Friday, July 25, 2008

my granddad has come out of hospital which is good! hurrah! hopefully he'll get all better now.

I was talking with a few friends today about Poe and I remember reading a lot of him when I was four or 5 years old, I'd been given a collection of "mini-classics" with the pictures on one page and an edited version of the story on the other, it was this way that I discovered Dickens and trembled at Sidney in Tale of Two Cities long before I read the full length version, (actually I only read the full length version late last year)
Anyway, I still maintain that Poe wasnt the best choice to put into kids books, I still cant bring myself to read The Fall of the House of Usher again and I still skip the picture of the old man in The Telltale Heart now.
Anyway, a question for you all is: what was the most scary childrens book you ever read?

For me it was this, rather random story I remember reading during nursery, it was a foreign folk tale possibly from Poland or Finland and it was about a man who went to bed every night and a wildcat would creep into his house and each time he'd send his dogs out to chase it away and then one night the wildcat led the dogs far into the woods and got them lost and returned to the man's house.The very last page i remember reading has the cat peering over the side of the mans bed and the mans crying for the dogs but they never came.
Do any of you guys remember or know of this story?

I'm off to my cousin M's wedding tomorrow, thankfully he gave up on his earlier idea about making me a bridesmaid!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

He showed up at his house at half 11 its a 2 mile walk from the hospital to his place. and refused to go back in, so much so that the hospital started to consider putting a temporary section on him to force him to go back.
But once the painkillers wore off, he was in so much pain he was glad to go back.
And strangely rather pleased, not so much by the fact that they were putting him in a private side room but that they were gonna make him wear a tag that set off an alarm if he left the ward.
I left him watching "The Great Escape" I hope he dont get any ideas about tunnelling out!!!

(i hate going to that hospital, its the same ward me Dad went into when he had his first battle with The Big C)
After two more botched attempts to escape/get us to take him home, my Granddad has finally ran away from hospital.
You gotta admire his determination, I mean Dad only managed to get half way out before he was rounded up.
Only question is: Where the fuck has he ran away too?

Friday, July 18, 2008

So Granddad had his op and it went really well, so well they decided he didnt need a colostomy bag and could even go home monday if he carried on improving.
However since yesterday he's gone crackers! I guess reacting on the methadone or something like Dad used too. Apparently people in the ward he was in were planning to stab him so he needed to escape and pulled out all his wires and managed to get halfway down the ward before a nurse spotted him and tried to restrain him.
ANYWAY, it all ended up with us held hostage by him in a day room for several hours before we managed to calm him down.
They decided to move him to another ward after that, with more older people in it, but apparently he's gone crackers again tonight and has just rung mother up to demand she come take him home.
When you add that to the bastard uncle who keep phoning mum up and telling her that SHE's not looking after them all properly, despite spending 3 hours locked in a room with him, spending 8 hours there the day before and 6 the day before that and STILL going to me Nans to take her dinner and to the hospital.
And When was the last time he went to see Granddad or Nan? Easter.
Yeah you can fuck right off.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So my Granddad had his rescheduled op yesterday, which lasted 4 hours.
He came out of it well, a little dopey (buut really who can tell the difference!) and today they'll tell us about what happens next, so fingers crossed that they've managed to remove all of it!
I went to see LOTR on stage last night, they've made it into a musical, which mostly didnt work I thought, although I liked the little song that Frodo and Sam sang near the end.
Visually its amazing, from the terrifying Black Riders and Shelob, storywise its a little confused, a little mishmash from the film and books and the ROhan bit is skipped completely but I guess its impossible to put it all in!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

this weekend I headed down to Bristol to have a bitta reunion with CL and MH.
It was a bit rubbish to be honest, and I kinda wish i'd saved my money and not bothered!
See whenever I speak to them now its all about them and how good their jobs are and they talk about their houses and whatever and I cant really compete with that being stuck in the museum and at home, but you know I'm not really bitter about it.
You cant help the way fate fucks you about, but what really gets me is how they love to rub it in, even when I tell them how miserable I am with everything and the constant, constant rejections and knowing that even if I wanted to move out I simply CANT afford to live in London.
So when they get together and talk about stuff I cant join in with, you cant help feeling a little left out and compare yourself to them, even though in that way madness lies.
Anyway, we headed out to Cheddar Caves. Which took them an hour to get ready for, and involved me spending an AGE to convince MH that wearing a mini-skirt in there was a bad idea and waiting for her to choose which bra was best, after she cswapped between the two three times.
Anyway, that was all pretty interesting, although those two wanted to rush and not take anything in and then we headed back to CL's and they both claimed they were tired and we sat in adn watched movies all night.
Which kinda annoyed me some more, you know i've spent money i dont have cos i'm more poor than them, in coming to see them, been unable to join in with any of their convos, and now i'm spending the night watching crap girly movies.
I came home feeling really depressed about my life and weekend away and feeling, like I do more and more these days that I'm drifting apart from them and really wouldnt be too fussed if I never really spoke to either again.
Which is an awful, awful thing to admit to.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

holy shit they let me play with the colours on here now!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008