Wednesday, December 31, 2003


01. gum: pink orbit
02. restaurant: Pizza Hut - Gotta lurve the Ice cream Factory!
03. drink: hot chocolate! Lemonade and alkyfrol! lol!
04. season: Autumn, I love the leaves changing colour, and shuffling through the piles and Fireworks night and Halloween.
05. type of weather: warm enough to go pootling without a coat, but not hot, I also love the first rain after its been dry for ages, I love the smell.
06. emotion: being happy :-)
07. thing to do on a half day: Half day? like an afternoon? Hanging with people I care about. 08. late-night activity: hanging out in a pub watching whatever footy was on and having a giggle
09. sport: football!
10. city: I loved Miami, so chilled.
11. store: WHSmiths.
_______When Was The Last Time You_______
12. cried: Sunday 28th Feb 2005
13. played a sport: Horse-riding ain't playing, but other than that, you'd be going back to schooldays
14. laughed Hysterically: too long ago,
15. hugged someone: My graduation, how sad is that?
16. kissed someone: the last proper kiss I had was the BB a long time ago, like shortly after we got together.
17. felt depressed: heh. Next?
18. felt overworked: Trying to get my last ever Essay in. Starting it the day before is bad and a lesson I never learned!
19. faked sick: not anytime this year.
_______What Was The Last_______
21. word you said: ouch! To my bird that bit me - ungrateful shit.
22. thing you ate: Salt and Vinegar Pringles
23. song you listened to: Somebody told me - The Killers
24. last thing you drank: apple and rasberry juice
25. place you went to: see my Nanny and Granddad with my Dad
26. movie you saw: LOTR3
27. movie you rented: no clue in the world, i dont know if ive ever rented a movie, like me renting it. Other people usually do that lol that sounds horrible.
_______Who Was The Last Person You_______
28. hugged: The BB
29. cried over: im not crying anymore, thats the important part
31. danced with: STF and MH
32. shared a secret with: E probably or Bob.
33. had a sleepover with: Depends what kinda sleepover we're talking about? *wink*
34. called: Mum
35. went to a movie with: STF
36. saw: Dad
37. were angry with: Dad.
38. couldn't take your eyes off of: huh. Guess.
39. obsessed over: *giggles uncontrollably* lol
_______Have You Ever_______
40. danced in the rain: yup
41. kissed someone: Yes, but too long ago
42. done drugs: none more bad than alcohol and a puff of a fag once
44. partied 'til the sun came up: yeah.
45. had a movie marathon: definately
46. gone too far on a dare: nah - how far is too far?
47. spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes
55. i'm feeling: urgh.
56. i'm listening to: the tv and my birds chittering.
57. i'm doing: this survey
58. i'm talking to: No one, talking to CCR and JF on MSN though.
59. i'm craving: company and fun.
60. i'm thinking of: The money I need to find for my new season ticket
61. i'm hating: being poor and bored
62. love is: whatever you want it to be
63. my first love: *smiles*
64. my current love: Ben and his friend Jerry.
65. love or lust: love, but I believe lust is more common
66. best love song: Wind beneath my wings.
67. possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time: impossible.
68. when love hurts: when you miss it. sadly.
69. is there such thing as love at first sight?: maybe, but there can also be love at the billionth sight too i think
_______Opposite/Same Sex_______
70. turn ons: sense of humour and ability to play-wrestle with me.
71. turn offs: loudness and rudeness,
72. does your parent's opinion on your girlfriend/boyfriend matter to you?: not really, but then again, my folks dont know about any of the lads i've been with.
73. what kinda hairstyle are you into?: one that fits the guy, like some guys cant pull off long hair and stuff like that
74. what is the sweetest thing a guy can do for you?: randomly let me know hes thinking about me.
75. where do you go to meet new people?: i dont, people find me
76. are you the type of person to ask for numbers?: no i'm shy and old fashioned that way.
_______Picky Picky_______
77. dog or cat:either, i like both, but dogs rule ok N?!
78. short or long hair: on guys? shoulder length. on me? I hate my hair when its been short and when its long
.79. sunshine or rain: rain
80. hugs or kisses: both are good.. hugs are better though.
81. summer or winter: Summer
82. written letters or e-mails: emails
83. nintendo or motorcycles: motorcycles, but I don't really do either.
85. house party or club: house party
86. sing or dance: Both badly, its the truth.
87. freak or slow dance: freak dance? i've never slow danced so it has to be freak dance
88. how are you today?: huh move along please.. nothing to see here!
89. what pants are you wearing right now?: eeyore pjs
90. what shirt are you wearing right now?: EEYORE!
91. what does your hair look like at the moment?: scruffy ponytail as always.
92. what song are you listening to right now?: System of a Down - Toxicity.
93. how is the weather right now?: well it ain't snowing I guess!
94. who was last person you talked to on the phone?: STF on saturday
95. last dream you can remember?: there was fish fingers in it... thats all I know.

Actually done 2nd March 2005 - Yes I'm a pendant.