Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey! You know what else? I realised I have stats to look at where people come from. Rather big in Russia for some reason. Since starting over 2860 views.
с Новым годом to you guys
and 550 from the Netherlands so Gelukkig Nieuwjaar to you guys too.

(Hope Google translate hasn't let me down there)

I'm gonna put my new year resolutions on here, as it seemed to help me remember everything I wanted to try and achieve before the 30.


  1. Be a nicer person, stop getting ratty with the Mother and remember to be patient with her. Likewise I need to stop taking my rage and general misery out on Welshy, this includes random assaults when he's asleep and I'm angry. Counting to 10 is always good.
  2. Try and concentrate a little harder at work. I'm so overwhelmed with it, I need to take a few more minutes out of my day and think about what I'm doing. Make a list if I need too.
  3. Travel more. - Starting with tomorrow's trip to watch the Addicks play Watford! Haha!
  4. Consider doing the Spic properly, aiming to sit a qualification.
  5. Save. I need to replace the money I spent whilst unemployed.
  6. Buy my horse!
  7. Keep this a little more up to date!
  8. keep a list of all that I read. Just to see what I get though in a year.
These are all rather boring........

7. Drink more and dance more!

Happy New Year all. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maybe I'll do my end of year round up now! Just for shits and giggles like!

Crazy old year, started in Spain, ended back in London (Will I ever go for good?) I miss my random adventures. Those crazy drunken nights. The odd fiestas. The cold. The Apocalypse days. The horse friends I made, my toddler boys I taught. But I don't miss the other lessons. I don't miss the man who pretty much sexually assualted me on the road to Calahorra. I don't miss the endless arguments me and Welshy had. The way he had me feeling so miserable. Wondering if we were ending our relationship. I learnt a lot out there. I learnt that we couldn't live in each others pockets. I always guessed this. We're too different. We wind each other up. We need our own space, our own friends, to be separate from each other.
I genuinely thought we'd break up.
Maybe one day I'll add some of the adventures we had out there to fit in the gaps when I didn't blog. I'm lazy. I probably won't.

So we came home. And the novelty of being home quickly went, I need to work, I learnt. To not work takes  stuff away from me. The Mother and boy telling me I shouldn't have left the museum. The bastard who prevented me returning. The job centre who refused to help, destroyed me, made me use my life savings just to keep going. The utter, utter misery and black heavy depression. All bad points.

But! Good points! Sunny Pony. Learning how to trust each other and hack out. Learning to read him and what I could take from him, how far I could push him. I miss my little pony. Going to Lisbon! Such a pretty city! Getting to go to Austria and fulfilling a life long dream to visit the Spanish Riding School.
And another life long dream realised! The Olympics! Ever since Barca '92 when I was 8 I've loved and dreamed of going and it was good to be unemployed during those two weeks. And being there all throughout the 3 day event. Cheering us on to Silver medal. I'll never forget it!

And my new job. I spend a lot of the time virtually overwhelmed with it all, my tasks sometimes threatening to overflow my mind, not knowing where to start. Its still a learning curve. But unlike any other job I've ever had my days go quickly, I don't have time to be bored. Don't have time to cause mischief.

Tomorrow is NYE.  I won't be celebrating as ever. Its been a strange old year. I'm very excited about next year. Life changed during 2011. Continued changing though 2012. I have plans about what I want to happen in 2013. Patience will show if they happen or not. I want to go back to India, I want to go to South Africa for my 30th Birthday. I want to buy a horse and I want to move out. I doubt all those things will happen (most likely the moving out going by track record!) But we'll see how it all plays out!
Football was cold and wet yesterday. Yuck.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back to work tomorrow! Seems silly to be back for one day but ah well. Good to ease myself back gently into it I guess.
Meeting Lovely in Greeny after work though which'll be fab. Felt a bit meh today. Last night I had a brief Reed search for my new job role and saw it for ridiculous sums - I'm talking 40k yearly upwards. Quick look and it seemed the same thing I do. Looked today and not really sure my skills'd be transferable after all. Tax and medical are rather different.
Updated all my details though and got a call for a potential interview. I explained my circumstances and they said they may get back in touch in the new year.
Next week I really need to put the brave pants on and find out where I stand. Either so I can start looking for new shit or book leave!
Don't know why I feel so meh today. Back to work blues I guess. Got three people coming in one after the other to register and I gotta find this womans paperwork to send back to her and I have an awful feeling I've lost it somewhere. Blagged it by saying I stuck it in the post so passing buck to Royal Mail and Christmas Rush but really have to get on with tracking it down tomorrow! She came across quite scary too! Not the sort I want to mess with!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Read some of my old christmas posts today. Ha. There was on from the early days, saying how I wanted to visit Las Vegas, New York, Goa. Little did I imagine that I'd actually go to these places! Be planning a small return trip to Goa in the New Year all being well. Life has a funny way of working out! I'm glad I have this to record (no matter how irregular) my thoughts and wishes. Its good therapy. And a good way of keeping hold of memories and thoughts.
The New Year is rapidly approaching and with it my 30th birthday.
I set myself challenges in August 2009.

1 - To either have my own place or be living away from home. - I'm starting to accept this may never happen. Houses prices and even rent are now largely outside my affordabilities. I've tried three times to leave home for good and its never worked out. There's still time for me to go before August, and perhaps I'll still leave but not within that timeframe. I hate and loathe being here. But when its a choice between this and homelessness, there's no choice.

2. To learn a foreign language  - Can we take this one as given? I'd not consider myself fluent in Spanish by any means. I'd like to carry on learning it. I can get by out there. Can do basic things. buy tickets for trains etc. Struggle to hold a conversation.

3. To Live abroad for a year. - This one is completed too. I miss my Spanish town but I've learnt the hard way about clinging on to the past. Maybe we'll go back for the town fiesta. I'd like that. Maybe we won't go back ever again. But I've done it.

4 . Get that Maths GCSE - Would you consider this done? I would. I improved my grade up three places with one years study. Yes technically a D isn't a pass as Welshy would remind me. But I'm really pleased with it still and consider it one of my greatest accomplishments, would I have got the C if I'd done it over two years? Dunno. Maybe i'd have lost interest. Maybe in a few years I'll ask Welshy's help again and we'll try for the C. Maybe not.

5. Get a better job - Hmm.. up for debate. Yes I left the museum. But my role is only temporary. We will have to wait and see by the end of Jan. We'll see

6 - To get a horse of my own - I want this to happen. In fact I'm seriously considering it should No. 5 come into play. But is it fair to get a horse when it means pretty much resigning me and Welshy to living at home? I couldn't afford a horse and to move out. One will have to take precedence over the other.

7 - To pass my driving test. - The one thing that I've made no attempt to try and improve or achieve since 2009. It doesn't matter really, its one of those things that I couldn't actually afford to run, nor have the need for one at this moment in time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pretty bad day at work. Pretty embarrassing too. I'd spent 10 minutes on the phone placating and explaining to one of my pipeline candidates why we couldn't send him to work yet and how he was almost but not quite there. Got off the phone a bit fraught although it had ended well, it was exhausting.
One of the consultants rocked up to me, accusing me of ignoring her client.  Who is a priority case apparently. First I'd heard of it. Anyway in my job. I deal with a different 100-200 clients a week. I have to chase about 30 bits of paperwork for each of these clients, constantly call who ever I'm dealing with that week to ask why they've not gone to training/not provided me with immunisation records, to try and get clients who are already out work to update their paperwork or to simply provide me with basic details such as a completed application form, as previous people in my department (or consultants) didn't care, they just wanted names. Sometimes I don't even have proof that they are a registered nurse/doctor/monkey or have a clean criminal record.
I also answer the phone, meet and greet new clients and register them, and run errands to the shops and other general housekeeping bits. As a temp I'm under huge pressure to get them to keep me on to avoid signing on again, and our whole department - 3 people - to get these people compliant and out to work and get/keep the ones that are out to work legal.
Sometimes I'm a bit blank when people pass clients over to me saying that they've asked for me as I have a pisspoor memory for names and faces and there's always that moment of panic before I locate their files online.
I knew this guy anyway. I registered him, sent him away as I didn't have a CRB form to give him, needed him to provide me with a Hep B update and to get me life support training certification. The CRB forms only came in late Thursday and when I called him Friday there was no answer.
I'd sent off Hep B for him, although he'd not done the imm correctly, but I thought (mistakenly) that he could get a temp clearance.
The consultant sat down with me and asked me why I hadn't contacted him in the two weeks he'd be registered with us. It was a genuine slip of the mind. And besides I had intended to call him again once the CRB forms arrived as he needed to come to the office to pay for it, she asked me if I didn't understand my job. If I needed more training. That I needed to ensure I called all her clients every week to give them progress reports. To chase them for paperwork.
My boss took offence to this on my behalf and argued that I was doing all I could. I had already decided to take the route of blank ignorance. To be patronised, all the time not making waves, trying to keep the peace as I always do.
For 10 minutes they had a heated argument in front of me about my competency for the job, about the impossible pressure my department has, trying to make over 1000 people compliant who have been allowed to slip or are newly registered. It was humiliating. I tried to make my point occasionally, but to be honest I might as well have not been there.
I would have kept my cool - just - if my boss hadn't then tried to be sympathetic. Urgh. Waterworks. Then the other girl took me aside and warned me that I couldn't be friendly with anyone. That they were liars and cheats, all out to get themselves as many clients out working as possible, not caring about what we were supposed to do (I'd already had an inkling of this when my boss and a consultant had an argument about whether they could use someone who's VISA had expired 6 months ago, consultant argued that as long as they were going to get a new one it'd be ok. Boss merely pointed out that not only was he working illegally, that if we continued to employ him knowing this, we'd be closed down).
So glad to go home early today. And don't have to go back until the 27th. I enjoy the job I do. I like the fact I'm busy all the time. I don't like the fact that sometimes I'm doing 3 different jobs at once, that I get thrust things on me. And I don't like the fact that my team - me - are being treated like dogsbodies and thought to not be doing our job properly when we ring people every week and they consistantly ignore emails and phone calls. Or lie.

