Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurrah! After an iffy few days Welshy is almost set to come and move back down. He's even got himself a place at uni studying accountancy (yawn) so he's set to be in London for at least three years.
I'm however not gonna wait for him to finish his course and am carrying on with applying for jobs out of the city, so sods law, i'll end up getting something miles away and we'll be back where we are now!
hehehe, but for now we're gonna take every day as it comes, and I'm gonna make the most of him being down and eagerly await the 22nd of September when he'll be down for good!
Oh and plans for adventures in India are progressing well... Me and E have pretty much decided we are going, its just a matter of when, and we look like we'll be hitting New Delhi, Agra, before going down into the deepest, darkest jungles to find tigers, ride elephants and see what other freakishly cool animals we can find out there!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SO I went out last night for my birthday with work people, it was all rather jolly and civilised, cream teas and crosswords and so forth.
So any reports that at 1.30AM I was riding a disability scooter "Chariot" whilst wearing a chain mail shirt several sizes too big and waving a sword and squealing madly after i determinedly drove into a rose bed are all unfounded lies with not a bit of truth in them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its my birthday! Today! I am offically a quarter of a century old, and while this brings on its own dramas of "I'm 25, still living at home and still in a shit job" I feel kinda more positive about it than I have done previous birthdays.
Previous birthdays have resulted in a month long sulk as The Day approaches, getting more and more tetchy about the idea of growing old and although i'm still not exactly happy about reaching this milestone I'm ok with the idea.
How very grown up!
I'm also attacked by the travelling bug again, ideas are running through my head, from Canada, to the Cape Verde Islands to India.
India looks like it might be a winner so far, I've even gone as far as to start working out how much I need to save in order to get around, and I'd like to go out there for November, although stupid money might interfer and say "No Charbs! Save a bit longer!"
but we'll see...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welshy has gone home today, its been really good having him down, i think i've seen him every day now for a week and a half. Annoyingly he's starting to have doubts about if he should move down to his friends place in case he doesnt get on with them.
I guess this is another way in which we're very different people, where as I've developed into a real people person, he's very almost anti-social and abrupt with his dealings with people, with a very low tolerance level of their actions and stupidity.
Red Squirrel can testify to this and how he suddenly developed a "hatred" of him after only meeting him the once and a couple of msn convos.
So now i'm kinda in limbo, I've gotten used to the idea that he'll be near and we'll be together properly and now he's thinking about the move with dread and starting to talk himself out of the idea.
Silly cunt.
But heyho, The Olympics have started, I have matchsticks holding my eyes up after getting hooked on whatever inane sport they seem to show at 2am and was rather late for work this morning as I refused to even consider getting dressed until after the 10m syncronised high dive.
And We won! Huzzah! I've missed football!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Welshy has been down since Wednesday, its rather exciting him being around so much, I dont think i've spent so much time in his company since before we started going out (now how does THAT work out? Stupid distances, stupid everything)
He's decided to take a week off of work and devote it to job hunting in London, I hope its a successful search, spending 10 hours on a train, there and back every three weeks or so, just to spend 24 hours with him, sure soon loses its novelty value!
We did originally start looking for places that maybe we could move in together with if he got a job here, but on our wages its just not gonna happen.
I mean, for a one room flat, we'd be looking at a good 800-900 quid a month minimum, in a place where I could walk the streets without fear of being raped or have people break into the flat and kill us in our sleep.
and seeing as I get paid 820 a month and assuming he gets a mimimum wage job too, you're looking at us living on one wage, taking tax, bills, food, transport into account.
Realistically, its not gonna happen.
However, a room may be available (depending on him getting a job...) at his mates place, for 105 a week, its a rather squalid and run down part of East London, a place I still dont feel safe in and would point-blank refuse to walk down the street alone but he'd only be 40 minutes away instead of 5 hours so I'd get to see him a lot more.
Hell I could even have my own sock drawer and goldfish bowl there, I'd probably end up virtually living there, and there's loads of benefits to him, and me, moneywise, him living somewhere so dirt cheap.
So I suppose I should grow up and swallow my disappointment that it'll be a year contract and we'll not be living together after all.