Sunday, November 25, 2007

it was CL's wedding over the weekend to UDOBF (who ever expected that one to last?!)
It started pretty badly when on some bad advice i left getting my train tickets to the last minute and had to spend 95 quid to get up there! Ouch! and it took ages for MH to pick me up and find our way back to the hotel.
we dumped our stuff in the hotel room, and headed to the bar - yes we have our priorites sorted! To find a pre-wedding drink going on and I found myself introduced to UDOBF's family, who are all from Denmark and speak such good english it puts mine to shame! although I was a little put out to find they all spoke with an american accent!
I was chatting to his Danish Nanny and younger cousin for ages, his Nans awesome, she was telling me that last year she went backpacking about Europe!
MH pissed me off a little, by telling me that i should be careful of "getting overfriendly with those lads in case they see it as being more than it was" what a lot of nonsense! it was like she felt she had to be Welshy's watchdog for me. Boo to her, she made me quite paranoid about it all.
Saturday and after an iffy start - honestly who has a wedding in November?! It all went off without a hitch and then we had the aftershow party.
We were joined at our table by the two danish cousins and for some reason chatted to them about sharks and the mighty Dennis Rommedahl and the older one told me this was the first wedding he'd been too, let alone the first english wedding and they seemed a bit bemused about the toasts.
then after the meal it was time for the party and first dance and after that apart from the kids the dance floor was empty, apart from the kids messing about so with a few drinks inside us me and MH hit the dancefloor alone, although she got shy so we retreated to the bar after "Living on a Prayer"
After which MH got an attack of the nerves and didnt wanna dance alone on the floor, so i danced on my own pulling some really silly moves to get a laugh out of her and then decided to find a new dancing partner
I found the Danish group sat in a corner and harassed them until one gave in and came and danced with me, poor lad, didnt know half the songs, and I had to explain the concept of cheesy songs to him but after I demonstrated how to do the "Timewarp" and the silly dance to "I will walk 500 miles" He seemed to be really enjoying myself and in my drunken state I attacked him for his bowtie which seemed to alarm him slightly. I guess having a slightly drunken english woman suddenly launch herself at your throat is pretty scary, especially with no prior warning!
MH had found herself to Rock/goth type lads to chat to, one of which was hanging his head in shame at the awfully cheesy music, so i dragged him up with me and the Dane to "hips dont lie" by Shakira and tried to get them all to attempt belly dancing with me, which went as badly as i feared it might. And the three of us danced for a few songs until it was the end of the night and the obligatory slow songs came on, I danced by myself for one of them, with my imaginary partner before begging my two real dancing partners to come play and the Dane came and we had a very proper and formal slow dance.
The party closed so us three MH and another rock/goth lad she'd found headed to the other bar, where she made some comment about always wanting to dance on the table.
"Come up and have a go" invited the barman, she declined, but as if I was gonna let a chance like that down! So I clambered onto the bar, danced alone to music that wasnt there and then clambered over onto the otherside to serve drinks to our new friends.
So we sat up chatting and playing silly beggers till 3am when we decided the most obvious thing to do was decorated CL's car with loo roll and toothpaste and after that I realised that MH and the rock/goth guy she'd pulled had vanished and me and the dane were the only ones left!
so we headed up to his room, me worrying about being homeless and sleeping in a corridor, decided to wake me other dancing friend so i could sleep with him if i couldnt get into my room (The dane was sharing with his brother so that was out) but MH was done and ready to go by then so I gave the Dane a hug goodnight, thanked him for being a gentleman and a fun dancing buddy and headed to bed and luckily woke this morning hangover free!
The only downside of my ace weekend was not remembering to get either of my new friends emails or facebooks so they're lost to me now forever!
Back to work tmorrow! Boo!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

christ why am i so tired all the time lately? i think that bug i caught scuba-ing has really wiped me out and i'm struggling to recover from it.
Anyway, my job interview, last wednesday. The Brat was hit by a sudden attack of kindness and offered to drive me up there. which was nice, but also meant leaving at 5am!
Fuck that for a box of spiders.
We did alright really, we only got lost, erm.. what... three times? on what is basically a straight route up the m11, a11, a14 and then some B1065 or sommat. who knows? either way it was basically a straight line up the road to Norfolk.
And we made it on time so who cares?!
i was supposed to spend the day on shift with them, which i was really looking forward to! I met the other applicants for Wednesday, i figure getting through to the final 12 (over two days) out of over a hundred applicants has to be good!
Anyhow I spent my morning in a funky white paper suit helping to clean and weigh some of the millions of injured hedgehogs and birds that had been brought into the centre.
Lots of scrubbing things involved in this job, which i suppose is fair enough, what with the risk of cross-contamination, then we had a quick break, and I helped to catch a seal in one of those slingy things, heave it onto some scales to be weighed prior to release (it was too skinny still so will be kept in a bit longer) and then shifted it into another pen.
We then helped treat and clean some more hedgehogs who had ringworm and it was time for my interview!
It went ok i think, i dont like to say it did or didnt in case it didnt go well. Hopefully i answered all their questions ok, although there was a moment on panic when they asked me to name 10 garden bird species! which normally i can name in my sleep. But when under pressure my mind went a little blank, but we got there in the end.
I spent the afternoon helping to clean out a loosebox that a badger had been living in (more scrubbing!) and was introduced to a cute little muntjac deer before The Brat came and found me and drove me home without us getting lost this time! Huzzah!
And now we play the waiting game. Never one of my favourites! i'm too impatient!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I was talking to V at work today, up in the observatory.
He's one of the FOG's (Funky Old Gits) there's 6 or 7 of these guys who have worked there for the past million years and have a combined age of 1 billion or something, seriously. The youngest I think is at least 54.
They're quite good fun really, and are all completely insane. I think its a combination of the isolation of being up the hill and the high altitude that's done it.
(its quite funky the hill being that high, meant I had a good view of this all day!

