Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wheeee! We beat the scum 1-0 and I've got my leave sorted for my adventures!
Since my intended trip to India was cancelled, I've been kicking me feet and trying to control my itchy feet, thats not been helped by E who has a mate who works on the airlines and gets her discounted flights and in the last year she's been to Vegas, Boston and LA and may be off to Shanghai or Hong Kong with him later this year/month.
Yesterday I could stand it no more and texted Welshy to "Find me a holiday"
By 8.30 that evening I have myself booked on a flight to Dublin with the mother and then I'm coming back from that and a day later jetting off with him to New York!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been in a very bad mood over most of the weekend.
Resenting everyone and everything and most specially of all, poor Welshy who asked for help moving more of his crap down to London.
Which resulting in me hissing angrily (maybe not hissing as in screaming it at him) "I fucking hate you and wish you'd stayed in Wales" and then throwing his suitcase down the stairs at a rather crowded Oxford Circus Tube Station and kicking it angrily breaking the handle.
Oh and telling some poor lost tourist to "Fuck off" When she asked me what station she was at.
I'm a bad, bad person.
Poor guy, I dunno why he seems to be the brunt of all my anger and bless him for putting up with it and soothing and petting me back to a good humour.
I even took a sickie today rather than deal with the tourists and I'm in a fairly chilled kinda mood now.
Still I have lots to do, I'm only halfway through putting my Gallery Talk into BSL, I have another one to learn, oh and I have two to prepare for this interview. Well one that I know what my topic is and the other, they're just gonna ask me to pick from three animals and whitter about them, which worries me, I'm happy talking nonsense as long as I can prepare for it, but bullshitting is not my strong point.
And all this needs to be done in the next two weeks.
Busy, busy, busy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well they promised they'd get back to me by Wednesday and I heard nothing. So I guess mum's right! There's always gonna be someone with more experience than me and they'll always pick them over me.
I have another interview in Feb for a seasonal job until October in a bird park. After 4 years of constantly raising my hopes and getting them destroyed and ripped apart, I can't say I'm hopeful.
Nor do I want to leave my job and uproot myself to Worksop for 6 months and then come back to the museum to beg for my job back.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lol, cheers guys.
She is only doing it to try and keep me about, whether she realises that or not. IF I got offered the job, I'd take it and somehow try and cover up my lack of knowledge on S.O Pumps and underground filtration, but we'll see Tomorrow....
Anyhow, me and the Lizard last night in a fit of excitement signed up to do a Marine Mammal Medic Course whether we were more excited about the idea of being qualified to rescue stranded whales and dolphins or the chance to play with a life-size real weight (2 tonne!) inflatable Pilot whale is debatable! Wheeeee!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So yeah! I went and had this interview, disappointingly the park was closed so when we rocked up an HOUR AND A HALF early to check it out, we were forced to sit in the reception room, which does nothing for my nerves. I think it went ok, I had to blag my knowledge of feeding lionfish and S.O pump systems, but they seemed excited about me being at the aquarium and applying to do this shark thing.
I'd be given my own tanks to do whatever the hell I liked (within reason) which scares the hell out of me although I'd get full training in it and made Mother comment "You'll not get the job as its beyond you and even if they were stupid enough to offer it to you, you should turn it down"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fucking hell we won a match last night! Our first one since the 4th of october! World domination clearly beckons!
I'm off on a whirlwind tour of the midlands later today, spending the night with Welshy's friend in Birmingham, before we go to Kidderminster where I have an interview for a job I have no chance in hell of getting, but the safari park has WHITE LIONS! Yeeah! Not albino Lions, but proper hardcore white lions, which, on its own, in my eyes makes the trip worthwhile considering there's what less than 30, 20 in the wild and they're pretty much genetically extinct.
So how exciting!
After the interview we're heading off to Derby to meet TP and TJ, they moved back to Derby late last year I think and I've not seen them for two years now! So although its a quick tea it'll be good to see them and Welshy's not met them.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Daddy!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So here we are again.
The third anniversary. We've not done anything this year, The Brat is working late and couldnt change his shifts. Its different this year. Perhaps I'm finally coming to terms with it.
I still think of him virtually every day, although its not every day like it used to be, and although it still eats me up inside and twists my stomach with pain I've not yet cried. Maybe I will, maybe I won't this year.
He'd have preferred that, that this year I acted normally, laughing and joking with work friends, that I havent sat around and moped.
I miss him terribly still and wish that he was here with us. Friday might be hard as it will be his 50th birthday, if things were normal we'd have had a massive party.
Instead there will be just us and a quiet dinner, we might go ski-ing at the Dome, I think his sense of humour would appreciate that. Being silly and doing silly things was high on his list of agendas, although He would have watched us make fools of ourselves and toasted us with alcohol.
I wonder how my Mother is coping, deep down. She makes brave statements about moving on with life, but I wonder deep down, if she really is.
I miss my Daddy, we all do.