Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love how small the horsey world is! I was speaking to my old instructor on facebook about the possibility of her coming out to see me and Idiotpony, meanwhile I was emailing an enquiry to some local yards about the possibility of me hiring the arena or hacking over to have a lesson with him.
Anyway, turned out that the guy I was emailing was a mutual friend of my old instructor and Idiotpony had been stabled at his yard previously!
Funny stuff!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy fuck he cracked and washed all the dishes! Hurrah! I can tidy the kitchen properly now!
What else is new? Not a lot, went and battled the jsa morons again Tuesday. Apparently the missing money Welshy is owed is basically down to "the mood of the person doing the filing" How the FLYING FUCK is that even a system! Its pot luck! Madness.

Had an interview Tuesday too. All was going well until they started talking about a computer programme I've never ever heard of.
Ho hum. Applied for 11 more today. Surely statistically one of those will get back to me?

I've got a real teacher coming out to see me and Idiotpony on Friday. Yippie. I really need some help with the napping and to encourage me that I'm going in the right direction. Oh I may have gone and got myself another pony to ride while I'm there. I'm such a pony slut.

Friday, August 17, 2012

It was my birthday Tuesday! Happy Birthday to me! 29! Fuck me. Ancient. Bones creak now when I stand. Actually I've always had clicky joints, I need some edible WD40 (don't suggest that disgusting fish oil crap to me either.)
Went and walked over the 02 building, which was odd, its like a steep trampoline, views amazing though at the top, then me and Welshy did some cocktails, ate dinner with P and E and L who were there by co-incidence. Nice day.
Wednesday I brought myself a lovely new riding hat and a beautiful 3 ft purple sparkly riding whip... made it VERY hard to resist the purple bargain basement jods. Stupid lack of funds.
Walking back through London with the whip caused a few comments, didn't help that I didn't realise just HOW low cut my new top was. Yeah. Pervy bastards out there.
Rode Idiotpony on Thursday, he was rather uncooperative. Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and hacking out before it gets busy. I don't want a repeat of last weeks attempt of nearly sitting on a silver car while the driver was in shock behind the wheel. (no blame to driver, he was doing the correct thing, passing wide and slow. Blame goes solely to the killer Tesco bag in the bush and idiotpony, being.... Well an idiot!)

PS. Tomato covered plates are still there.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tomato Sauce Incident.

So. If you've been reading this for a while, you are aware of how I have complained how cunty my brother and mother can be to me. Perhaps you may have thought that perhaps this was an over-reaction on my part. Perhaps I was being a spoiled brat.
Anyway, all week he's been eating some unholy mess of melted peanut butter, baked beans and salt (salts very important apparently) and leaving the plates, here, there and everywhere. To prevent a repeat of last years war where I gathered up all his dirty plates left in the computer room and left them outside his bedroom door, I put them into the kitchen, where they have sat all week.

Now lets point out that we have a dishwasher, so merely involves putting plates into that until its full and then putting it on. Not rocket science. Not hard work. Unfortunately Brat seems to believe otherwise and that's where they've stayed.
Last night, rather sarcastically (he felt the need to point out he was being so) he shouted that: "You might be able to find time in your busy day to clean the kitchen." 
I started to say that I do so when I worked fulltime and I cleaned all his stuff up then too, that its not like its much for him to do. Anyway, he slammed the door and we heard him rooting about in the kitchen. Later I went out to get a drink and I came across this.
Yup. He's taken all the clean plates out and smeared tomato sauce over them so I have to clean them if me and Welshy want to eat. There are two plates in the dishwasher from our meal earlier that night and that's all.
So, as a result that I perfectly reasonably refused to scrape his plates and put them in the dishwasher, we got this reaction. I'm 29 tomorrow. He's 26 in September. This is ridiculous. I don't have a problem with putting the odd plate in the washer. But I see no reason why I should do it all the time for him or go around the house rounding up his dirty food remains. So. Am I the one being childish or is he? Or are we both as bad as each other? Mother has already told me that I need to clean up after him while she is away, but I just don't see why I should.
Except now the house stinks of sauce. I'm feeling like I'm the brat for refusing to do what really is nothing to me, except I'm so tired of being the only one who does the washing, the hoovering, the cleaning. I don't see what me being at work or not matters. Its stuff I'm expected to do regardless.  
So judge me Internet. Am I as petty and spoiled as my brother? Is he in the wrong? Am I? Lets face it, I'm going to clean all this up at some point or it'll sit there till mum gets home in three weeks and then I'll be moaned at for winding him up.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I've just had the best three days at the Olympics. As always I've been gripped by all sorts of stuff that I'd not normally watch. On Sunday me, E and LLL went to see the eventing dressage, in the middle of the worst thunderstorm that made me feel quite exposed up on our seat in the gods surrounded by metal....
Dressage is normally pretty dull but the day simply flew by. My favourite was the Japanese guy who finished the day in first place - not expected at all. And of course I saw Zara, Will Fox Pitt and Mark Todd, all heroes amongst men.
Monday was cross country day and I'd only got the tickets on the Friday. Plan was to meet E and The Usurper for an eventing breakfast but three hours before the event was due to start it was already backed up, so I went in. I got an awesome spot by the drop fence and watched a few riders before finding those two and we toured the fences. Such a rollercoaster of emotion. Cheering on the Brits, then horses dropping like flies on the course, one rider breaking her pelvis and tearing her horses tendons to shit. Saw a Jap rider completely flip over in front of us which was horrid and we feared for its future after the screens went up.
Then everything was a sigh of relief when they went clear in front of us and we heard that they finished safely. Really brings home just how dangerous eventing is!
Then me and Mother went to the showjumping, the final element to the three day event. I was a bit pissed about this, as mother had previously just assumed she was going with me and never offered to give me the money for the ticket. But she seemed to really enjoy it and again, it was edge of your seat stuff - we were so, so close to gold but wasn't to be.
Feeling a bit anti-climatic now and even watching Gemma pick up silver in the judo hasn't revived me. (For what its worth, we went to the same judo club and her mum worked with mine until she died.)

Still off to see SunnyPony tomorrow. Am inspired to pick up the schooling work and start preparing for some shows hopefully. Although lack of transport lets us down. :(