Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry fucking Christmas!

Well its not been too bad to be honest. Skyped Mother as she had a fit of the guilts. TMWMinW was there in a onsie (seriously?) Sprawled in the most elegant way across the sofa, so I had a good look at what was keeping mother going.......
Turns out I gave only half the presents to Nan, that she didn't know where mine was and when she did remember they turned out to be Welshy's. Ooops. Still I got some socks and festive tacky jumpers so yay me. (wow reading that back sounds sarky. Its not intended to be. I love my socks and been a bit sad that I haven't had a tacky Xmas jumper of my own this year.)

I tried to make trifle as Brat requested it but I fucked up the custard part. So both him and Mother mocked him. I got told that I ruined the one part he was looking forward too. Feel bad. Sure the topping can be put on anyway and we can work around it.

He was out at the pub, helping until 3pm, helped me cook the meat and has now at 6.30 gone to bed. It was nice to have the company for a bit and he was trying. So we'll roll with it and try not to feel too bad that I fucked up for him.

Mothers friend spoke to me briefly on Facebook, suggested I become domesticated during my break from work. Of course she only has the opinion from Mother that I'm lazy, don't bother cooking or cleaning, when I'm the only one that does it.

That's put me in a bit of a downer. Fuck them all. I'm waiting for a chocolate cake to defrost and then i'm going to eat it all. And tomorrow I'm going back to rejoin the gym and I have football and riding. And then on Saturday I'm going to the cinema alone to see The Hobbit. I might even eat out there. And then watch Worlds Strongest Man. And then on Sunday I'm riding again. Monday I'm at work and Tuesday Welshy is back for a couple of days before going to Russia.

Keeping busy is what this bullshit is all about.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My time at the community centre continues to trundle on. Am off now for Xmas until 5th, unfortunately I dont get paid when we don't work and the council suddenly gave us a summons to pay as close to 900 as we can for council tax before 16th of jan or we're off to court. Divided between three of us its not too bad, only I'm the only one who's paid anything so far and that was just 100! Hoping to pay another 100 this week and then hopefully another 100 after that....
Annoyed that we got no information about it, everyone thought the other had paid it and it wasn't a problem and then suddenly to be hit with this letter....


Anyway, Brat is making an effort - kinda - he produced a joint of pork so we're having that on xmas day. I'm preparing a trifle as we speak and hopefully it will be somewhat civilised.

Mother has an attack of the guilts and wants to Skype on Xmas day and then Boxing day there's football and riding so that's gonna keep me busy.

Went to Olympia last week, loved it, especially the met police ride, when a guy fell off and then a brush fence caught fire and he ripped his breeches!

Work mentioned making me perm, then next sentence was that it was tricky and I might have to "leave to come back" didn't like the sound of that.

I have till March to worry about it though. Once I get this council tax out of the way then I can start saving and repairing the precarious financial situation I am in and the more I can save before then the better should it go tits up!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

So lets have a bit of an update!
I got employed again! I am now back in Greenwich, working at a community centre there. Bit of everything really, HR, Admin, Reception work, Social media whore. Only temp until end of March but the fact that I can walk there and get a bus back in the evening saves me at least 30 odd quid a week commuting fee and I get free lunches. Admittedly I still buy one once or twice a week but still that's another bit of money saved on sandwich filler and a snack.
I have my fingers crossed that it may go perm at the end of this but we'll see. At the moment I need it to clear as much debt as possible as Brat has failed to pay any council tax and the first we knew about it was a letter from them saying we're going to court in Jan unless you can pay a lump sum before.
So that's where next weeks wages are going... The centre closes on the 23rd for xmas and reopens on the 5th so will be a week without money there.
Welshy has been working in London but is now back off in Austria for the week and then a week in Russia. I wish I had funds to go out there with him. He's going to spend a weekend in Moscow before flying back.

Mother and TWMWM came back and finally replaced the skirting board they ripped up in Jan last year and fixed the doorhandle of my car. I went to Nottingham and met The Lizard (Who is pregnant!) and H2 before me and the boys went to see Forest play Charlton.

I'm signing up for a Horse Confidence course in Jan, this is the year I really crack the mental barriers that prevent me from improving. Sports psychology, learning how to deal with rears and falls that kinda thing. Its silly but a buck doesn't bother me at all nor naughty behaviour on the ground but a spook or rear when riding really knocks me and sets me back confidence wise and I never had that much to begin with.

Christmas will be me and The Brat. He's brought a joint of meat, It will be as painless as possible I hope. I'm too poor to buy anyone presents this year - especially now I know about this council tax thingy, where as I was hoping to get a few little bits and pieces before...
I still do Spanish via Skype, hopefully am improving slightly there. Would be nice to have enough to sit an exam in New Year but of course dependent on funds....

Ah well. Just keep rolling along and see what life brings.