Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm falling back out of the habit of doing this. Boo.

Anyway Tuesday was both mine and Welshy's day off so we went to Hampton Court Palace, it was pretty cool, we - I - got to wear a cool swishy cloak and we learnt how to play a Tudor game called Fox and Geese which Welshy won.
The maze was a little disappointing. I've heard so much about it in the past that I assumed it was like the largest in the country and the hardest, but we were in and out in five minutes! Maybe we just got lucky! I promised to take him to Hever Castle to their maze or the one at Crystal Palace.
We then went to see his little local team play a non league match against AFC Wimbledon, which they won 1-0. We used to go on playdates together a lot. I miss not doing that now.

I'm kinda debating whether to join a gym or not. I'm feeling a little tubby, and got breathless walking up a flight of stairs - which isn't good for anyone!
Only lets face it, i'm a lazy git and so unmotivated that joining will probably be bad for my bank account! We'll see!
Welshy had an interview today for a TEFL job in Bratislavia, which I have since discovered is in Slovakia. Not its own country. Its also 20 miles from Vienna.
If he gets it, he will either be gone for 6 months or 15. I can visit, if its the 6 month one and if its the 15 go there too once I get the savings up.

That's all the excitements I can think to tell you all of now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not a lots going on lately. Riding. Football both going well. Works the usual mix of madness and boredom.

I want a holiday. Although I should be saving and can't really afford one. Been invited to JF's wedding in May, gotta sort out leave and shit for that. Will probably stay with TP and TJ over the weekend.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

So my session at schools finished.

I haven't changed my opinion of it, its ok. I could do it easily, its boring and repative! I made them all fish shaped cookes when I left, although it turned out to be the class spackers birthday and she had Tesco's finest chocolate cake brought in for her.

They've left me with a horrible lurgy though. Stupid children. I hate them!
Back to the NMM on Monday and try and get through till payday. Started saving now to TEFL it up. I feel I'm too old for doing that though, that its a thing I should have done earlier in life to avoid the real world. But there we go, I'll try and get some experience and then maybe re-apply for a PGCE next year. Or find something else.

Only 1700 to go till I can pay for it!