Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here I am at my Mum's again. Welshy has managed to destroy his laptop and quite frankly, I've been utterly exhausted by events to summon up any blogging want.
So... Yeah, I've applied to two schools to do a Graduate Teacher Program, well I applied to one and called the headmaster a woman, so not sure that'll go down well and the other school hasnt even replied to my request for more information. So you can take that what way you like!
I still havent finished my PGCE application despite starting it in September and the deadline being 1 Dec.

My maths is coming along slowly, in fact there's been more tears and tantrums than actual maths progression, but I've nearly finished the first module and only have 8 more to go... If only I could remember anything that I've done!

Family wise.... God its best not to ask, my Nanny's Alzehimers seem's to have developed massively and she's taken to running away from home, twice this has resulted on her getting on a ferry to North Woolwich and three times she's been found and brought back.
Because of this she's spending the night at my house and I've been relegated to a mattress on the floor.
Its really upset my mum and stressing me out, not only for the fear that something could happen to her (Lets face it Wooly isn't the safest place to be, you only have to look at my adventures working in the Health Food Shop that Can't be Named for that!)
Plus its giving my uncles and aunts more reason to put her into a home.
And lets get things straight. I'm not saying that a home will be the best place for her in the future, but its not now. What she needs now is a routine, she's happiest and most coherent when left to her own devices, knitting shapeless blankets, or deadheading roses in her garden in an attempt to weed.
She runs away from home cos my uncle J has moved in, to live rent-free and supposedly to care for her and Granddad. This "caring" consists of disappearing for days on end without telling anyone, leaving them without food or by trying to force them into building a shower unit for him, and moving all their possessions around.
(Oh and his "caring" went as far as ringing mum last Thursday to tell her that she'd gone missing and then going to work himself while mum rushed out of work AGAIN and spent all day with her calming her back down once the police brought her home.)
This is what upsets her and makes her ill in the head and makes her revert to thinking she's 14 and working in a care home on the other side of the water.
It stress Mum out and she's ill enough, without this, her work can't be expected to allow her to rush away all the time when her 4 brothers, 1 sister and their two wives can't even be fucked to go round there and see that they're ok.
And this is whats playing right into his hands for forcing them into a care home and having the house to himself.
My Nanny doesnt want him there, she won't go to sleep cos "there's a strange man in her house" he takes her things, whether this is cos he's taking them or cos he's moved them who knows?
But he's making her iller than she is and it'll force them into a home and we can't get him out as all the rest of the family support him being there.