Sunday, September 07, 2014

I need to get the habit of doing this again.
I've been busy-ish at work, we do 9-6.30 but I still feel as if we're only doing half of the job, change is happening slowly, the compliance is still reactionary, rather than leading the way like it should be.
I bite my tongue and try to influence it subtly.
I like the people I work with, I have a new guy start who is great fun and D who is a bit by-the-book. Welshy came and stayed with me at E's all week and we did a little house-hunting.
Mother is coming back on Tuesday, hoping to release funds from Dad's pension, we've been offered some for a deposit. I won't hold my breath on that happening and will continue to trawl the adverts for renting places that take pets.
Just when I thought funds were getting back on track, today I had an argument with a fencepost at the yard, the fence post won and now I have a large dent in my passenger door and no door handle.
Thank FUCK for T-cut, that shit is magical and the scrape is gone!
God knows how much that'll cost to get fixed though and will have to look into getting it done while i'm at work. Hopefully I can get someone to collect and return it to work tomorrow/Tuesday.
I got my last lot of Housing benefit, it's been a nightmare to cancel it as I can only do it during my lunch break and have been unable to get through/or got cut off after 20 minutes holding.
But at least I can use that to pay for the repair damage and not do it on the insurance. Can't be too expensive to re-attach surely and then hammer out the damage? If its less than 340 then the housing benefit will cover it! Hurrah!
Anyhoo- I'm doing Skype Spanish classes ATM, swapping 30 minutes (or a lot less) of Spic for English.
I'm definitely learning new words, progress is slow but coming along.