Monday, November 19, 2012

Been an interesting week.
Gave up on 6.30 starts and am now always racing the clock by lying into 7. Much more civilised and as long as public transport plays nicely, its do-able.
It started a little shaky but now I'm starting to feel more confident in what i'm doing and what needs to be done.
Completed my first real sign off! whoop! Although it didn't really count as it was only a reference I needed to chase up. Some of this stuff scares me, they're sending them out to work without references, without criminal record checks, without proper ID and all sorts missing.
Some cases I only have 33% of the file there. Doesn't fill me with confidence but I guess that's my job! To get them to the full 100%! Its also a bit frustrating to find that the paperwork exists but has been filed incorrectly or not placed on the system.
Settled in already which is a bit disconcerting cos, as Welshy says. I need to look at it like I'm going again in January.
Speaking of job hunting, I got offered two interviews on Friday! Hahaha! Sadly I can't attend any of them. I also went and interviewed a new pony, but I don't think she's for me. I know what I'm capable of riding and she wasn't it. The lady was lovely though which was a shame.

I miss my Sunnypony! Although at the moment I'm enjoying not rushing about in the cold riding and doing horsey chores. It'll only be a matter of weeks before I want a new hooved chum!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Decided to take a break from ponies for a week or two and get used to working again.
Up at 6.30! Far too early! It depresses me that if I worked local I'd never earn enough for a horse, but working in the city means I have no time for one. Is it possible I'm destined never to get one?

New job got off to a wrong start when despite getting there 15 minutes early, I ended up 15 minutes late waiting at the old office for someone to meet me and then realising they weren't going to and not being able to figure out how to get in the new office!

Oh and then not knowing how long lunch was and taking A LOT longer than expected. Still day went ok, bit slow but anything in an office will be. I'm not really cut out for office life!

Was considering taking a Spanish exam in the new year dependent on pennies. Reckon I could blag the lower level C grade GCSE equivalent DELE style-y exam without too much revision. Just need motivation!

Also! Been 5 weeks since I've had anything more than a Pimms and lemonade to drink. I'm practically teetotal. Noted as it was the last time I got any money!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since my last post. I've received the grand total of 57 quid from the job centre! Much riches! I'm a lucky Girl!

But I have proper updates for you. I really should go back into doing this, I have no excuses for not having time!
I have a job! I went for an interview with M and S, impressing the woman with my 12/16 in my customer service test and then I got offered a full time, temp-till-end-of-Jan-but-with-potential-to-become-permanent office job with a medical recruitment agency.
I start Monday, the wages are shit. Like lower than I was on at the NMM but considering I've had nothing coming in since September..... Beggars can't be choosers!

I also had an interview and a second interview for another company that I didn't get. Would have preferred that as it was lots more pennies plus a decent annual bonus.

Welshy is employed too! In a rather bizarre way, in a language school out in Wimbledon although he doesn't seem to have any students, huh. We'll see how long that takes to work out!

Sadly all this job lark means I have to say goodbye to Sunny Pony. I have no facilities to ride him in the dark and its not safe to go out on the roads.

I fulfilled my aim of making him rideable for his young owner but I'm sceptical about the chances of him staying rideable by the Spring... I hope to be proved wrong but I know ponies and he was still attempting to take the pee out of me and if he has time off to forget what he's learnt and how to behave.

Need a new pony to fall in love with. Put an advert up for a new part loan on Wednesday and have at least 7 replies asking for me to go ride. Haven't replied to any of them as.
a) somehow convinced myself I couldn't afford it, even though it'll be the same as riding at a riding school, if not cheaper.
b) I may not be so lucky as to fool someone else into thinking I know what I'm doing!

I'm a moron with no self-confidence!