Sunday, January 27, 2008

I've just come back from visiting Welshy!

I had a fantastic Saturday with him, combining all of my favouritest things, animals, football, drinking and dancing!

He toko me to Chester Zoo which is i have to admit loads better than London Zoo, with more big animals and lots more space and exhibits, i saw loads of new animals that i've not seen before, like gorgous big jaguars and I had lots of fun running about like a loon from one pen to another to see them!
I even managed to crawl into a giant tortoise shell and pretend to be an orang-utan and saw my one of my favourite animals the okapi, who blatantly have sexy arses. We even saw the parthenongenic komodo dragons! which was exciting!

Then luckily his local team had got their game re-arranged so we rushed to the ground in time to see Wrexham throw two points away and settle for a 1-1 draw!

then down into the city itself to meet one of his friends where much drinking was partaken and much silly dancing also!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I got id-ed on saturday. Which isnt an unusual thing for me, despite being 24, If I venture away from my local haunts I tend to be id-ed all the time, which is almost fair enough. I do look young for my age, and what with the challenge 21 thing, although its a pain in the arse I carry ID with me at all times.
No. What upset me most about being id-ed on Saturday was that it was while trying to buy a lottery ticket!! (for those over the water, you have to be 16 in order to get a lottery ticket)
I was most annoyed (and i will kill anyone who says I'll be glad of it when i get older, that's no consolation for the shame i felt when I realised that my wallet was in my mums handbag at the time and so had to be escorted out of WHSmiths by a security guard while trying to prove my age)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Today in work I had to settle the argument of whether a penguin was a fish or a bird and if it had legs or not.
Seriously. This was debated between two people I thought of as intelligent.

It makes the Great Squirrel Egg debate of the summer, seem kinda reasonable now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

oh no!
I said in my last post about how i crashed into a friend while ice skating, causing him to crash and cut his face open, well today. Lovely (We'll call him that cos he is a sweety and lovely goes well with his name)
anyway he was eating his dinner as i entered the messroom and i notice that his arm is in a sling and he's got one of those splint glove things on.
Turns out that when i crashed into Lovely, I may have fractured his arm!
He's pretty cool about it, and just shrugged off my apologies as "one of those things" although i'm not sure he appreciated my giggles while i watched him struggle to unwrap a tinfoil bread roll.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

last Wednesday was Dad's birthday so we went to see the Spamalot show. It was really fun, even if like me, you've been brought up opn the Monty Python movies, and you know all the jokes you still find a reason to laugh at them!
And if you're (un)lucky enough you may even get picked up out of the stage to help find the grail by King Arthur and his gang and get a photo taken on stage with them all.
Friday I went ice skating with some of the lads from work that i've gotten quite chummy with and a girl who used to work with us during the summer,unlike me though she wasnt lucky enough to be taken on perminantly.
it all went pretty well, really. The lads seem to think its funny that my lack of balance and co-ordination meant that it was ESSENTIAL that i flapped my arms around as stabilisers and to help me turn around corners, the other problem i have is that I get carried away with my own ability and find myself going really fast, then i start gliding, start panicking about how i'm going to stop and skate straight into a wall in order to save myself.
Well i sure stopped them laughing when one of them lost his concentration after skating around me showing off, and he promptly fell onto his arse, and i then drove my skate into his face and cut his cheek open.
Ooops. Still he seemed ok about my accident and we're still pals! Hurrah!
Then it was a rush to get off to meet Welshy, because! Scarily enough this weekend, turned out to be our one year thingy. So we went out for a weekend of fun and football (well for me)
Tomorrow after work E is joining me for a drinking session as we remember that its nearly a year since we flew out for NZ and we both are suffering from a bit of itchyfeet syndrome and agree its time for a new adventure!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Before Xmas the land that my stables resides went up for sale, and land prices being what they were went for nearly 2 million pounds, well beyond the price limit of the lady who rents the land and runs my stables.
So far she's not heard anything about the person that owns it, but it stands to reason that if you pay that much for land you'll wanna build on it, and its a good few acres, enough for several houses, shops, god knows what.
Which leaves the question of, what will happen to the 30 odd horses and ponies that currently reside there.
Its a worrying thought, some of the show Arabs, and other horses that compete will be kept obviously, for breeding and she does own a little bit of land to which to keep them on, some of the others would have good homes, if she put them up for sale, but then there's the worry of what kinda homes they'll end up in, at least at the stables, they get retired off to a small holding when they get too old to work to live out the remaining years in peace.

But what about the likes of little one-eyed Captain? He's well into his 30's, he came to us from the RSPCA after kids attacked him and his constant companion Chelsea with bows and arrows, he's cheeky and full of fun, but far too old really to go and start life over again. What about little Charmer, tied up and beaten with an iron bar? He's still scared of men and cant be used for riding and the laminitus in his feet means he cant be used for a companion pony out in a field.
BamBam too, Manny, Pod, Trooper, all live on painkillers, would someone be willing to pay out masive vet bills for a pony you cant even ride?
And the people that I've known since I was 6 years old and working at the Stables is all they've done from School. What will become of them?
Horses that have characters and are as real to me with personalities as vivid as the people who care for them, will they end up as glue or dogmeat?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

So here we are again. Now it seems like my New Years start here, another Year without my Dad.
This year the anniversary has been so much harder to deal with, or maybe last year was like that and I blocked it from my head.
I've been struggling with it all week, the worst thing in work is that there is simply nothing to distract you and stop you thinking about it, and i've brooded on it, and been simply rude and awful to some people that haven't deserved it, I even played a cruel, horrid trick on Welshy New Year's Eve, for no reason other than I felt the need to take it out on someone.
Bless him to pieces, despite my insistance that I'd be fine and the fact that I'd not see him, he insisted on coming down, saying that he'd feel better being only 40 minutes from me, rather than 4 hours away if I needed him.
I took him and his friend to the Cup Game, and we went for a drink in Greenwich afterwards, I shall have to buy him a present or something to say thank you.
and now its the day itself, and I think i've exhausted myself through not being able to sleep for the last two weeks, or sleeping very badly if I have done, and I've spent a great deal of this weekend asleep.
We didnt do much for the Deathday anniversary itself. Brat took himself out and away from us, and Mum was loathe to do anything without him, so we've both moped about the house a little all day.
On Wednesday we're going to see Spamalot for his birthday, and I think he'd have approved of that.
I miss him. I miss him terribly and constantly. And I have no more to say about today than that. And I hope he knows that, somehow.