Anyway its Christmas now. Time for peace on Earth and all that bollocks. And there's a BA sale on and I have enough pennies to pay for flights to India in the New Year. Just waiting for Welshy to be paid so we can purchase. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So we all survived the end of the world!

Congrats to all.

Christmas shopping is done. I have a half day Monday and then that's it till Friday. Welshy is with his friends tonight and then home to Wales for Christmas. Went for a meal with new work Wednesday which was nice. Last Friday I went out with Welshy and TDR which was fantastic. So glad to be out and about.
I'm finally clear of credit card debit, have currently 300 in my normal spending account and have 400 in my holiday fund - we're still thinking about India in the New Year - although dependent on me being kept on at work.
Things are looking up. Still need a new horsey pal though. Starting to miss them, although not missing being out in this awful weather.
I might be going to a back doctor in the New Year. Hopefully will help with the muscle pain I've suffered in my shoulders for years. Trying to convince the Welsh One to come as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You know you're getting old when:

  • Your boyfriend is convinced you're losing your hearing and makes you take two hearing tests online and go to the doctors for a check.
  • You make the conclusion that you shouldn't have a drink past 9pm as otherwise it means getting up in the middle of the night and MY FUCK is it cold at the moment.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Other new starter has bailed through illness, so only me so far. Its ok, they're talking of trying to get someone else in. They had their xmas party last Friday. Everyone bar Charby and the Muslim down one end not working but drinking. Drank a reasonable amount of Rose wine and went to bed mourning my lack of friends. Not like they haven't had time to plan for me to attend, I mean I had the interview end of October....

TBH I don't really give a fuck. Although I desperately want to go and have a night out. Only been out three or four times since returning from Spain in April.

Welshy is talking about returning to India in the new year, Don't know if I can face that hellish flight again. The new year brings the start of my 30th year. I want to go to South Africa for my actual birthday.

If I'm kept on at the company, I'm hoping for a decent wage increase and then I plan to buy my pony. I've actually spent this evening working out start up costs and what it'd cost me per year. Although I really need to call up a lot of yards to get livery fees, but I don't see the point of doing that until I know I'm settled at work and in the position to do so, I reckon I could do it, I can cover farrier and Vet bills and saddler/back bills. Feed/hay/bedding could be the downfall though, but again thats dependent on how often the horse could live out, whether I went for straw or shavings, what it needs to eat.

Terrifyingly I'm going to the doctors on Tuesday for a hearing examination. Since a night out in Jan in Spain where I danced all night under a speaker they've not been great. Welshy reckons I've gone a little deaf. Every now and then I can feel my ear drum vibrating. Hopefully it'll just need a good cleaning out. Don't fancy a hearing aid.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Been an interesting week.
Gave up on 6.30 starts and am now always racing the clock by lying into 7. Much more civilised and as long as public transport plays nicely, its do-able.
It started a little shaky but now I'm starting to feel more confident in what i'm doing and what needs to be done.
Completed my first real sign off! whoop! Although it didn't really count as it was only a reference I needed to chase up. Some of this stuff scares me, they're sending them out to work without references, without criminal record checks, without proper ID and all sorts missing.
Some cases I only have 33% of the file there. Doesn't fill me with confidence but I guess that's my job! To get them to the full 100%! Its also a bit frustrating to find that the paperwork exists but has been filed incorrectly or not placed on the system.
Settled in already which is a bit disconcerting cos, as Welshy says. I need to look at it like I'm going again in January.
Speaking of job hunting, I got offered two interviews on Friday! Hahaha! Sadly I can't attend any of them. I also went and interviewed a new pony, but I don't think she's for me. I know what I'm capable of riding and she wasn't it. The lady was lovely though which was a shame.

I miss my Sunnypony! Although at the moment I'm enjoying not rushing about in the cold riding and doing horsey chores. It'll only be a matter of weeks before I want a new hooved chum!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Decided to take a break from ponies for a week or two and get used to working again.
Up at 6.30! Far too early! It depresses me that if I worked local I'd never earn enough for a horse, but working in the city means I have no time for one. Is it possible I'm destined never to get one?

New job got off to a wrong start when despite getting there 15 minutes early, I ended up 15 minutes late waiting at the old office for someone to meet me and then realising they weren't going to and not being able to figure out how to get in the new office!

Oh and then not knowing how long lunch was and taking A LOT longer than expected. Still day went ok, bit slow but anything in an office will be. I'm not really cut out for office life!

Was considering taking a Spanish exam in the new year dependent on pennies. Reckon I could blag the lower level C grade GCSE equivalent DELE style-y exam without too much revision. Just need motivation!

Also! Been 5 weeks since I've had anything more than a Pimms and lemonade to drink. I'm practically teetotal. Noted as it was the last time I got any money!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Since my last post. I've received the grand total of 57 quid from the job centre! Much riches! I'm a lucky Girl!

But I have proper updates for you. I really should go back into doing this, I have no excuses for not having time!
I have a job! I went for an interview with M and S, impressing the woman with my 12/16 in my customer service test and then I got offered a full time, temp-till-end-of-Jan-but-with-potential-to-become-permanent office job with a medical recruitment agency.
I start Monday, the wages are shit. Like lower than I was on at the NMM but considering I've had nothing coming in since September..... Beggars can't be choosers!

I also had an interview and a second interview for another company that I didn't get. Would have preferred that as it was lots more pennies plus a decent annual bonus.

Welshy is employed too! In a rather bizarre way, in a language school out in Wimbledon although he doesn't seem to have any students, huh. We'll see how long that takes to work out!

Sadly all this job lark means I have to say goodbye to Sunny Pony. I have no facilities to ride him in the dark and its not safe to go out on the roads.

I fulfilled my aim of making him rideable for his young owner but I'm sceptical about the chances of him staying rideable by the Spring... I hope to be proved wrong but I know ponies and he was still attempting to take the pee out of me and if he has time off to forget what he's learnt and how to behave.

Need a new pony to fall in love with. Put an advert up for a new part loan on Wednesday and have at least 7 replies asking for me to go ride. Haven't replied to any of them as.
a) somehow convinced myself I couldn't afford it, even though it'll be the same as riding at a riding school, if not cheaper.
b) I may not be so lucky as to fool someone else into thinking I know what I'm doing!

I'm a moron with no self-confidence!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jobcenter calls. 'Yeah the reason you can't get money in august...'
Me. 'Wait. I'm asking why I've not got anything in SEPTEMBER and why I got a letter saying its against the law to pay me in October.'
Man puts me on hold for a bit. Comes back. 'I can't explain your letter but you need to get a rapid reclaim form'. Me. 'But I did that. On the first.' 
Man. 'Sorry can't help you further' 
Hangs up.

Monday, October 01, 2012

More job centre woes!

