on the hot teacher instead!
Went for nice meal, then to roller disco. All a bit awkward as the only person I knew was The Lizard and I had very little in common with her friends. I still maintain that females are so boring!
All they could talk about was their partners/children/jobs. I have so much more fun when I go out with boys! And I don't have to come across as an alkie as I'm drinking three or four more times than they are and not alternating drinks with water!
Roller Disco was ace. Lots of 80's music, and I whizzed about reasonably competently. I even managed to master turning (of a fashion!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So. Today today two maniacs decided to go to Woolwich, and attempt to decapitate a soldier from the barracks. They then got shot by police.
Its so freaky, something like that happening so close.  Long term people know that I live 10 mins away. They know I signed on at the job centre at the end of that road.
Still utterly, utterly bemused!
Woolwich is a shithole lets not pretend otherwise but they tried hard to fix it after the riots and for the olympics but still! Mentalness!
Urgh. Some bastard cloned my debit card monday. Luckily the bank realised and stopped it before too much was lost but now I need to wait for a refund and a new card to get sorted.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another odd day. Last night I dreamt that it was my last day in school but as well as the people I had known then, there were friends from the museum as well.
I think I got my hopes too hyped up on leaving and now theres this awful anti climatic  feeling.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I don't know how to describe the way I'm feeling lately. Kinda nostalgic (over what?), waiting, anticipating. Last time I felt like this was when I knew 2011 was going to change my life and it did.

I'm having such lovely weekends lately, maybe its because of that? Fridays and Sundays being all horsey, Saturdays have had football interspersed, and yesterday I went to Paris on the early Eurostar to take Lolly for his first trip out of the country.
He had the time of his life. It was good though, we went to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and were dazzled by the most beautiful stained glass. Fuck Barca's La Sagreda Familia (Yeah I know it's spelt wrong but its too late for me to think of proper Spic spellings.) That is impressive from the outside, empty on the inside.
Notre Dame has amazing sculptures, amazing paintings inside, amazing treasures. Scared myself by how much I could decipher from the little Spanish I know, although I def missed lots of important bits I dound I could read the odd sentence which was pleasing.
Seeing the Crypt of Notre Dame and Roman era Paris ruins.
On to the Louvre, and seeing The Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, Napoleon Crossing The Alps, The Venus De Milo and all those amazing things you've read and seen so much about.
And then the best bit about taking Lolly away is that unlike Welshy when you reach the Effiel Tower and its an hour long queue and its raining is that he can easily be bullied into joining that queue.
Although unfortunately we only managed to get onto the second level before having to leave and race back to the station to come home.
Such a good day though and now its time to start looking for other jobs so we can move onwards and upwards.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did good on the Audit. Whoop whoop. Looking like I'll do alright on the other one as well, two of my candidates are already 92% compliant and well the 3rd needs a bit of work!
Month to go though so plenty of time to work on it.
Didn't get the job which sucks, supposed to be looking today and updating my CV but I'm tired!
Such a busy week! Went out with Welshy yesterday and had a nice meal in Weatherspoons, went to an AMAZING bookshop which had a childrens version of Moby Dick - complete with knitted figures!
Basically it went:

I also got rather over excited about the fact they were selling the Willard Price adventure books! I had all but two of these as a child, I think they stopped selling them as its not politically correct to feature stories of animals being stolen from the wild to live in zoos or circuses.
But I now have a full collection - least I hope I do, will have to check that Mother hasn't disposed of them....

After we went to see 2001: A space odyssey.

I still have no idea what to make of the film.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Omg. I dont know what to think about what I just witnessed. Guy looks about 16, 17. Rocks up with little girl, looks about 10. Could be anywhere between there and 12. I assume its his sister. Until she stands between his legs and he starts fingering her.
well what do you do apart from the very british thing of stare resolutely ahead into the barclays bank ahead.
she clearly wasn't getting anything out of it either.
I feel so creeped out!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Yuck. Bit of a sluggish day at work. I suddenly fear that my consultant has fucked me over for this internal audit thing.
still! I'm gonna go to Paris for the day next week and super Welshy booked us a gligyt to Dubai in October! Yay!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So yeah. I sent off 251 emails in a mailshot on Friday. Guess how many responses I got?
7. Three were from 100% compliant candidates.

stupid wankers. 

Monday, May 06, 2013

Amazingly I can now bog from my phone!! What a world I live in. I also apologise now for any future spelling mistakes.  I hate touchscreen! Hope you all had lovely weekends!
Sunday combined my two favourite things- football and ponies! Three things if you include lots of alcohol! Shame my day at wembley included wrexham losing which wasn't part of the script!
Busy day today! Cut the grass for mum, tidied the kitchen and living room after Brat left it revolting and tidied my room, which was hugely soothing and washed my bedding!
Back to work tomorrow.  Friday afternoon I sent out a snotty email threatening all my staff with severe career risking should they not respond. I really, really hope I have 1000 emails waiting for me and lots of returned post and that I ruined their weekend as they have spent time fretting. I'm a bitch! Lol!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I still have this little smile and glow inside me thinking about my ride yesterday, horse wasn't going well. Bit lethargic and behind the leg. Frustrating. Then my instructor suggested we try Canter Leg yield.
I was unsure. Basically, in leg yield, the horse is going sidewards like a crab.
OMG. I felt like Carl Hester, so much power and movement. It was magic, like flying. Super, super little horse.

Last game of the season today and good to sign off on a 4-1 win. Tomorrow Welshy, WelshyNo2 (they have the same name!!) and I go to Wembley to see Wrexham in the play off Conference final. Early start to get up and go clean pony out before hand.
And then Monday off!
Ha! On Friday I sent a mailshot out to my candidates threatening them with all sorts so am rather hopeful that I'll get masses of post and email when I go in Tuesday!
We have an internal audit in under a fortnight and then another one in June and July as the annual external one is booked for "Summer" rather vaguely.
So preparations are well under way!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Had Monday off so me and Welshy went to the light show down at the South Bank, some of it was amazing. There was a strobe water fountainy thing and some pretty LED and another affect that made me slightly seasick!
Some were a bit naff, like one was a lightbulb in a room on its own. After I went to carphone warehouse and reluctantly upgraded my beloved blackberry for a galaxy and no buttons.

Riding again on Tuesday, I'm sure that hip exercise has worked fantastically. Bit nervous about thought of competing but it's all good.

Went for a job interview yesteday, had fire alarm during it! I think it went well so just a matter of waiting to see really!

Riding today, last game of Charlton's season tomorrow, then early ride and off with Welshy to Wembley for his team's playoff final and then a chilled Monday.

Fab times!