Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jobcenter calls. 'Yeah the reason you can't get money in august...'
Me. 'Wait. I'm asking why I've not got anything in SEPTEMBER and why I got a letter saying its against the law to pay me in October.'
Man puts me on hold for a bit. Comes back. 'I can't explain your letter but you need to get a rapid reclaim form'. Me. 'But I did that. On the first.' 
Man. 'Sorry can't help you further' 
Hangs up.

Monday, October 01, 2012

More job centre woes!

Apparently despite someone telling me that once I'd done this temp work I needed to fill in a certain form, someone else telling me that this was correct and the person who handed me the form also assuring me that this was the correct form, I learnt today that the form I actually filled in was one closing my account.
So no job centre money until I go make another new claim ( my third since April) and God only knows if they'll back date it to the 13th of September.
So, another wasted trip to the centre, more money wasted on calling them up. I was told that I was either lying, or had been mistaken and that she didn't have time to check this with the person sitting next to her, who also happened to be the woman who had assured me that I was filling in the correct form.

Urgh. So depressing, so depressed. Big black cloud sitting on me today. No will to apply or job search. No will to go out with my NMM friends this evening.
Came home and napped.

Going to see the Idiotpony tomorrow and take him for a schooling session. Hopefully that'll perk things up a bit and then I can get cracking with it all.

Welshy came home Friday night, Hurrah! He spent the night and then went up to Brum and then onto Wales, if I didn't know better I'd get a complex about him not wanting to see me!

Please let something good happen soon.