Apparently despite someone telling me that once I'd done this temp work I needed to fill in a certain form, someone else telling me that this was correct and the person who handed me the form also assuring me that this was the correct form, I learnt today that the form I actually filled in was one closing my account.
So no job centre money until I go make another new claim ( my third since April) and God only knows if they'll back date it to the 13th of September.
So, another wasted trip to the centre, more money wasted on calling them up. I was told that I was either lying, or had been mistaken and that she didn't have time to check this with the person sitting next to her, who also happened to be the woman who had assured me that I was filling in the correct form.

Urgh. So depressing, so depressed. Big black cloud sitting on me today. No will to apply or job search. No will to go out with my NMM friends this evening.
Came home and napped.

Going to see the Idiotpony tomorrow and take him for a schooling session. Hopefully that'll perk things up a bit and then I can get cracking with it all.

Welshy came home Friday night, Hurrah! He spent the night and then went up to Brum and then onto Wales, if I didn't know better I'd get a complex about him not wanting to see me!

Please let something good happen soon.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Went for interview Thursday.

Good point.
 Unlike last one, I'd have an office. Rather than a divided corner in the middle of an Indian cash n carry.

Bad point.
I'd have to pretend to be three different people. Including Irene from Accounts.

Now that's a dream career move!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vienna was really nice. I really recommend it for anyone fancying a short break somewhere. I even managed to get there despite flying to Bratislava! Small problem actually getting off of the train in Ed's town but I combatted that over the next few days by making sure I got on the train carriage with the most people on so someone else could open the door for me! Cunning eh?
I spent most of my time lurking in Welshy's room though, despite him telling me it was ok to spend his money I felt guilty and to be honest. I felt a bit urk and unwilling to explore much.
Went to Vienna to see the Spanish Riding School. A childhood dream realised. Saw morning exercise and then a grand tour of the stableyard and tack areas.
Had another fit of the glumps walking about though and declared to Welshy that it wasn't all that really. When I did have a nice time, just a shame I didn't have the money to visit any of the museums and things.
Went into the Butterfly House though. EVERYONE loves butterflies!
Had an explore around Schwechat (Welshy's town), walking down by the river where I was bemused as to whether they have or had beaver living in the rivers.
Epic night of drinking on Friday. My First proper session since returning from Spain and I got drunk very, very quickly.
Ended up requesting that Welshy took me to the room at 3am where I promptly fell asleep.
Woke up at 8 to get back into Vienna to see the proper riding school performance. I think if I go again then I'd make sure I paid for the real seats as although I could see about 3/4 of the arena, I did miss a few things and had people in front of me preventing me from seeing a lot of the "airs above the ground"
Small complaint about the monghead who took a flash photo of the 8-horse performance despite them saying no photos which spooked one and generally with horses if one spooks then flight instinct takes over and they all spook!
Could have caused an incident but apart from that the performance was a dream.

Back home now and its pissing with rain. Applied for 8 jobs yesterday and one already today. Weathers rained heavily since Sunday morning and I'm not too impressed at this and my chances for riding this week.
(hate riding in rain, Idiotpony is convinced crocodiles live in puddles and my glasses steam up making it impossible to see).
Ah well. Tomorrows another day and Welshy will be back Friday night.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well I did the the three days and my God were they tiring! I was leaving the house not long after 7am, working close to 10 hrs with a 20 minute break and then getting home around 9pm.
I am NOT designed to sit there for 10 hours straight, I got terrible cramp in my legs and the SAP program I was using has ridiculously tiny font.
I had a bit of an argument about it with Mother about if they'd offer me a full time position. I don't think I could do it, it'd kill me. I'd have no time for anything during the week, football or riding and I would just be shattered at weekends.
Part time maybe but fulltime is just stupid.
H2 sent me a lovely parcel! With sweeties in and a lovely card to cheer me up!
Had a lovely session on the Idiotpony on Friday. We've been working on building up muscles and co-ordination for canter and although we have nailed it on one rein, its still non-existent on the other.
Still... it'll come and I'm very pleased with him and the work I've done with him. He's turning into a lovely little pony, if still very opinionated about when he's had enough work!
Rather depressingly I went to the Bank today and asked to close my ISA. I'm tired of being nearly 4k in debt and my ISA will cover that, I can always start saving again I suppose!

Hopefully will get paid soon from this temp work and hopefully will get some more lined up upon my return!
Applying for shop work now for Christmas. Depressing times.

BUT! I'm going to Vienna on Monday! Whooopie!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Went for another lovely early morning hack with the Sunny-pony, slightly jumpy today but he's only been ridden once this week, so probably a bit fresh, he's so unfit bless him. Did lots of sitting trot work with him! So comfy, like a moving sofa!
Hung about for a bit afterwards and helped his owner bathe him for a show tomorrow. While I was waiting I got a call from the agency I did the days work for and may have work lined up for the middle of next week. That'd be fab! Especially if it is the full three days.
Oh yeah, I've just been looking at my balance and I'm getting my JSA payment on Monday. So confused now! Does that mean I've not been punished for missing the appointment? Or has it just not kicked in yet? Answers on a postcard please!!

Friday, September 07, 2012

So yeah, despite having no money I'm going to Vienna in two weeks to see Welshy. Going to the Spanish Riding school and then probably just sit in the hotel room all day finding something that is free to do! Hahaha!
Yay For Welshy for paying for my accommodation! And Yay for Credit cards and cheap cheap Ryanair flights!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ok, so I'm seriously fucked. Went straight from well dodgy job interview to sign on, where the advisor casually informs me they're cancelling my claim.
I act like a complete idiot and burst into tears, apparently I need to reclaim as Welshy is away for so long now that he's being taken from their system and I need to reapply as a single person. Right. So the last time we did this was when he was away for a month and I couldn't finish my claim as I needed his wage slips, which get posted when he gets home. In three weeks, possibly five.
So once they get hold of that it can take two weeks to process and provide me with money. That's a potential seven weeks without money.
I manage to get a hold on myself without making too much of an idiot and then they inform me that i'm being punished for failing to attend when requested two signing on dates and phoned to reschedule.
One is deeply, deeply unfair, I was due to sign on at 11.45. I was there. The reception lady told me I wasn't due till 2pm, I questioned this, was told to phone an office in Belfast, who told me I was due to sign on at 12.30. Well I couldn't do that. I had an interview in Vauxhall, I left, phoned up to make a new appointment. As requested I sent email proof that I was attending an interview. So. Punished for doing what they want me to do, to find work. I jumped through all the hoops. No good.
Minus one weeks money (not sure when that's due to come, too distraught to question) so. Half of 145 gone. I burst into sobs. Again. I can and am appealing this decision but frankly I have no hope or faith in me getting it back. Especially with them cancelling my claim and wiping themselves from their books. I no longer exist as far as the Job Centre care.

But what am I to do? I have no more savings! In face I'm down to the last 14.20 in my account before.... I don't even know what will happen. Will I be declared bankrupt? I just don't know!
So I phoned up Belfast in desperation and pleaded my case. Some faceless machine suggested I sell my pets, my birds, Geronimo when I said about needing to pay for them. He also suggested I apply for a "Crisis Loan" which apparently takes two weeks to process and can be paid back out of my JSA when I get it again.
I hung up and sobbed all the way home.

How can I get a loan when I can't afford the repayments? What else am I supposed to cut out of my life? Mum says I can just owe her rent until I get sorted and then pay her back. Maybe I should sell my animals, I have a few babies from this year's clutch. I should stop paying to go ride. That'd save me 13.50 a week. I don't go out apart from that, but I'm slowly sinking further and further into debt. 

I can/will have to see if I can access my ISA, its locked away and I guess I will pay a fine. Fuck, I've saved and scrimped forever to have some emergency savings. They were supposed to be for a horse or house. I'm never going to be in a position to afford a horse or to move out.
If I can't get into that, I will have to see if I can move some credit card money over and get bigger interest payments from that, but hopefully I could get JSA again within the month to cover payments?

I don't know anymore. My head hurts from crying and I can't breathe and I don't know what to do for best.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Had really nice day with H2 and Oldest Child at paralympics, my face got burnt! lol! Watched Oscar Grumpypants pick up his silver and David Wier get his Gold.
I really regretted having no money, couldn't afford to buy a nice souvenir and I couldn't afford to buy tea or anything to drink until H2 gave me one of her water bottles. On my way home I counted my change and thought I could buy a small portion of chips on my way home (There's nothing to eat in the house, I can't afford to shop for me and The Brat and so he's started buying his own food and I simply can't - I've lived off of 5 for £3 supernoodles and peanut butter sandwiches all week - and then Brat ate three quarters of a jar of  peanut butter in one of his unholy concoctions, so then I ate bread and butter sandwiches! Thank fuck Mum's home tomorrow!)
Anyway, turned out I was 2p short for chips so I ate another packet of supernoodles when I got home! Hahaha!
I was so hopeful that I could sell the three paradressage tickets I had spare for tomorrow after people let me down and gain 30 quid but I can't and I just cried all the way home on the 386.

