Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ok Newbie. We've let you off so far but we need more info.
I've only got a small (I like to think of it as exclusive) readership, this is done more for fun than any attention-seeking ways, but I feel like I know most of my commenters, as they are all fellow bloggers.
As you are not, I need more info cos I am an insanely curious female.

So..... It's lets pick on Anonymous day!
I need the following info.

1 - A/s/l?
2 - Where did you find me?
3 - Charlton-supporting background?
4 - How long have you been reading before deciding to take the plunge and comment?

Umm I think that's all the info that'll keep me going for now, if you want to make up a fun nickname, rather than Anonymous feel free. Oh and feel free to gimmie more info and keep on commenting.

(I guess this bullying will terrify any other anonymous readers from commenting ever. - poo.).

Oh yeah! Guess what I found while rummaging through a cupboard! Only My Little Pony - The Movie AND if that wasn't exciting enough Thundercats The Movie too! Oh hell yeah!
A warning....
Tomorrow/today Dad goes for a course of radiotherapy...
Expect random whitterings and nonsense.
Pink on guys?
I look at pink on guys and think "GAY"
What do you lot reckon?
I present for your viewing pleasure. Pink shirts = gay.

STF says:
i've got a pink shirt
I saw the coke band! says:
thats GAY

STF says:
yes it is
I saw the coke band! says:
so why do you have a pink shirt?
I saw the coke band! says:
have u finally come out?

STF says:
coz its awesome and only a guy truely confident in his hetrosexuality could pass one off
I saw the coke band! says:
pink can never be awesome
I saw the coke band! says:
girly and gay yes not awesome

STF says:
its awesome on me. i wore it last night and i pulled, and coz i'm mingn i wore it again tonight and caroline told me it was very nice, and for a pink shirt, not gay at all

I saw the coke band! says:
STF says:
right, i'm gonna have a wank

I saw the coke band! says:
Thanks for sharing. speak 2u later-gator

Monday, May 30, 2005

Cardiff's Millennium Stadium is far more impressive in the real life than on the telly.
Well worth the 7am alarm (I swear that's probably the earliest I've been up since I went to Kew).
Even managed to get to Cardiff at midday and joined in the festivities, the singing, the dancing, the cringing at nob-head air-horns. (Ban them all now I say), the waving of the flags, the meeting of random strangers.
Making my way to the game, I borrowed an away shirt to fit in.
" 'ere luv, gis a kiss for luck like." From some random boozed-up stranger, who then proceeded to mug some kid to take a photo on his camera-phone and then hand it back to the rather baffled little boy.
Into the ground and being overwhelmed by the amount of blue and white stripes everywhere, and to my utter delight seeing the guys from that coke "real fans" advert! Legends one and all!
So excited to finally see Wednesday win! Makes up for all the dreadful and vile Away games I went to the other season.
Finally got in at 11pm and straight to sleep.
Not a patch on our own Playoff game. (Kinsella AND Mendonca were featured in the programme under a bit about past playoffs!) But the pure emotion that's shown in them games make them something never to be forgotten, even if you're a neutral.
And West Ham got promoted today! Awesome! My Godfather's a Hammer and means the banter and abuse that I thought had gone now Pal-arse have been relegated will continue! With a new Protagonist!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Did you see Luke?
What a legend! Like I said to STF, he's Gary Neville's natural replacement!
Off to Cardiff tomorrow, I hope that after two years of going to the odd Wednesday game that I'll finally get to see a win!

Friday, May 27, 2005

It's Bambi!" I shriek!
"Two Bambi's." E agreed.
There's actually a lot more than that in Greenwich Park.
We had a lot to celebrate. Not only was it the Hottest day of the year, but E has a new job and I am celebrating 13 weeks of unemployment.
So a Pub Crawl seemed the perfect way to celebrate the day.
We started in the Cutty Sark, moving on to The Yacht, before finding a Scream Pub and my Trusty Yellow Card came into it's own again, which is why we decided to stay there.
We decided to moderate our Alcohol intake by alternating the drinks with Ice-cream.
5 drinks later, (and two ice creams). We're feeling mildly pissed (I blame the hot weather) and Greenwich Park seemed the way forward, so armed with Ice-cream we climbed the hill and found ourselves barefoot in the Deer Enclosure.
"Dare you to climb over?"
E considered the three fences but declined politely.
"So where's the deer hiding?" I demanded and E pointed them out to me, in the corner in the shade.
"Oh Look Bambi's moving!" I called.
A few minutes later.
"6 Bambi's!" I crowed, looking at the Fallow Deer.
"Actually there's 5." E corrected.
"Bollocks. Look, two over there, two there, and one standing that makes 6."
"In what fucked up world does 2+2+1=6?"
"It does.... Oh shit wait. You're right."
We decided to reconvene at the duck pond and then walk back to The Standard and the Chippie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ok. Lets deal with things in priority first.

