Friday, March 31, 2006

I passed my theory driving test, yay me!
Now to seriously consider real driving lessons! AGAIN!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I got the fishy job people!
*does victory dance*
Only one day a week on Fridays and its still only volunteer work!
But! A teeny, tiny baby step in the right direction!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

H2 at the grand old age of 24 has managed to get herself married about a year into our uni degrees and is now expecting a baby.
It frightens me slightly that someone I know has managed to get herself into this situation, and yes she's very happy with hubby but my god!
I swear if someone came at me with that kinda commitment I'd run as far as I could in that other direction.
Yay for her I guess but I'm dreading the thought of seeing baby scans/pictures and boring baby talk.
One things for sure though, I imagine there will be a lot of teeth gnashing and jealousy from MH - 25 tomorrow and not even in a relationship!
There's gotta be some kinda gene missing in me I'm sure of it where the thought of these things are absent from my mind.
Ah well I shall carry on happily ignoring any talk or thought of growing up!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I still think of you, you know?
I dream about you often, but you're never well in those dreams, always I see you in the wheelchair or needing support to stand, but being you nonetheless.
I rage at the fact that I still can't or haven't grieved, and how life continues as normal, as if you were never here.
I see things of yours everyday, things that have one hundred different memories and they make me smile and sad at the same time.
I miss you intensely and I am furious at the disease that took you away from us and I want you back, here, now and whole and well.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

We beat the Toon!
I'm quite thrilled by this, it was an ok win and made the more sweet after that money-hungry cunting wanker Spotty Parker scored an awesome goal.
( I in no way at all wish he was still at the Valley - nope, nope no way)
There was this really cute little pigeon in the ground too sat in the corner of the ground, who for some reason couldn't get up in the air terminals enough, perhaps he was still a bit inexperienced?
I had my heart in my mouth each time the ball was in that end that someone would fall or stand or accidently kick the ball on him.
And judging from the scream of some bloke to "SAAAAAVVEEEE THE PIGEOOOONNN!!!"
when the guy came past to change Chrissy Powell's boots, I'm not the only one.
but luckily he survived the full 90 minutes and now hopefully he's off safely back in the nest.
And According to the programme I'm gonna get 25 quid off my season ticket next season with all these reductions, which means another away game!!
Details for the Boro cup match should be about soon so I can work out if I can make it too the game! Free Coach Travel! Yeehah!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Lurker is back, I've missed him this week, thinking that perhaps he's got the message but he was back today and moreso I had a proper conversation with him!
After several looks round the shop he appeared at my till with a 19p lollipop. (last of the big spenders!)
He's shaved all his beard off and looks less scary now, almost baby-faced.
Still had the same nice hatr and tweed coat though.
He returned twice more that day buying a lollipop each time.
He speaks very good clear English - Queen's English I suppose, no slang or accent for him!
He asked my name and like a fool I told him and then got all paranoid and wish I'd told him my name was Brunhilda or something.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My god!
What a 0-0 draw!
Now for the Dilemma!
Obviously I want to go to the Replay, but its midweek so trains coming back down are impossible.
So the thought is get a coach up, but its gonna cost so much money, plus the ticket plus dinner, we're looking at at least 70 quid.
Obviously its 70 well spent if we win but what if we dont? It's a long way back down sulking.
And then on the other hand what if we win?
And then the semi gets played at a neutral ground up in the midlands or OT or St James?
Thats another 100 quid gone easy and then Cardiff too?
Oh dear me, why couldn't someone have converted that chance and then all this money wouldn't be thrown away in another hopeless cup trip?
Remember I applied for the London Aquarium for voluntary work?
And got rejected?
Well when I came home from holiday I found an email asking me to come in Wednesday for an interview, so I did and I hope it went ok although a couple of times I waffled myself into a corner and then my sentence died in a "er..... Ummm........... Yeah"
So fingers crossed!
At least it'd be a step in the right direction of using my degree!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One of the best bits of the Blog world is that you have a captive audience to show holiday snaps
So Enjoy random holiday snaps!

The geysir!

Random dead Volcano!

Part of the Icelandic National Forest!
They have no trees so are busy planting loads and are so proud of these little shrubby bits!

The amazing Gullfoss Waterfall, drenching everything around it in mist and water droplets.

We rode the Icelandic horses, Everyone knows I'm a keen rider and I was so excited to get a chance to ride these ponies and get a feel for the "Tolt" a special pace unique to the horses.
This is my buddy Gomma!

Blue Lagoon.

Even like this, its hard to describe the pastel blueness of the water, the blackness of the rocks and the smoke and steam that rose from the water.
The way that the floor was uneven, the sand that changed to sludge beneath your feet, how you swam through warm and cooler currents.

See! It was 0 degrees outside that day and the poor lifeguards were tucked up warmly!