I've always kinda felt that things would get better, even on days when I've written here and been utterly miserable. But I just don't think that anymore. I think this is it. I will never be able to afford to escape Mother and the Brat and their poison. Life will never get any better than it was at the NMM, when I thought I had friends before that was destroyed. I'm going to look for shop work again. I was stupid to pretend that I'm good enough to do anything else. Fuck I've even learnt that I don't have enough experience to work in a Museum(!) After three fucking years as a Gallery Assistant and One as a Supervisor.

I dreamt I died the other night, I felt my heart stop and my blood stop pounding. It hurts I learnt. But a numbing kind of pain, but I was scared and I don't want that to happen. Thursday I will go see Sunny Pony and I will have nothing for three hours to concentrate on but him. I need that, he needs me.
And then after that he will need me on Saturday. Then my two days next week. I need to focus on those days and work forward constantly to them.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

So. Two weeks ago Welshy headed to Vienna for work, was expecting him home yesterday. So why's he not at home? Well, he volunteered for a week in Milan, and then got offered two more weeks in Vienna and a possible two more after that. Not sure if I'll ever see him again! Haha!
Jobhunting is still sucky, went and did a days attempted shredding in an office in Angel the other day, didn't want me on the second day, although I never discovered that until after I arrived in the office. Didn't matter so much in the end. I had a nice day out, went to British Museum to see the exhibit about Arabian horses, and then to the Natural History Museum, where I blagged two free tickets to see Animals Inside Out and one about Scott of the Antarctic.

Fuck me! Just watched some Brazilian cripple smash Oscar Pistorus. Simply flew along! Off tomorrow to meet H2 and Oldest Child to get me some para-athletics action and then para-dressage on Tuesday. Bit pissed about the dressage, two years ago when I found out I could get tickets ahead of schedule for them and the Olympics, I got 4 tickets, shame how now I can't find anyone to take them, and believe me 30 quid would be VERY welcome now! Serious cash flow problems.

Oscar's a bit grumpy btw about having lost, reckons his bouncy blades were cheating or something?

I took Idiotpony for our first solo hack today! Thought it might end disasteriously as I got off and walked with him a few times as he got frightened and being a baby needs someone to follow to give him confidence. Ended out for nearly 3 hours though! Such an adventure!

Am taking him to use a school on Thursday. Wish I hadn't arranged this now I know the true extent of my finances! Turned down taking him to a show next Sunday. Simply can't afford to buy the new things I need.

Ah well. The next two days should be awesome and Welshy was talking about buying me flights to Vienna which'd be fab! Need a holiday! Hahaha!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love how small the horsey world is! I was speaking to my old instructor on facebook about the possibility of her coming out to see me and Idiotpony, meanwhile I was emailing an enquiry to some local yards about the possibility of me hiring the arena or hacking over to have a lesson with him.
Anyway, turned out that the guy I was emailing was a mutual friend of my old instructor and Idiotpony had been stabled at his yard previously!
Funny stuff!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy fuck he cracked and washed all the dishes! Hurrah! I can tidy the kitchen properly now!
What else is new? Not a lot, went and battled the jsa morons again Tuesday. Apparently the missing money Welshy is owed is basically down to "the mood of the person doing the filing" How the FLYING FUCK is that even a system! Its pot luck! Madness.

Had an interview Tuesday too. All was going well until they started talking about a computer programme I've never ever heard of.
Ho hum. Applied for 11 more today. Surely statistically one of those will get back to me?

I've got a real teacher coming out to see me and Idiotpony on Friday. Yippie. I really need some help with the napping and to encourage me that I'm going in the right direction. Oh I may have gone and got myself another pony to ride while I'm there. I'm such a pony slut.

Friday, August 17, 2012

It was my birthday Tuesday! Happy Birthday to me! 29! Fuck me. Ancient. Bones creak now when I stand. Actually I've always had clicky joints, I need some edible WD40 (don't suggest that disgusting fish oil crap to me either.)
Went and walked over the 02 building, which was odd, its like a steep trampoline, views amazing though at the top, then me and Welshy did some cocktails, ate dinner with P and E and L who were there by co-incidence. Nice day.
Wednesday I brought myself a lovely new riding hat and a beautiful 3 ft purple sparkly riding whip... made it VERY hard to resist the purple bargain basement jods. Stupid lack of funds.
Walking back through London with the whip caused a few comments, didn't help that I didn't realise just HOW low cut my new top was. Yeah. Pervy bastards out there.
Rode Idiotpony on Thursday, he was rather uncooperative. Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and hacking out before it gets busy. I don't want a repeat of last weeks attempt of nearly sitting on a silver car while the driver was in shock behind the wheel. (no blame to driver, he was doing the correct thing, passing wide and slow. Blame goes solely to the killer Tesco bag in the bush and idiotpony, being.... Well an idiot!)

PS. Tomato covered plates are still there.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tomato Sauce Incident.

So. If you've been reading this for a while, you are aware of how I have complained how cunty my brother and mother can be to me. Perhaps you may have thought that perhaps this was an over-reaction on my part. Perhaps I was being a spoiled brat.
Anyway, all week he's been eating some unholy mess of melted peanut butter, baked beans and salt (salts very important apparently) and leaving the plates, here, there and everywhere. To prevent a repeat of last years war where I gathered up all his dirty plates left in the computer room and left them outside his bedroom door, I put them into the kitchen, where they have sat all week.

Now lets point out that we have a dishwasher, so merely involves putting plates into that until its full and then putting it on. Not rocket science. Not hard work. Unfortunately Brat seems to believe otherwise and that's where they've stayed.
Last night, rather sarcastically (he felt the need to point out he was being so) he shouted that: "You might be able to find time in your busy day to clean the kitchen." 
I started to say that I do so when I worked fulltime and I cleaned all his stuff up then too, that its not like its much for him to do. Anyway, he slammed the door and we heard him rooting about in the kitchen. Later I went out to get a drink and I came across this.
Yup. He's taken all the clean plates out and smeared tomato sauce over them so I have to clean them if me and Welshy want to eat. There are two plates in the dishwasher from our meal earlier that night and that's all.
So, as a result that I perfectly reasonably refused to scrape his plates and put them in the dishwasher, we got this reaction. I'm 29 tomorrow. He's 26 in September. This is ridiculous. I don't have a problem with putting the odd plate in the washer. But I see no reason why I should do it all the time for him or go around the house rounding up his dirty food remains. So. Am I the one being childish or is he? Or are we both as bad as each other? Mother has already told me that I need to clean up after him while she is away, but I just don't see why I should.
Except now the house stinks of sauce. I'm feeling like I'm the brat for refusing to do what really is nothing to me, except I'm so tired of being the only one who does the washing, the hoovering, the cleaning. I don't see what me being at work or not matters. Its stuff I'm expected to do regardless.  
So judge me Internet. Am I as petty and spoiled as my brother? Is he in the wrong? Am I? Lets face it, I'm going to clean all this up at some point or it'll sit there till mum gets home in three weeks and then I'll be moaned at for winding him up.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I've just had the best three days at the Olympics. As always I've been gripped by all sorts of stuff that I'd not normally watch. On Sunday me, E and LLL went to see the eventing dressage, in the middle of the worst thunderstorm that made me feel quite exposed up on our seat in the gods surrounded by metal....
Dressage is normally pretty dull but the day simply flew by. My favourite was the Japanese guy who finished the day in first place - not expected at all. And of course I saw Zara, Will Fox Pitt and Mark Todd, all heroes amongst men.
Monday was cross country day and I'd only got the tickets on the Friday. Plan was to meet E and The Usurper for an eventing breakfast but three hours before the event was due to start it was already backed up, so I went in. I got an awesome spot by the drop fence and watched a few riders before finding those two and we toured the fences. Such a rollercoaster of emotion. Cheering on the Brits, then horses dropping like flies on the course, one rider breaking her pelvis and tearing her horses tendons to shit. Saw a Jap rider completely flip over in front of us which was horrid and we feared for its future after the screens went up.
Then everything was a sigh of relief when they went clear in front of us and we heard that they finished safely. Really brings home just how dangerous eventing is!
Then me and Mother went to the showjumping, the final element to the three day event. I was a bit pissed about this, as mother had previously just assumed she was going with me and never offered to give me the money for the ticket. But she seemed to really enjoy it and again, it was edge of your seat stuff - we were so, so close to gold but wasn't to be.
Feeling a bit anti-climatic now and even watching Gemma pick up silver in the judo hasn't revived me. (For what its worth, we went to the same judo club and her mum worked with mine until she died.)

