Sunday, October 28, 2007

So I'm back from Bristol, where I had a fab weekend, introduced Welshy to MH and CL, I think they liked him, I hope so, and he reckons he likes them too.
We all went out (well except Welshy - he'd just look daft dressed as a bunny girl) for CL's Hen Night, met her bridesmaids, gate crashed a wedding party - Imagine the co-incidence for that!
ate a ridiculous amount of take away and drank a reasonable amount and then came home to the room I was sharing in the Travel Inn with Welshy only to be interrupted by a guy knocking on the door at 3am asking if we had any cocaine we could have!
Its been a hectic couple of weekends, and up next weekend is my final part of my scuba exam in Leicestershire!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'd asked for this friday and sunday off (I already had cleared the saturday agess ago) so I could go to CL's hen night (she wants us to be Bunny Girls! How on earth did she dream up that one? I refuse point blank to be one) In Bristol, I even convinced Welshy to take Friday off of work and spend it with me in bristol and then wait for up for me on Saturday.
So the little man gave me the time off and all was going great, until this weekend when I found that he couldn't do it! AARGH! I'd already spent fuckloads on travel and accomodation, it was a hairy few hours until two kind friends decided to take pity on me and swap days off around so I can still go.
I promised to bring them both back a present, they're nice lads. I'm sure they'll appreciate a Bunny Girl or something equally tacky from Weston's numerous tourist tat shops.
I was also in for DayTime OverTime, expecting to be put into a gallery, and at least given a role, even if I had no actual work to do, in stead I roamed aimlessly all day, talking to people and then decided to go home at half 4. Hurrah!

I also passed my diving theory and confined water dives! Next weekend I'm heading off to Leicestershire to do the proper open water part! Fingers crossed!

Monday, October 22, 2007

So this weekend started off on a bad note, when i managed to get to Kings Cross just in time to see my train pull out of the station. Curses!
So i tried to swap my ticket onto another train which normally I can do at St Pancras without any bother, but instead I was harassed but some stupid jobsworth cow who demanded to see proof that i'd been held up at blackheath, when I couldn't prove it, she claimed that it'd be a waste of her time to phone up the station and check it and made me buy another ticket! at 30 quid! ouch! I was really pissed off when she started lecturing me about how I should buy the tickets on the day at the station and not have that problem again.
Well if I could get the same deal and pay 12 pound to go up instead of 30 quid I would! Stupid Bitch!
So I was late heading up to see the Lizard and my new train meant I ended up spending two hours sat in Grantham train station, which really isnt as exciting as it sounds, although they make fucking nice ham and cheese toasties!
Finally however I made it to Skegness and met Lizard, who's still as batty as ever, she took me to the beach, and to Boston to see Ratatooie, which is awesome and we both got over excited about ice cream and fizzy frozen drinks and then she made a special detour to drive me past a place called Jolly Farmers Lane, honestly! hurrah for funky place names!
On Saturday we went to Natureland to visit the seals for feeding time and then we had chips on the beach, as is the law when you go to the seaside and then she drove me to Mablethorpe which is a place that I've had on the brain ever since my Seal Field Trip way back in uni, i dunno what it is about the name, it just sorta draws me to it, so she drove me there (past a place called the Jolly Common! I think its the law to be happy and jolly in Skeggy!) and we played in the sand dunes and made a sand dolphin and examined a fish skeleton that we found and then came home and made cakes!
and then went out for drinks, now Lizard is 5 foot nothing and is as skinny as, she weighs about 6 stone soaking wet, so it dont take much to get her drunk, let alone cocktails and sambuca.
So we got drunk, danced to cheese, watched a great drag act, before retiring home and deciding to walk up Lizards' stairs and dance about her floor pretending to be a chimpanzee.
And then the obvious and logical next step from that was to drunkenly call Welshy and MH and leave them voicemail messages explaining that we were chimpanzees and they were invited to Skeggy to roll on the floor mimicking chimps too.
So all in all it was a pretty ace weekend! despite the inevitable fallout the next day as we were informed of our drunken escapades!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

tomorrow i'm scooting off to Skegness to see The Lizard, it's pretty exciting, she's just got herself a cushy number teaching in an environmental education centre, so i'm off to the coast.
its time to move on at awork, nearly all the people i get on with, and go drinking with have left to go to other better paid and more interesting jobs or go back to uni so i'm left with all the old fogies, who to be fair are really nice, but still, i dont wanna get in a rut there.
so i'm still job searching sigh.
and Welshy has himself a job, go him, although this is a huge bitch as before he just pottered down whenever i had two days of in the week, now everythings all based around my one weekend off a month.
big boo.
still! away to Lizards! yay!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

today at work. i pretty much spent the day breaking open Sweet Chestnuts that fell from the tree and either eating them or feeding them to squirrels.
Its nice to know I earn my money!
Also I overheard this snippet of conversation:

"Of course, the food tasted better there as its a smaller house"

What the hell?! where and how does that work? and how do you work out what a small house is? do you do it by number of rooms? whether its a flat or bungalow? or by cubic feet?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yesterday I went for my first scuba diving lesson!
It was dead exciting! And its so odd and a little creepy being able to breathe under water! Its just wrong!
We had to do masses of home work before and then go over it and then sit a little test which took about 2 hours and then an hour actually playing in the pool.
We did all the boring safety stuff, how to set it up and then we got in the water and we learnt how to clear our masks when they fill, how to share someones air supply, how to rescue yours when it falls out your mouth, how to inflate and deflate out BCD (buoyancy control device, dontcha know!?)
I kept laughing which made my mask move about and fill with water and you burp lots! I guess its something to do with the air spaces in your body adjusting and moving about!

I cant wait for next week's session!