For example none of them seem to bat an eyelid that V is married twice, or claims to be. One of his wives is his Belgian Mamma who is 30 stone (i've seen the pictures of them, its proof enough for me).
Sometimes it means I have to endure conversations about "the good old days" or listen baffled while they write long and complaining letter to The Radio Times complaining about the Smug look on the faces of the teams on Eggheads, and as I spend a lot of time up there I'm an honourary FOG and an adoptive granddaughter to them all, they all call me "bub" which slightly irriates me, but they're harmless and it makes my day happier.
Which is nice, I seem to spend all my day getting hugs from them all.
I was positioned out in the cold today, after listening to an almighty rant in our morning brief about them all getting cold. (they tore our manager for the day a new arsehole, it was simply fantastic!)
And I was talking to V about my forthcoming interview (wednesday, i demand good luck messages!) when I was assaulted!
I'd been figdeting with my coat sleeve and making it rustle and somehow a squirrel had snuck upbehind me and assumed that the rustle meant that I was hiding food from him and proceeded to climb up my trouser leg to inspect what exactly it was I was hiding in my sleeve!
cheeky sod!

I didnt even see my attacker creep up on me! It was a unprovoked attack!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Remember the days when i used to complain about being bored? do ya? huh?
well i think i've gone in the extreme the other way! i worked it out the other day that the last day i had some time off to do absolutely nothing but sleep in, watch daytime telly and slob about the house eating ice cream was the 16th of september.
since then i have been just maniacally busy, theres' been work, overtime, events that i've worked out, scuba, football and trips to the pub, there's been visiting the Lizard and going to Bristol for CL and applying for about 50 million jobs and keeping in touch with Welshy.
Its no wonder that i'm slightly run down, blogging had to take a back seat and i'm fighting off a stupid cold (every time i cough, i utter the words, argh stupid cough!) anyone that'd think the cough'd learn from that that it's not wanted and sod off.
And its still not finished, my next day off is saturday, friday night i'm going to a friend from works leaving drinks, Welshy is down so i'll be *ahem* entertaining him the rest of the night getting up, rushing back home for football, doing some of my mums coursework and then getting ready for work, before i go to bed tonight i need to have booked all my stuff for the trip to norfolk next week.

anyway, perhaps if i'll get time in the next century i'll fill you guys in with the Mothership situation, its not good. I'm worried about her, I fear she might be suffering from some kinda depression. I dunno. But that's another day!
Because! I promised to tell you guys about Scuba and tell you about Scuba I shall!
Again JF proved herself to be an utterly awesome person by volunteering selflessly to be our own personal taxi and took us the 25 minutes out to the wee village of sapcote, where our B and B was near to Stoney Cove which is really cool and has all sorts down there, like a submarine! and a helicopter! and a bus! and a plane cockpit!
(and then taking us to the pub for a meal on saturday and then home again on Sunday.
Like I mentioned it was an utterly fucking freezing weekend and I still havent mastered the art of dressing in a wetsuit.
nor have I mastered the art of effortlessly heaving around a 12l tank of air, 8k of weights and putting on flippers, mask and snorkel without nearly overbalancing and falling flat on my face.
as much as i hate to admit it, i'm only small and fairly weak, so after one dive all my muscles were shaking and i barely had the energy to climb up and undress.
So I had to do that twice on the saturday and after that I was attacked by the Cold Virus!
All my nose blocked up and my voice grew hoarser and hoarser until it vanished!
So I tried to make it better when we went out by eating a fuckoff icecream.
Sunday I felt absolutely rotten and we were always told not to dive if you had a bunged up nose, ear whatever because of the problems with equalising the air spaces in your body and not having ears/lungs/head explode.
so sensible thing would be for me to not dive and postpone my final until april or later on when it was warmer and i was better, but as we all know i have a stupid stubborn streak and ignored all ssensible advice told the Evil Cold Virus to fuck off and went down anway.
so we went down and instantly i had problems equalising, i'd never had so much pain in my life in my ears, i really thought that my eardrums had burst, and funny thing was it was just in one section, of the lake.
once i was deeper it was fine, but it also so happened to be the place were were doing some of our dive proceduures, which i managed to cock up spectacularly, while sobbing in pain into my mask.
but i struggled through until the last dive, by which time i'd mastered the art of coughing underwater without spitting out my airpipe (always a handy skill!) and i had to take all my stupidly heavy gear off, and put it on again. and by this time i was utterly exhausted, freezing cold, and utterly pissed off with the entire thing. In fact I was virtually incapable of putting my gear back on, I just had no strength left to keep me upright in the water let alone put my gear on.
And I was on the brink of telling my examiner to "fuck the fuck off, i didnt care about his poxy exam and i didnt care if i fucking failed or not"
But again my stupid stubborn ness won through and i somehow managed to heave myself back into my gear, sobbing with frustration all the while and with more than a little help get dressed again and make it to the surface where i was helped out of the water and onto the shore and then had to spend 20 minutes recovering before i could strip out and warm up!
but! i qualified! hurrah for me! even if i have spent the last week struggling to get better!
Here I am on a slightly happier Saturday!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I am now a fully qualified scuba diver!
i've spent the weekend in freezing leicester in an even more freezing cold lake. The fish were amazing though and I swam near a submarine and a airplane cockpit.
i might tell you more and show you a pic or two tomorrow, i'm dying from exposure/hypothermia as well as my cold and sheer utter exhaustion.
Oh and i have a interview! for something degree related! finally! Huzzah!