Still off to see SunnyPony tomorrow. Am inspired to pick up the schooling work and start preparing for some shows hopefully. Although lack of transport lets us down. :(

Monday, July 23, 2012

How on Earth do you get people to realise your brother is a selfish cunt without sounding like you're a 14 year old whiny brat?
I'm sick of it. I give my Mother a quarter of what I "earnt" through JSA, I do the washing, the hoovering, the tidying away of tea things, of the breakfast things. I fold clothes and I tidy after everyone. I run errands for her and him, I empty the bins and weed the garden and cut the grass when the rain isn't lashing down. I did all this even when I worked and Boy was unemployed for a year and didn't give her any rent.
But its not enough. No thanks for giving her the money that I/we can't afford to give her, even though she's made no mention of us giving her rent, its been hinted at and it wasn't my fault that the JSA didn't give me anything for six weeks.
I came home yesterday after a lovely afternoon with Sunnypony, to find one of her friends lurking in the kitchen. Her friend informed me that they'd made a list of things that I can do around the house when Mother goes away for a month to Lanzarote. I was a bit stung at this, and pointed out that its all stuff I do anyway.
Apparently I'm also to fully weed and cut the grass tomorrow (today) as its now nice for a few days rather than the odd bits I've been doing. Again Boy isn't to do any of this. I asked what he'd be doing to help and got the smirk and the "told you." to her friend.
Later at dinner it got broached again and I asked what Boy would do and was told "nothing, he's working." I  said that he couldn't work 24/7 and that I did all of the above when I was working.
But I just sound like a brat, a selfish brat and as she comments enough when I say these things, that "I'm frightened I'll do more to help around the house than he does." That "If you're not working, you can do these things as you have the time on your hands."
So. How is it she's forgotten, or failed to notice that he spent that unemployed year drunk? That I did all these chores when I was working, that I do them all anyway? How does she fail to notice that he hasn't given her two months rent money and that's the reason she's had to cut back on her shopping? ~And going back several years now, how can she forget or fail to see, the time I spent with Dad, the time I spent running about the hospital when she was ill, when he didn't visit her at all? How can she not notice that he left me to struggle home on the bus with seventy pounds worth of shopping because he threw a strop about taking me there?

She says he helped. Before. I would have ended up agreeing, thinking that she was right, that I was a selfish brat. That he did help, that once again I was an awful person, self-centred. Now. Welshy sees these things, he can't say anything, can't butt in. And sometimes I wish it was the other way, because then I didn't see the unfairness of it all, just believed it all.
Now I try to defend myself and I sound like a whiny, petulant brat, just like i'm doing now. I'm 29 in a month. I shouldn't be acting like a brat or feeling like one. I shouldn't be living at home, I shouldn't be careerless and drifting. I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for going out and leaving her home alone. I shouldn't be made to feel worthless. The way they make me feel like I'm an awful spoilt brat.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So, unsurprisingly got rejected from the job in Bromley. Severe lack of potential interviews at the moment and still waiting for news from that dental job although the longer I wait the more I'm sure its no good.
My JSA money has been sorted out! Huzzah!
Pony fun is going ok Had a huge set back the other Saturday but then I rode Monday and he was good. I now have an arena to work in! And am toying with the idea of taking him to a introductory dressage competition.
Welshy is going to Germany to work for a week in two weeks or so and i'm only awaiting one more set of Olympic tickets to come! Hurrah!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Apparently I've been rejected from applying to go on BBC's Mastermind. Apparently Welshy applied on my behalf drunkenly in Spain. My Specialist subject was going to be "Glittery things".
Scored free tickets though to watch it being filmed subject to my travelling to Salford though!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Welshy came home Saturday, yay!
I went on a nice chilled hack on Sunday in which we battled road sign monsters hidden in the undergrowth and walked through a Tunnel Of Terror in which the water was ankle deep on the pony, bearing in mind that he most definitely doesn't like getting his delicate hooves wet, the fact that we eventually got him walking over it and indeed leading the way was an achievement.

Time to start job hunting again, see where we get this week. E is making me laugh, she keeps complaining about hating her job but seems to do very little in the way of actually looking for others. Anyway she reckons she's going to quit in time for the Olympics and just live off of her savings for a bit as she'd not be entitled to jobseekers. She's so tight with her money I can't see it happening, but! Stranger things have happened!

Friday, June 29, 2012

I wish I had more money. There's currently a £225 body protector, top of the range and top of the safety league on offer for 40 online. I can't really justify a new credit card purchase as my bill at the start of this month was 850, plus I put 50 on for my cross country ticket and today I cracked and put 400 on it for my season ticket.
It will take forever to pay off so I need to be strict and remember that I already have a body protector, albeit over 10 years old and in need of replacement. (same with my hat really!!) Hopefully I'll be able to see another such good offer once the JSA comes and I can pay off some credit cardness

Went to Bromley for an interview today. Probably wasn't best to answer the question of "Why should I employ you?" With "Because I'm awesome."

Yeah. Good skills, Charbs!

Also. Disgustingly. I was on the road by the company and on the floor was a dead collared dove half grown chick and a pigeon. Not just dead, by falling whatever. No the heads were missing and just nasty bloody stumpy spines poking out of their necks. How gross. Someone/thing must have ripped their heads off. Wasn't an animal.

 I emailed the dental practise back regarding the second interview I went on and they're STILL considering their options.
Stupid company. Looks like I've failed in my vow to get employed by the time Welshy returns from Austria! (6pm tomorrow!!!)

Ho hum. ALSO! THIS time next month I'll be on my way back from Olympic Dressage. WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two more sleeps. Wheee!

Its been such a hot, humid and muggy day here. Up in the midlands apparently there's been storms and hail! And flash flooding! Its the end of the world. A Day when I should be preparing for my interview tomorrow has resulted in me planning a solo hacking route, visiting The Job Centre again and still getting no where with the money I need from them.
I went to see Granddad afterwards. Unfortunately it seems Alzheimers is catching and he is deteriorating rapidly. Not yet to the same extent as Nan (who I can no longer visit as she doesn't recognise me and gets agitated by that fact, so its not fair on her) but it will happen to him as well.

Positive news though. I have this interview, still waiting to hear back from the others, applied for a shitload more this week and heard from the twins who are going to Southend in a fortnight and want to meet.
And tomorrow marks one month until I get to achieve a life-long dream and go to the Olympics! And get to see three days of horsey adventure. I can hardly wait.

Also! Two more sleeps! Yay!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hmmm.. I thought to myself. It's a bit sunny out, but cloudy. I'd best put some sun cream on.
So I coated the pony's nose and muzzle in it, while he tried his hardest to lick it off.

Did I think of doing it to myself? Fuck no. Am I paying the price now? Fuck yes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4 more sleeps till Welshy comes home, hurrah!
Off to play with Sunnypony tomorrow! Double Hurrah!
Went to the shops and brought two bikinis and amazingly neon green bra and pants - triple Hurrah! (if only I had a holiday to go to!)
Got paid for my work trial, money not so drastically needed! Quadruple Hurrah.

Forgetting that I was supposed to sign on yesterday and finding out they refuse to give me any money until Welshy comes home and want to dock a weeks JSA anyway because of this??

octruple (is that a word?) Boooo's!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another interview lined up this week Whoop Whoop. Applied for another job as well. Still waiting for the one I had last week to get back to me. TBH am starting to think its a no go if they've not bothered to reply.
We went out on penalties. Such an average side.

I thought out of interest I should see what I've been doing on this day (or as close as) since I started this. (boredom avoidance tactic ahoy!)

This time in 2004, I was preparing to leave the house I shared with MH and CL. Incidentally the night before England lost to Portugal in Euro 2004! Postiga! Me and MH ended up in hospital after someone threw a bottle at her.
 The next day I learnt Dad's cancer was terminal.

A year later I was still unemployed, living at home, lost and lonely, missing everything and everyone I had left in Derby. Deeply miserable, not knowing what to do for the best. Who to help first. Longing for help myself. On the 28th I took another driving test and failed. I was wondering if this was as good as it got. Whether that would have been the highlight of my life.

