Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another manically busy week, in the last 10 days i've done 18 hours overtime, considering that i've spent 3 days in derby, thats a huge amount.
Everyone loves my purple hair at work, well, there's always the odd miserable sour-faced cowbag who looks at it and tuts and scowls at me about lowering the museum standards or something.
But anyway the museum has no standards left to lose!
I went in early this morning for a lecture by the museum director. It was pretty much bollocks. We'd been given this 20k by some random old rich nutter and its been given to "the south west link project" which as far as i gathered today, involves ruining the museum look (wonder actually if they get planning permission) by adding a glass box to the back, which will hold a corporate cafe a reading room, for members only and a new entrance, it'll also mean the destruction of two of the largest galleries, and certainly the most popular one. - The Nelson's Navy gallery in order to put three floors of paper archives in. which considering we get on a good day 10 visitors to the library seems a bit of a waste, especially when you realise that they have no plans to add more galleries and to put all that stuff exhibited in storage.
Including Nelson's Trafalgar uniform, which is THE only thing the museum is known for and the main reason we have any visitors. Madness I tell ye!

Anyway, work seems to be on the verge of getting more interesting lately! what with that and the fact that i'm now getting trained on the switchboard at work (imagine that! Me! Who until 4 years ago was utterly unable to talk to ANYONE on the phone!) plus I may finally be getting unleashed soon on the public giving gallery favourite talks, and i shall campaign most strongly in favour of me getting a payrise!

Monday, May 26, 2008

hurrah! i'm back from derby, where i've had an awesome time, culminating in a random trip to Splash Landings at ALton Towers, despite me arguing to STF that i cant possibly go, I didn t bring a costume! But when has that ever stopped him?!

And now i'm purple. I dont know what work will say, but i love it! hurrah for purpleness!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

yo yo yo!
i'm abso-fucking-lutely knackered! Decided to "celebrate" my year at the museum (How the fuck i've managed to stick THAT one out is beyond me.) by doing a mega amount of overtime. As in working 3 days 9am-8pm in a row, plus two days later working from 9am till midnight.
It didnt help that this was my long week, so it worked out that i've worked 8 days with one day off inbetween, with an extra 18 hours at least overtime fitted in somewhere.
So yeah. I'm rather knackered, to say the least.
And the reason behind all this?
My football ticket for next year. Bastard wanking footballers, didnt even have the decency to go and get themselves promoted back to the prem for me.

Still i've got the whole of bank holiday off. and i plan on celebrating this in two ways.
1. I'm taking Welshy to meet my Derby lads and I hope they all get on, despite him being a stroppy little get at times!
2. On Monday i'm dying my hair purple. In direct violation of the "No extreme hairstyles" rule in my contract.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

summer has finally arrived here, so i headed up to Welshy's and we set out for adventure!

We were heading to Anglesea island to find puffins when we stopped at this place

*deep breath*


and if you can pronounce that you're a better person than i am!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I LOVE Chrissy Powell.
What a fucking living legend.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My name's Charby. I want to be a zoologist.
I've wanted to work with animals my entire life, I've surrounded myself in pets, in horses, in dogs, in fish, in birds, in geese, in goats.
And my bookshelves are filled with biological textbooks and zoology reference books. Books that i've had for years, admiring the pictures and dreaming of the day I too could see these things.
I've spent hours watching wildlife tv shows, going to zoos and safari parks. In trying to soak up every little bit of information I could.
I went to uni and studied for three and a half years and put myself nearly 16k's worth of debt in order to work with animals.

But with every rejection letter and failed interview, I start to wonder, is it really worth me still trying? Three years now since I've left uni and is it time to acknowledge the fact that if i've not been able to get anywhere now, I wont get anywhere ever?
This rejection for Colchester Zoo, has really hit me hard. I'd have been perfect at it, Its stuff that I could have done, that i've done for ages at the aquarium.
I sit and look at my options, I cant afford to go back to uni, I cant afford to do another course. I cant really do any volunteering any more. I cant afford to take the time off of work in order to do so.I'm trapped in a kinda catch-22. I dont have the experience, no one is willing to give me the experience. I cant afford to take a day off of work to go volunteer.
So what else do I do with my life? I really dont know. I dont like children, so teaching is out. I'm too figety and have too much energy to sit in an office.

Am I really doomed to spend the rest of my life at that museum?
Was it silly of me to ever attempt to not only escape London, but get a job working with animals?