Sunday, May 23, 2004

100 things!

1 - No one can spell my name correctly, I have swimming certificates with the wrong name on and my student loan is also to the wrong person.
2 - I tried to claim that this meant it didn't have to be paid back.
3 - My dad is suffering from cancer, he has had his left kidney and parts of his lung removed, at the moment he has a growth on his adrenal gland, liver, lungs and on his ribs.
4 - Cancer runs in my family.
5 - *updated* He did die.
6 - I am left handed.
7 - I prefer punk to heavy rock and dislike pop, however I love, LOVE dancing to cheesy music
8 - I have been horse riding since I was 4, however this doesn't mean my family is posh or rich.
9 - In fact we were very poor growing up
10 - It took me a long time to cry over my Dad's death, and I only did so the once. I dont do crying very well.
11 - I have a morbid fear of being seen as weak, pathetic or girly.
12 - I have a younger brother.
13 - Charlton Athletic have been an obsession for over ten years now, I have followed them all over the country.
14 - I fear Tomatos, there is something sinister about the goo that comes from them.
15 -I used to loathe bananas, however I've started eating them again recently.
16 - I can obsessively eat cheesecake or any sweet things.
17 - As much as I try I can't click my fingers.
18 - I love watching sports, however I can't play them to save my life, this upsets me greatly.
19 - My mum has told me that my life is worthless
20 - I have overheard her tell people that she would have rather had my brother than me.
21 - I blame myself for this, and am still at times trying to convince myself that I AM not worthless.
22 - I suffer from a lack self confidence possibly because of that.
23 - I once ate a grasshopper, deep fried in a lecture.
24 - It tasted like very burnt toast.
25 - I get very bored, very quickly.
26 - Best uni Practical ever? The Cryo-preserved bull semen day.
27 - Best field trip ever had to be the day at RAF Donna Nook watching the seals, not only did we see ickle babies, but got to watch the RAF dropping bombs and made a vague attempt to steal the sign that said "Do not touch military debris, it may explode and kill you."
28- I find it hard to talk to people, even those I have known all my life
29 - I will pretend that everything is ok, even when I feel like crying.
30 - I have a really wierd thing about bruises. I think they're beautiful.
31 - I studied Zoology at uni and somehow scraped a 3rd, I'm currently studying a Post Grad in Equine Science.
32 - I adore the sea, even if it means swimming in all my clothes.
33 - I used to have a phone phobia, I still get sick at the thought of ringing someone, even someone I know well. However I worked on the switchboard at a National Museum.
34 - I learnt to scuba dive. I've been a few times and it was amazing. Everyone should try it.
35 - I like to dye my hair, its been blue and red/purple and on a few memorable occasions red, blue, purple, pink, blonde as well as natural brown all at once.
36 - Marmite? Surprisingly I neither like nor dislike it, it just is.
37 - I would rather go to the pub and watch the football than go clubbing.
38 - I eat ice cream and Pickled onions. Together.
39 - I can turn my hand right round in a circle. It needs to be seen to be believed.
40 - I went paintballing on my 18th and loved it
41 - My motto is I'd rather regret having done something, than regret not doing it.
42 - I have no regrets, wishes that I'd handled things differently yes, but no real regrets.
43 - I got into uni, despite having no C grade GCSE maths.
44 - When they asked me if I had the 5 required I said yes.
45 - The 5th was for Drama.
46 - I have failed my driving test 10 times. I refuse to count the last one, punctures don't count!
47 - I have spent the night, sleeping rough in a train station.
48 - I resat my Maths GCSE and got a D nearly 10 years after taking it originally. My first score was an F.
49 - I have Bungee jumped, parachuted (pictures HERE) and been white water rafting.
50 - I can speak very basic Spanish and lived in a Bumpkin Town in Northern Spain for seven months.
51 - I genuinely miss Watercolour Challenge. I'm not arty in the slightest though.
52 - I failed half the A levels I took.
53 - I have a E grade at English Literature A level.
54 - I failed Biology A level.
55 - I believe this to be down to the people in my class.
56 - People in my secondary school hated me - I was bullied but rarely physically or verbally - it was emotionally.
57 - I have always got on better with guys than girls.
58 - I have acted upon Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
59 - I was Bottom for some bemused Japanese Tourists.
60 - Jim never fixed it for me.
61 - Best book I've ever read? Draw between To Kill a MockingBird and Wuthering Heights
62 - I have been shot with a BB gun. Deliberately. Jerk.
63 - I met my boyfriend on an internet forum
64 - For the first three months we were in contact, he believed I was male.
65 - My favourite karaoke song is Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the west. Youtube it.
66 - I REALLY REALLY want a horse of my own.
67 - I will listen to anyones problems but do not consider myself sympathetic.
68 - I am easily distracted.
69 - I'd be a vegetarian but I don't like vegetables... or the quorn/meat replacement things.
70 - Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream is my reason for living.
71 - This is actually a lot harder than it looks!
72 - Crunchy peanut butter will always be the worlds greatest sandwich filling and will beat smooth anyday.
73 - I spent my 17th Birthday up a mountain.
74 - I miss my dog a lot, I'm definately a dog person over cats.
75 - I am terrified of the thought of growing old.
76 - I have my ears pierced but do not wear earrings.
77- This is the reason I do not have any other piercings although I would like some more.
78 - I would consider a tattoo.
79 - I have caused a man to cry.
80 - I always wanted to work with animals, but am slowly accepting this will not happen.
81 - I believed that my dad only married my mum because she had me.
82 - Sometimes I felt that I was resented for this.
83 - I am also paranoid.
84 - I don't like children, despite that little obstacle I applied (and failed) to do a Primary PGCE. It was probably for the best.
85 - My brother threw a shoe at me and hit me, he has also hit me with a baseball bat. I don't think we really get on...
86 - I have been to Florida, Lanzarote and Malta, Iceland (pictures HERE) Ireland, New Zealand (also click here), Italy New YorkIndiaLas Vegas, various parts of Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona and Lisbon in Portugal.
87 - Best holiday ever? The one I'm planning!
88 - I once camped in my garden, the foxes crept into the tent, stole my trainers, ran away with them, chewed them up and urinated in them. I didn't dare go out to chase them away as I had been shitting myself reading Stephen King - I was 14 at the time.
89 - At the moment I am listening to Cliff Richard - I like Cliff.
90 - I believe that there is someone out there for everyone but the chances of finding them is very small and most people settle for they'll do.
91 - I like to think I'm a realistic optimist.
92 - I believe in fate, but I believe we can do a lot to alter and affect that fate.
93 - Nature Vs Nuture? Nature.
94 - I would only consider getting married if it meant a great deal to the person I was with.
95 - I am a bad karoke singer - Once you've done it once it's a bad habit to get into, especially when you're clinically tone deaf.
96 - I once ate trifle for 3 days, nothing else. I don't recommend it.
97 - I was London School's Equestrian Champion 3 years running. It sounds better than what it really is.
98- Despite being crap at maths I won a prize for it, me and my mate gave our work to his nan to do.
99 - I day dream a lot and write stories that I rarely finish.
100 - I would like to get one published but am not that good.