2006 saw me working in The Health Food Shop that Shall Remain Nameless and Volunteering at the London Aquarium. I loved my fishy friends there! I was preparing for a promotion at work but never got it, on the 28th I went to The Tower of London. I'd just been to Derby and was bemoaning the fact that everything changed. H2 was pregnant! CL had just got engaged to UDOBF! It was another World Cup Year and me and Welshy had become friends and it was only months until his confession. Me and E were idly planning our trip to NZ and had been to Iceland and Ireland.

2007 and me and Welshy had gotten our act together and had spent the night in a hotel in Covent garden after a hugely random night out. I was working in the Museum as a seasonal after returning from New Zealand and this happened.

2008 and my world was rocked again with the news that my Granddad had cancer. I'd been to a Lock-in with Welshy and some of his friends. Blogging began to take a back seat as my days were full. Welshy moved back to London soon after.

2009 and I vowed to get out of a rut. the 19th of June saw me decide to re-enrol to take my Maths GCSE again. I made these vows.

1 - I will either own my own place or be living away from home.
2 - I will have that maths GCSE.
3 - And a horse.
4 - I'll have a good job to pay for said horse.
5 - I'm gonna go back to the old driving and very determinedly pass the damn test.

Well, so far I got the GCSE! The rest is up for debate!

I hardly posted in June 2010, but I was living in the Isle of Dogs with Welshy and Flatmates from hell. We'd been to India. and I was preparing for my GCSE exam. I'd fallen out with MH over a year ago and suddenly had heard that she was expecting a sperm donor child.

2011. Last year! I'd just returned from a holiday in the Lake District and been to R's wedding. What a fab night and holiday that was! I had no idea that three months time would see me pack up and move to Spain! I'd been accepted onto the MSc Course (Just finished the first stage of it! - Probably last stage as well!) and me and Welshy had booked a trip to Vegas!

What a nice way of looking back on everything and seeing my moods, interests and whims at the time!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

So had my second stage interview and am still waiting to hear. First they told me it would be the day after the interview. Then the Friday. Now I'm wondering if I was rejected or if I need to be more patient and see what happens.
Still not got any JSA money. I'm starting to struggle for pennies. I have 70 quid left until the end of my overdraft. I desperately need that money to come in soon and the money I am owed for the week trial I did at Eurostars.
No idea when any of that will come through. Am assuming that the Eurostars money will come on Friday if its not stuck in limbo somewhere with the Natwest problems.
Have another meeting at the JSA on Tuesday, not the one I need before I can get any money off of them.

Welshy comes home on Saturday, am looking forward to it immensely. Its been nice to have that space but I miss him now, bothering me all the time.

Riding Sunny has been hit and miss, we had a lovely three hour hack a week ago and a really nice schooling session on Monday after my interview, we're working on teaching him half halts which is a way of getting the horse's attention, to pause and slow his pace momentarily and prepare for another change, either into canter or downwards. I really felt like he was starting to get somewhere and we had a lovely session.

Friday... Hmm. I learnt he doesn't like being ridden in the wind and the rain, he was very nappy and threatening to buck the whole time. I built some trotting pole exercises and tried to make it into a small jump just so he did something different and doesn't get bored of the same exercises but to be honest. It was just written off. He wasn't happy about being ridden and made it quite clear. He's a baby still and I need to make allowances for this, perhaps I should have taken him for a trot down the lane instead of forcing him.

I spent today making a nice table in Excel so I can chart his progress and what I plan on teaching him and things I aim to achieve with him each month (a jumping class, some countryside rides etc)

Handed my last uni essay in. I hope it gets a decent mark. I failed the previous essay. Yuck. Depression Central.

10 minutes to go and then this England game is heading to penalties.....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Things are good. Getting better. Had an interview last Wednesday. Just had email asking if I can come for a second stage interview on Monday, bit nervous about that as its an "assessment" apparently.
Had a lovely day hanging at the yard with Sunny yesterday. He's a lot better to ride although annoyingly nappy still when he sees the gate. I enquired into the possibility of someone showing me hacking routes. Looking forward to that.
I did cut my fingers to shit on his field gate which has now swollen and gone purple, very attractive when I have an interview to prepare. Hope it heals soon.
Welshy is still in Austria, been good to have him away, everything's gone a bit like it was originally when he was in Wales. Looking forward to his return though in two weeks.
 Met the boys for football on Monday and England play again tonight. Happy days.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tedious apparently.

When I met you, it was clear that you were ill. Mentally ill. I pitied you, I recognised such things. Believed I could help. You tell me I did, that I taught you how to live life and enjoy it.
I'm ill too you know. But you tell me i'm self-pitying. That I'm tedious. I am. I realise this. I fight just as hard as you do.
Lately. I'm not winning. Maybe it's being back here. Maybe its the fear that you've never understood, but its suddenly paralysing me. I'm frightened. I had a panic attack last night about getting on a plane. I don't even have a fucking flight booked.
I see people in the street and I know I have done more than they have with their lives, that I have more to fight for. But I see other people, the old people shuffling down the road and I ache for them. I wonder if they remember the joys of skipping through puddles, and to go out with abandon. I pity the people who have nothing left and I am so scared that will be me. You know what I'm scared of. You've never understood it. But I fear the days that I have now, of nothing to leave the house for. No more holidays, No more adventures. No more friends. Of being alone. Of dying. Of dying alone.
I'm 28, I shouldn't be feeling this way. You know I have for a long time, since I was 9 when I realised I wasn't immortal.
Lately, this is weighing on me. A pain in my chest. I spent a day in bed in San Adrian. I wanted to tell you then, except I knew your reaction. Today, tonight I told you and I got the reaction I expected.
I cried. I cry now. I've grown soft and weak. I felt like I did when I tried to tell Mother about being unhappy at school and she told me I was worthless.
If I'm supposed to be able to tell you anything, then why do you react this way? I can't tell you. Sometimes I feel even though you're sat next to me, as lonely as I did before you come along.
I'm tired. I'm tired of being sucked into this black hole, of the way I get treated by the others in my family. You're right. I do believe I'm shit. Currently. I fought through this once, twice, many times before and I will again. But its hard. Hard when I'm treated like they do, hard when you tell me I'm too boring and dull now. The ways you try and motivate me it doesn't work. I just feel worse.
It doesn't help. You don't help. I suffer from things the way you do too. Remember that.

Monday, June 04, 2012

I really need to leave the house. Except I can't bear the kids off on their half term holidays. Today I spent the day looking up New Forest pony genetics. Not even remotely related to the uni course I'm doing (this month, Nutrition and Digestion).
I did apply for a few jobs today though, and started a new Jobseekers application.

Enjoyed a nap around 2pm as well.

Going to visit Sunny Pony again on Wednesday. I plan some hardcore schooling, am going on Sunday too. Hopefully I can convince Mother to come and either critique what I'm doing (she has some uses!) or to walk along with us if we go for a ride in the woods.
I fear that could be a bit naughty as he's not been out on his own before and doesn't like leaving his chums. So to have her there as something that he can take a lead from would be useful. Or to drag him along while I do pony club kicks and try to keep him moving forwards!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

So I don't really know what to put. I'm not returning to the NMM. I can't really tell you why, Needless to say I've had a harsh lesson in internet naivety and trust.
Welshy was called up to go to Austria for a month by this company again last week. The thing about Austria is that its close to a lot of different countries. He'll be racking them up while I'm here counting pennies.
He also got a call on Friday from a recruitment agency wanting to pass his details on to a company in Richmond. Obviously he is in Austria for the month but we'll see if they get in touch upon his return.

Me? Well I've applied for a job with the Natural History Museum, still waiting to hear back from TFL and the Houses of Parliament job. I've spent most of this week, in an outraged funk, considering whether I can get in touch with citizens advice, or whether I should suck it up and move on.

I rode Sunny Pony on Thursday. He's a little dick of a pony. He put in a couple of little bucks as soon as I got him into the field and then was rude the rest of the time I rode.
I only popped on for 10/15 minutes. To be honest I was uncomfortable riding him, he'd not had any exercise apart from turnout for over two weeks. I did consider not getting on him, but felt obliged.
He did produce a few strides of good trot and we finished on a good note, where I was walking up back to the gate and he kept rushing back so, i'd turn him in a big circle and we spiraled our way back to the gate, by the end however he did walk sensibly up so we ended it there.
I had to be very forceful and rough with him though, because of his lack of manners. I hated that, I've never been a member of the "yank and kick" school of riding and especially not on a small pony just starting his training. But I needed to do it.
He's not dangerous, just naughty, having toddler tantrums in a hope that it means he can avoid work. I'm not soft enough to let him get away with this. THAT will result in a dangerous pony. Certainly not one that's supposed to be a child's first pony.