There was buckets full of sludge, a kinda silica mask made from the bottom of the pool and we scraped it all over ourselves!
In the back ground is the power station that made all this possible!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Geysir video (download)
By Charby aged 22 and a bit!
On my holiday I did the following exciting things and learnt the following information:

Iceland is actually warmer than Britain!
Iceland gets BBc London!
The only grain to grow in Iceland is barley, but they have bananas!
I went riding!
I broke my finger in an arguement with a hot tub!
Its hard to type with your main fingers taped up.
I got us abandoned in a icelandic bus terminal after getting on the wrong bus
After being rescued it was discovered that our hotel was 200 yards down the road
Whilst getting rescued I trapped my finger (different one) in the bus door!
Icelandic men are all very good looking!
Iceland has lots of waterfalls
They really do eat decayed shark
I went to the Blue Lagoon and fell over and have scraped all the skin off of my arse!
On a trip for the northern lights, I discovered a favourite pastime for coach drivers is ten pin bowling for tourists!
I dont like blue cheese on my pizzas
Icelandic supermarkets are all called Bonus
Its surprisingly easy to crash the entire computer system of The Blue Lagoon whilst trying to send an e-card
Sweetshops and bookshops stay open till 11pm while everything else closes at 5
Dont loose your passport just before going through customs

Pictures will be coming shortly

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Going on holidays!!!!!
Be back Monday!
Behave yourselves all!
Now where the fuck would my passport be?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Isn't foreign money funny!
You get so used to looking at normal currency day in day out that when someone presents you with money from another country its like play money or monopoly money!
Not long to go now!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

"Ok so if your allergic to fish, you can't take that, but! If you come up here we have Devil's Claw, that'd be fine for you to take."
"Oh I can't take that!"
"Oh? Why not?"
"I'm a Christian!"
"But... Yeah I see. Right. Well I'm needed at the till now." Ha fend for yourself awkward bitch!
My customer care skills are excellent!!!

My mother has a terrifying need to be organised, left up to me I'd pack for Iceland the night before after a three hour panic buy round the shops collecting anything I needed.
Instead she has me organised, travel insurance brought, money in the agents to be changed over and an alarming amount of spare socks purchased because "You can never have to many socks for emergancies."
I imagine in an emergancy a clean pair of socks will be the first thing I reach for.
She also made me pack tonight, despite the fact I don't leave till Friday morning.
She watched over me carefully, socks, thermals, towels, underwear, warm jumpers.

Two hours later.
"Do you realise what you never packed."
"Oooh I need more socks?"
"You need jeans to wear unless you propose to wander round half naked?"
"Now who's fault is that for not supervising me properly?"

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just had to upload a picture of the best hat ever,ever ever

Do you think it'll go down well in Iceland?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

So I trotted off to Surrey Quays today to do my exam!
The real thing, unlike last weeks stupid fake date!
I've been slack really at revising, so wasn't too fussed even if this 90% pass mark scares me!
I needn't have worried by the end anyway!
I got bunged in a room on my own - well I say on my own, it was me and what I discovered in the drawer - all the text books we're supposed to use!
Of course I wasn't going to let this discovery go unnoticed and used them shamefully as much as I could.
Then the stupid area manager woman went over them with me!
So I'm quietly confident I'll pass!

I've decided to take up driving again!
Just put in for my 3rd theory exam at the end of the month!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tony Christie is coming to the Valley for the Boro Cup Tie!!

Fuck yeah!!!

"Shalalalalala We sent the Palace down!"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Iceland and Ireland, Iceland and Ireland!

Maybe I should be working my way through all the countries beginning with I this year!
Indonesia next on the list?
I went out over the weekend and bought a spare waterproof, I already had a pacamac one in fluorescent glow in the dark yellow! (My reasoning was that at least I'd be spotted lost on top of a mountain) but thought a spare one - with match trousers would come in handy, especially for the riding part of the holiday - there's not many layers you can fit under jodpurs!
They're in bright pink, purple and teal! I look fucking awesome, like the Michelin man, especially when I put all my layers on and very attractive too in my thick wooly tights and thermal vest and trousers. Like a right Granny!

I told this to Welshy when we met up to go to see Wrexham play Barnet on Saturday, he looked slightly puzzled at how anyone would willingly wear such a get up.
And then was frankly revolted when I pulled up my jeans to reveal my knee length garish rainbow socks.

I think that's where me and him differ, if I could pick a word to describe him it'd be "grey" he rarely wears light coloured clothes, where I love bright colours.
I threatened to get some purple onto him and he was horrified.
He's very serious and doesnt grasp my flights of fantasy, which makes me quite sad really.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I have discovered the bestest bar in the world!
Not only was my most favourite alcopop on buy one get one free, but It also sold Icecream!
Shame its about an hour away in Barnet though!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Lurker has been banned from my shop following the Wild Yam incident and another involving red marker.
It makes me quite sad, all that time smiling at him and now he's banned.
He comes to the doorway and hovers now and if you look at him he walks off smiling.
A couple of times he crept in and I caught him on the way out, a triumphant smile on his face.
A couple of times I caught him in the entrance and I rather forcefully (well for me anyway!) tell him to leave.
Its sad, I feel bad.
Poor Lurker

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going to Iceland in two weeks!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Guess what!
My exams really on the 10th!
Still more time to do some revision I guess!

Incidently, today I cut all my hair off! It looks strange, I've had hair to my mid-back for about 7 years and now to see it all short and framing my face instead of being dragged back in its customary ponytail is freaky.
Still give it time to recover from its falling out through stress lark and then I plan all sorts of wacky ideas with hair dye for it!