Saturday, March 28, 2009

On my way back from the England Game, I was sat on the train carriage home trying to eat a sandwich.
Half of it proceeded to fall into my lap.
"Oh for fucking cunting sake" I swore, possibly more louder than I shoulda done in polite society.
An Asian man sitting opposite me raised his eyebrow.
"I'm sorry" I said.
"That's not very ladylike." He remarked. I smiled and pulled out the programme to read.
He then told me that I shouldnt go to football as its "for men only to get some privacy from women and I was invading their space and it was immoral of me to go!"
I was really bemused and didn't know what to say so I went to get up and went to sit elsewhere and he then told me I would never get a husband as I was too unladylike
I wish I'd been faster thinking. I'd have loved to have seen his reaction when I told him I didnt believe in marriage.
Guess he dont get out much!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm going to the England game on Saturday! Wheeee! I'm really excited, i've never been to an international (even if this is just a friendly) STF, N and A are about and i've not seen those boys for yeeeeeeeeeeeeears! I can't wait to catch up with them and be beaten up by them!
I've never been to New Wembley either! In fact my one and only trip to Wembley was for this.

Although I'd been to games before, this is what made me fall in love with them, even if they have broken my heart lately! (Looking to be relegated into the 3rd tier of football now, what a fall from 6th in the top league!)
Attendances have dropped and performances have been well. Shit, but i'll be there again next season (hopefully) and we'll come back. Maybe not right away, but they will one day! I hope!

Also on Wednesday I'm doing part of a monopoly pub crawl with guys from work, I physically ache to attempt to do it all in one day, but i might die. but it'd be a good death!

Bring on Slovakia!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I got to have my first conversation with a real Deafie! Well I say first conversation, its not really, our tutor is deaf but you know what I mean.
It was a bit of a struggle really, with lots of finger-spelling and guesswork and nervous giggles on my part, but we concluded that this girl, who was doing an MA at Wolverhampton Uni in steel work, or some kinda metal work. and wanted to have some pictures or use the telescope for getting ideas for designs and then we had to complicatedly explain that the telescope dont really get used now as the days are longer and disappoint her, we sent her to the NASA website to look for other pictures.
It was hard work and a little confusing but I guess the lessons are paying off and it serves me right for skipping yesterdays refresher session!
Anyhow things are moving on slowly at work, by next Tuesday I should have my meeting to confirm that me new talk "The Challenger Expedition and Creatures of the Deep" can go live as it were!
And there's talk of me putting my original Talk "Jack Cornwell VC" onto the interweb so visitors to the museum website can hear my dulcet tones and come along and listen.
This'd be good for me as I can then use it in covering letters to say to potential new employees, for a sample of my talks and talking style see so on....
I'll keep you all posted as I'm sure you'll want to hear part of it, although it may blow the mystery behind me as you'll all hear my awful cockney twang!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Today I was busy adding to my talents at the museum, by offering my services as a "buddy" or a mentor to the summer newbies. Only the girl it turned out that me and one of the older guys that I was shadowing, used to go to school with me.

And whilst never one of the ringleaders of those that were mean to me, she always freely joined in. I hate this, I hate that, ten years on, I still don't feel comfortable in Eltham, I hate that I saw her today and got that awful sinking, "oh no" feeling.

Its awkward trying to explain the bullying that I got at school, if it was the traditional beating I think I could have coped with that more, but being ostracised, isolated the way I was, its more mental bulling I guess, the way they'd stop conversations to stare as I went by, the way they'd all move to another desk if I came and sat there, or moved as far away as I could and pretended I wasnt there, the refusal to work with me if it came to group coursework etc...

Seven years I endured that silent bullying, of course there was the more traditional name calling but that mostly always washed off of me, where as that stuck. How do you at 12, or even up to 17 when I left, deal with day after day of that treatment? with name calling or days of silence and evil looks if I was unlucky enough to be forced into a group that resulted in them getting split up from a mate?

So no, I wasnt best pleased to see her and less pleased to realise I'd be working with her, spending the day with her. She doesnt seem to have changed much, when we were at school, she was always quick to correct the teachers, if she felt something was wrong, or should be done another way, and it was the same today. She clearly feels the job is beneath her and was asking about how quickly she could apply for other roles in the museum, about how she could contact the curators/education staff. About the wages and seemed horrified that I'd been there almost two years and how little I was paid.

My manager, who is lovely came out of a meeting with her and instantly remarked "She will be trouble"

I'd like to think she's grown up from what we were as kids, but I also think I'll be avoiding her as much as I can in the mean time until one of us leaves!

Monday, March 02, 2009

This weekend I headed up to Scarborough to meet with The Lizard and prepare for our Marine Mammal Medic Course. It was great to catch up with her, she's always a little mental and up for fun, and is even more fun now she's chucked her boring cuntfluff of a boyfriend who most definately DIDNT approve of us throwing a space hopper around uni, making bin bag outfits and having a water fight once that covered the kitchen floor in an inch of water.
Anyway, once we checked into our B&b We had to get ourselves wetsuits, which proved not an easy task in a seaside town!
The shop that the course reccommended was closed, and the tourist info place told us about a place that didnt hire one, so we decided the best course of action was to go play in the arcades, eat ice cream and chips and then procede to get horribly drunk in the b&b.
and then having run out of drink, the most obvious thing in the world to do, was to walk down to SAinsburys, covered in stickers and comic relief red noses!
Its a wonder we got served really, staggering about, squeaking to each other, and clutching bottles of drink and a large chocolate cake!
We danced in our hotel room, comparing our shit music collection and texting everybody in both our phone books until 1am before deciding we needed to sleep.
So we possibly wasnt in the best state in the morning to listen to a three hour lecture on seal and whale biology!
We explained our wetsuit dilemma to the lady in charge who then organised for us to have two delivered.
And off we set to be at the beach by 2pm
Only. Me and The Lizard were at the wrong end of the beach at 1.56 and had to run a mile down it to the right place.
Well she says it wasnt a mile, but what does she know? it FELT like a mile and that was enough!
and we got there at 2.02 (i checked on my watch) only to find that the wetsuit hirer guy had taken them back. Fucking hell, nothing like being precise is there?
So we had to ring around and found that there was a surf shop near where we parked the car and we might be able to get a suit there! So we ran all the way down and BACK! and then joined in the rest of the course, being glowered at all the time, for not being organised and taking it seriously!
But I am now qualified to rugby tackle a seal to the ground, check it for injuries or illnesses and to help refloat a beached whale or dolphin!
Not sure how helpful this skill will be in London, but as TDR pointed out to me. "If there's one thing mankind needs its more whale first aiders." What a legend that guy is!

A quick mention has to go to Welshy who had his own interesting Saturday night, in which he ended up in a "minor scuffle" (or more accurately "Grabbing someone by the hair and bouncing their head off of a wall") and then racially abusing some poor chinese man who refused to serve him in his offie!
He's a bad, bad person!*

* I do not approve