Oh yes. Yesterday Me and Welshy were discussing that if we managed to get work, we should go back to India for a week in the New Year and then a week on the Anaman Islands before moving on to Thailand for a week.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just two more days at that place to go. Today wasn't too bad, just deadly boring. I was taking card payments, a fiddly process.
Come Monday I go back to the NMM, and I can get my rosta and then plan a time to go ride Sunny Pony for the first time :)
I got some good schooling books to give me some ideas about what to do with him, although I think to begin with I shall take it easy, do some inhand walks (he's never hacked out alone before), a little schooling and some bomb-proofing maybe. Let him get to know me, and get confidence in me.
I'm planning to arrange a lesson with the lady who broke him (isn't that a horrid word?) in next week. She rides at Advanced Medium Dressage and is a BSJA so higher than any instructor I've had. I'm hoping to learn loads off of her.
I can't wait for this week to be over. I'm a bit confused as I applied for a receptionists job but this week I've just done admin.
Ho. Hum.
Still I can put this into a CV and big it up for further job applications I guess. Welshy is home on Saturday from his adventure in remote Austria. It sounds quite nice from what he says. Only 2,000 people. It makes San Adrian seem a thriving bustling city.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh God. I really can't face the idea of going back tomorrow. Can you have a fake sicky from a work trial?

Let me talk you through today. I had to finish off my task from yesterday. Only my 164 pages bred overnight to become 214. I had to place a plain white sticker on all of these, and match the form up with the correct students registration form.
So I got stuck in, adding the stickers as I went. My potential boss didn't like that method.
"No you have to put the stickers on before."
"That's the way I want it done."
So I shrugged, silently fumed and stuck all the stickers together and then started to match them up. I was left with about 100 stickered forms.
"what shall I do with these?" Expecting a place to store them.
"Oh shred them all."
Wow. So that irritated me. Not only is it a huge waste of my time but its a waste of resources. Poor trees!

So my next task was to open the mail and organise it, so I did, my office handles all the post for four different centres. Again doesn't seem the most efficient way of running things but ho hum.

There was a Polish girl working next to me, taking payments. She had a massive stack of paperwork and seemed to be one of only two people in an office of 6 that could answer the phone. So I asked her what to do with them. She said to start by checking all the information was there, payment, passport photos etc.
So while I was doing that Potential Boss asked me to answer the phone if anyone was calling and the two girls were busy.
Which, you know, I don't mind, although I was a bit put out, that no one else seemed to answer the phone and that she hadn't given me any information about what to say on the phone to people.
So I asked Polish girl when we went to lunch.
After Lunch she asked me to make sure all these people from the mail were in the register for the right centres. So I did that, changing the paperwork from pencil to pen and adding in if I needed.
So I did that, that occupied me for most of the rest of the day, I felt good. I felt useful, I was helping her by answering the phone. I was getting work done. Proper work.
Then Polish girl had to take the banking away so Potential Boss decided to show me how to take payments. All going well, exactly the same as in Bookings at the NMM. Then after she'd taken the payment, she said about recording reciepts at the end of the day. Which seemed bad to me. I'd get confused. I'd put the wrong receipt with things. So I said why can't I do it as I go? Again seemed more logical to me.
"Oh no, that's not the way we do it."
Fixing me with a steely look.
She then looked at the pile that looked like it was threatening to engulf the table. Taking one piece and holding it between her fingers.

Turns out I'd been doing it wrong, had to record what course they were doing, any medical needs and write more stuff on. Also I'd stapled them together wrong. So I had to take it all apart, rebuild her pile.
She didn't believe me when I said I hadn't been told all this, that some of the mistakes weren't mine.

Oh and because of this, the whole office left work 10 minutes late. People were angry with me

Monday, May 21, 2012

New job.

So I knew it'd be a bad day when I smashed a button against my finger getting dressed. It stung like shit.
Trying to get things sorted to go to work, and mums decided that suddenly its drastically important that she goes and orders a moonpig card for her friend's birthday. Despite already having got her a card.
So she bitches that I was rushing her and making her flustered but I was in a hurry! I only needed to print a damn form but it made me late. 
I got the bus full of schoolkids. One decided to drip his ice pole all down my leg. From 11.30 - 4pm I shredded 23 bin bags of paper. Then Then I looked through 164 sheets of paper to find 6. I then had to go through the stack again and put stickers on.Then my bus drove past me on the way home.  
Tomorrow my task is to match all 164 pieces of paper with the students register details. 
Helpfully both sets of papers are not in alphabetical order.

Still Roast dinner for tea and then a nice bath. 

Oh Welshy is in Austria teaching supply English classes. So not fair.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


So I went to see Pony today. He was adorable. A newly turned 5-year old Liver chestnut with white socks and a stripe.
His owners are complete novices but very sweet seeming. They seem to think that I'd be able to give them all sorts of advice - like an expert! - and be able to ride him through his problems.
I didn't ride him then, he was a bit footy. He def needs his hooves trimmed and being a native is at risk of laminitis, they also suspect he has a bit of sweet itch too.
They kept telling me all his bad habits - which really are nothing considering his age. He just seems a typical cheeky pony who's getting away with a few naughty habits despite their attempts to be strict.
Anyway, hopefully I'm going to visit him again in a few days and then we'll ride. He apparently has a bit of a buck on him! I've ordered some good schooling books online and am looking forward to pottering about the countryside on him. Maybe we'll even get some jumps sorted, once all his flatwork is established.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Job Hunting.

So we've been job hunting both of us. We went to Reed recruitment and they offended Welshy greatly by telling him he was unemployable.
We've had mixed success, the usual amount of more rejections than invites for interviews. But Welshy had two for a data mining job, that he found out today he didn't get and a phone interview to another place.
He signed up for a job teaching TEFL as a supply and has been offered a chance to go to Austria next week for the week. He's mulling it over.
Also he's been offered an internship at another language school starting on the 1st of next month. Not what he wants but its a start.
And me? Well I had an interview for a receptionist's job in a school in Lee Green, going on a week's trial for that next week. Its not filling me with joy tbh. Mainly cos the moneys not great and I don't like the idea of places telling me when I can and can't go.
The NMM has finally sorted out when I can restart there, I only did it a month ago! Moving quickly for them! Lol. I only want to do three days a week there to get money coming in and to stop myself falling into the trap there.
What else? Oh yes, I applied for a job for TfL working as a receptionist in the taxi section. This was a month ago and THEY'RE still considering their options as to who to interview. But I consider it good that they emailed me today to ask me if I'd like to also be considered for a job working admin three days a week in another section. This'd be good as they pay masses better than the NMM and three days a week there means no weekends. Whoop Whooop!
So next week I go on trial at this school, the week after that I return to the NMM and I wait for TfL to get back to me - oh and I applied for a job at the Houses of Parliament, deadline for that is on the 25th. If I don't get an interview I will be outraged. I have everything they require for that job.
H2 and her kids came to visit at the weekend, we spent the day at the Transport Museum. Honestly I never realised it would amuse the kids for FOUR hours straight. Longer if she hadn't gotten bored!

Other news!

I answered an advert for someone looking to share their very green chestnut NF pony. Just 5 years old. I go to meet his owners at the weekend. I've done a bit of facebook stalking and that along with some of their photos and comments make me suspect that they are also novice owners. They seem very nice though. I'm looking forward to meeting him and meeting what I already consider my pony!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

So life as an unemployed bum continues.
However I do have an interview on Wednesday, to do a Tues-Fri job as a receptionist at a language school in Lee Green. I can't tell you any more about it than that because I know nothing else. Can't even remember what the wage is. I saw it on the jobseekers website so can't be much pennies.
I applied for it during my resignation rage and that was over a month ago. Meh. We'll see what happens.
Two jobs that I have applied for, that I want though. One is for Transport for London, its ok money, local and best of all I get two free oystercards for free London travel. That would make me happy. I can't believe since starting this blog, fares on the bus have gone from 80p to a whopping 2.30-ish.
The other is to do gallery and tour guide work at the Houses of Parliament. I know I left the NMM vowing never to get back into that work again, but for 19k (3k a year more than what I left with, wage wise) starting salary (rising to 24k) no Sunday work and alternate Saturdays would suit me ok. Hopefully would work ok so I can go to football anyway :)

Speaking of football, my beloved Charlton gained promotion back to the Championship. I was very happy, but also sad as I have no money to afford to renew for next year.

