Friday, November 21, 2014

Turns out I was going to be one of those awful people who go to peoples houses and try to convince them to sign up to a charity for a year or so.
I walked off. I got rejected from a museum job cos I wasn't right, they had a higher calibre of candidate. All it was, was going around doing talks. I did that for 5 years if you count the year at the aquarium as well.
Once again the possibilities of life seem very small and I'm wondering if the better thing is to draw an end to this mockery and sham of a life.
Welshy is going to Russia in Jan for 3 weeks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I really don't understand how these things happen to me.
Amidst my spamming of Reed with my CV and covering letter I got a call from a lady who was from a marketing team.
I was puzzled as I didn't remember applying for anything with marketing, but I did find on there that I had applied for a job doing admin for a advertising company - Sports and Media, so guessed it was that.
Anyway, chatted on the phone, arranged to have an interview today - which I got lost trying to find.
I tried to research them on the interweb but their website is poor and vague at best, I'd already asked the lady who confirmed the interview to send me over a fuller job description which was also vague so I decided it must be the adminny thing.
So I got there and was presented with a form, past experiences, education blah blah blah.
"Why do you want this career?"
Well as far as I knew I was there to chase references and update paperwork, very office entry level stuff, so I wasn't sure what to put, made up some nonsense.
Got into the interview and found out its for Sales.
I've always steered well away from Sales, I don't think I have the personality for it. I'm not pushy enough. Too laid back.
"Says on the form you'd like the career to help you achieve personal goals. Like what?"
"I want a horse and a house. Not necessarily in that order."
I also managed to tell them I wasn't interested in career development or anything like that. It was clear to me I had no idea what was going on, it was a waste of their time and mine so I was honest.
"Yeah I'm not interested in that. I want high wages as a priority."
So I'm going back on Friday for a second interview. Apparently I charmed them with my personality(!) and the fact that I (modestly) gave myself 10 out of 10 for customer service skills....

I have NO IDEA what this is all about......

Saturday, November 08, 2014

This week hasn't been too bad, I've scored two weeks temping which means I don't need to sign on "yet" well, at least until next Saturday!
It turned out to be 22 hours rather than the fulltime I was hoping for, but I just need 9 hours next week to be better off than JSA and it'll cover the bus fare for that week as well!
Hopefully some interviews will appear this coming week or week after. I had one Monday and I thought it had gone well, he kept correcting himself through out. "Not if I invite you back, when..... When you come back we'll go see this.... We'll talk about it next Monday when I show you how this works"
But I haven't heard back, dropped him a casual email today asking how he was and for feedback from my interview, hoping that its just an oversight or that he'll get back and say he's not got round to scheduling 2nd stage interviews.
Mother is home for a few days next week, hoping she'll buy lightbulbs, all the ones downstairs in the living room have popped and obviously I'm the only one who buys household shit and its a choice of me getting food or lightbulbs....
Christ when did life get so shit?!!