Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yeah I know! Let me explain! Faithful Fred my old laptop died too. Its something about the evil flat eating its energy, rendering me once again computerless.
Its hellish there at the moment. thanks to invisible builders placing scaffolding by the windows we've not been able to open a window or balcony door for THREE weeks. Its like a sauna, hot, smelly and disgusting.
TP and TJ are visiting this weekend, so looking forward to it, but cos of scaffolding our useless tv has died a death as well.
Ho Hum. Speaking of dying a death our relationship with Evil Flatmates is virtually prehistoric. We dont speak. I am convinced that they told Evil Landlord that we were moving out end of the contract, when we were gonna stay. Didnt tell us till we got a call from letting agency.
Now we have till 17th of August to find somewhere new, but:
A. we cant afford a deposit.
B. We cant afford to rent anywhere the two of us and have no one to move with.

So yeah, looks like unless something drastic happens Welshy is back to Wales and I'm back to Mummys in August....

Best get back to work/looking on gumtree/bbc website/solitaire.