Welshy also has an interview for "data mining" whatever that means. He's been trying to teach himself HTML with thanks from H2's husband. I hope he gets it. We went to a recruitment agency last week and the man told him he was unemployable and couldn't help him and he's been a bit depressed and mopey ever since.

Oh yes. Bored last week I did a bit of advert reading and responded to a woman who wanted someone to school her horse for her as she didn't have time. Free Horse Fun! Who could resist! So I replied telling her what I could and couldn't do, height/weight etc and where I was based and now I'm waiting a reply. I say waiting. Obsessively checking my email is more realistic!
I'm starting to fret that because I didn't give any details (other than my email address that I had to fill in when I applied) that she won't/can't get back to me.
More realistically, its because I'm not good enough for her pony.
I REALLY need a job so I can ride again. Spending my days reading Horse and Hound Forums and looking at ponies I can't afford to keep as of yet is not a suitable substitute for Pony Fun

And. Final good thing (for now) H2 + children are coming to visit next Saturday! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 headed shark attack....

.... is the name f the film I'm currently watching. Its as amazing as the name suggests.

Anyhoo, today I went to see my pony friends hooved and footed. And here's the questions(s)

  1. Where would you draw the line at, for riding I mean. I love it more than anything else in the world ever. But, when do you say its time to stop? My Mum quit after her car accident, she can't risk any more damage to her back and neck. But she misses it greatly. One of the Instructors at my old year broke her back falling off onto a pile of bricks. She was warned that any more damage could result in her being in a wheelchair for good. But she still rides. I wonder if it was me, whether I'd carry on or quit. Riding's an addiction pure and simple. A guy today fell from a horse, not the horses fault. He was doing a stretching exercise and simply lost balance and slipped. Turned out that he recently recovered from being in a wheelchair. Wouldn't that make you think. Yeah. I'll stay away from high-risk sports. I wonder if something like that might make me quit.
  2. Do you think animals can feel guilt? Or shame? Or is that anthropomorphising a bit? I ask because when this rider came off and was paralysed unable to move, his horse stayed by his side. He could have wandered off anywhere, but stayed a few steps from his downed rider. The instructor was busy with injured man, so I nipped into the school and grabbed the horse. Poor Bo, instantly buried his head in my armpit and just looked so sorry and guilty, I had to keep petting him to cheer him up. 
My beautiful ship is all fixed again! :)
Remember this?

Its now repaired and back to normal. Opens again to the public on Thursday. 

I love *my* ship :)

Its a bit ridiculous that after a 10 hour sleep, and having been awake for just over an hour, I'm ready to do back to sleep.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'n sure people told me there was a drought in the UK. How comes its rained virtually every day since we've been back?
This is all deadly familiar. Applying for jobs I fear I won't get. Feeling desperately unqualified for everything. Looking at jobs and dismissing them. I felt like this when I returned from Derby. Do you remember? Feeling lost and lonely and missing what I had.
Mum keeps on at me to go back to the NMM or apply for shop work, I don't want that. But there's that niggling feeling that perhaps thats the best I can aim for.
Welshy scorns me. Tells me I'm pathetic for feeling this way. How can I tell him when he doesn't understand? I don't want to. Am I imagining all this and being stupid and girly?
I don't want to go and work in the City and commute. I hate that. I feel it raising my blood pressure being jostled and pushed by busy rushing people.
I wish I could get a decently paid job locally and not commute. I want to leave London and not return. I want to be secure somewhere and not leave home and be forced to come back within a year or so.

This gloomy weather gets me down. I need to snap out of this and readjust to being at home again, being dependent on Mother's whims and moods. Convince myself that she's wrong and I can do more than what she expects of me. And wait for Welshy to come home and see what happens.......

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home again...

I don't even understand what's going on with Blogger now.

Anyway. I'm home from Spain. I'm absolutely heart broken about this. I love that Bumpkin Town. I love travelling 14 hours to get home. I love walking through the town square and being besieged by kids calling me.
I miss 2 euro bottles of wine and the honesty system in Anai, which led to us racking up whats possibly a 50e if not more bar bill because we kept forgetting to pay. I miss warm freshly made bread from Ogipan. I miss crazy people singing and dancing on the streets at 6am.
I miss three day weekends and I miss going to Calahorra for riding. I miss the sheer friendliness of the people. And the insanity of fiestas for Domestic Pets.
So why am I home? Two months earlier than planned?
We resigned. Our boss was crazy, forgetting to pay us, paying us a LOT less than what he initially promised when we left the UK. He dropped classes on us with no warning, meaning we had no plans ready. He interrupted classes and insisted on talking Spic to them.
Cracks appeared in mine and Welshy's relationship. We bicker a lot, but our arguments became serious. Drunkenly several times we discussed ending it. Sometimes I felt like there was a distance and I couldn't talk to him like I've always been able too.
It was hard. We're both independent people, we both drive each other crazy and we need our own space from each other. Suddenly we couldn't do that. We worked together, we lived together. We had no other friends, we couldn't go out without each other. The only break I got from him (and vice versa) was when I'd go for an hour to do a company class, or when I went for 3 hours on a Friday to ride.
It was stressful. He decided we needed to come home for our sanity, for our relationship to survive. Our boss had taken out a small argument with me, out on my class of 4 year olds, nearly reducing them to tears.
He blamed Welshy for him having to take a class, and both of us going home. That Welshy should have checked and confirmed this class with my boss. My boss has been taking this class since Feb. Three Months. As far as we were concerned there was no mistake with the timetable, but my boss felt there was. Conviently forgot that it was his class and then blamed us for it.
We fought that night and on Wednesday two weeks ago, I woke to the sound of Welshy writing his resignation letter. Mine followed shortly after. Our boss ignored the emails even though we knew he had read them and on Friday we were on holiday in Lisbon - a beautiful place - and we forced the issue, offering to go at the end of the week, to not work a notice.
Monday night we got the reply that he would meet us at 8am and discuss it. Tuesday 8.45, he knocks. We sign our resignation letters and that was it.
We took a weeks holiday in San Adrian and then drunkenly, sadly returned home a week ago.

So now what? I don't want to go back to the NMM. Welshy doesn't want to go back to Car Counting. So we're both signing on and applying for many things. The mother is pleased/angry that we are back, take your pick. She keeps talking about how she cant afford to keep us and how we need to do work about the place. Chores. I bite my tongue and try not to remind her that The Brat lived for a year on the dole and didn't pay rent, how he never helps about the house and how he can't be expected to help now as he's working, but yet I was still expected to do chores while I was working. Nothing changes there.....

I want to go back. I miss the lifestyle, the bumbling struggling attempts to speak Spanish. I miss going to different Spanish cities. I miss going to Camp Nou and the Bernabau. I miss discussing the football with the little kids. I miss playing with my Toddler students. I miss the fact that we didn't go out on an evening until 2am, instead of coming home at 12 and thinking I've had a good night. I miss coming home at 3am and seeing little old ladies just heading out for their night of fun to get started.

I miss the dust, the boredom, the being bemused by the culture and eccentricities of it all.

Welshy is visiting Wrexham now, it will do us good to have this break from each other. We'll see what happens when he comes back.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes. Here you can buy Barca crisps. Or even Real Madrid crisps if thats more your thing.

There's a new giant sweety shop thats opened up here over the xmas break. Still not sure i'm down with sweet shops selling pickles, onions and olives. Doesn't seem quite right.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Urk. Talking over last nights events and wondering why I stink so much of smoke, I realise that I drank a hefty amount of wine last night.

Not bad for someone who hates it normally.
Its 1am, me and welshy have just performed "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" on a table in front of a baying audience.

The town is full of fire. I can see at least 7 from where I am. We have returned from our invited party where we ate chops, TDR risked Pig Cheek. (horrible looking, greeny and reminded me of a cross between bacon and intestine).
My glasses got smashed by a misplaced football pass.
A man kept leaping through the BIGGEST fire shouting "Viva San Anton! Viva San Adrian!"

(Apparently he is the patron saint of animals)

Anyway, we left that about midnight. Walking by Ogipan Welshy gets hailed by a student. We join his party Welshy is told that "You speak English well. Not very Well, but well."

The man who's party this is, is trying to ride a fold up bike on one of those giant cotton reel type things, the kinda that you get in factories with cable on.
He earlier was trying to walk along it and nearly got run over. His girlfriend tried it and fell, hitting her head with a crack. She seems ok. 
Me and Welshy are curious as to whether we are the responsible adults in this party. 
Its fun shit like this that makes me love Spain and love this crazy ass town we live in. Surely nothing this fun can happen in a city like Madrid or Barca?
Its time to do some dancing I think.....