1 - Liverpool!! I was having a big text war with LF about them having fucked it up and then when they came back I claimed that I had supported them all along and he hadn't and I had faith and they weren't even my team. He's gone now. I won! I rule! Go me! Whoo-hoo! I shall now proceed to get drunk to celebrate.

2 - Flash. You have been accused of being girly by my new anonymous charlton supporting friend. How do you plead?

3 - Glad you're ok Cheryl, come back soon! I miss MSN chats!

4 - Spotty P*rk*r to Everton? Hmmm. I dunno how I feel on that. I still maintain that Parker should rot in the Chelsea reserves for the remainder of his career, or come home, after having made a grovelling apology. I'll always look out for him and his career and feel sick at having being screwed over by him but I don't give a shit anymore.

5 - I have tickets for the Wednesday playoff final! Whoo day trip to Cardiff for me!
*mental note for later* buy train tickets. no good buying them now, you may end up with ones for Whitby.

6 - No one, seems to have pulled off any practical jokes. Are you all boring farts? Come on people!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Things are slacking off here a bit aint they?

It's hard to think of interesting things to post when you're not doing anything, (Am applying for a new job though, a data entry type thing in Guys Hospital, which is where Dad went for his lung operation and is on the telly! So look out for me if I get it! hehehehe!)

So I think i'll turn things over to you, my two, three loyal readers.

Best Practical joke ever?

I want you to tell me about the best you've ever pulled off and to get you started here's my best two.

Probably one of the worst I've ever done is taping my brothers eyelids open, after he'd passed out after a night out. It looked freaky as shit when he was sleeping through it all with open eyes and then terrified him when he "woke" and found he couldn't blink.

Another time, when I was in my uni house, I covered the front door and windows in that police tape that they bung up when there's been an incident and then locked all the doors and turned all the lights off and waited for my housemates to come home and shit themselves about something having happened to me.

All pretty tame and boring really, so amuse me and shame me by telling me about yours?

Monday, May 23, 2005

A joke to brighten up your Mondays!

Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death they are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, when all of a sudden...
"Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon, I is sure of eet".

"Si, Luis, eet smells like bacon to meee".

So, with renewed strength, they struggle off up the next sand dune, and there, in the distance, is a tree, just loaded with bacon. There's raw bacon, dripping with
moisture, there's fried bacon, back bacon double smoked bacon... every imaginable
kind of cured pig meat you can imagine!!

"Pepe, Pepe, we ees saved. Eees a bacon tree".

"Luis, are sure ees not a meerage? We ees in the desert, don't forget".

"Pepe, when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smeell of bacon...ees
no meerage, ees a bacon tree".
And with that...Luis races towards the tree. He gets to within 5 metres, Pepe following closely behind, when all of a sudden, a machine gun opens up, and Luis is cut down in his tracks. It is clear he is mortally wounded but, true friend that he is, he manages to warn Pepe with his dying breath.

"Pepe...go back man, you was right, ees not a bacon tree"

"Luis, Luis mi amigo...what ees eet?"

"Pepe...ees not a bacon tree............




Ees, a Ham Bush"

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Friday, May 20, 2005

Never EVER let bastard little brothers play on the net.
I've just had to reboot everything, and everythings lost.
All my pictures, my files, my CV that took me two days to create, all my internet favourites and job pages.
I could cry.
Bastard stoopid Brothers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We suspected that Dad may have a tumour in his shoulder from all the pain he's been getting from that but it turns out to be a blood clot, so easily treatable.
The bone tumours, have not grown at all and the lung/liver/adrenal gland ones have only grown slightly, small enough to practically ignore, well you know what I mean.
So its another three months of carrying on as we are and see again soon!
Its like good news for a change!
Horrible, horrible vivid dreams last night, actually all my dreams are pretty vivid and I remember about 90% of them when I wake, sometimes whilst in the dreams I have the power to think, yes, this is a dream and change it to something else.
Particularly good for my normal reaccurring dream when mysterious things are chasing me, and I manage to realise its a dream and then change it so I confront the mysterious chasers.
These dreams last night still feel very real, several hours after waking.

Two dreams were very similar, I don't know if any of you out there read Stephen King, but two books of his I reccommend you read are The Stand and 'Salem's Lot. (IT is also really good)
But I was a character in both of these books, in one, its about a kinda flu that destroys 95% of the populations. I was one of those suffering from the 'flu and knowing it was the flu and knowing it was a dream and not being able to do anything about it. Horrible. I woke up sweating, which didnt help convince me I didn't have Captain Trips!!
I fell asleep almost immediately after that and was into 'Salem's Lot and Blackheath, or more specifically My old house on the estate was under attack from Vampires, Jim and Dot from Eastenders were in it, sorta reminding me of that scene in Titanic, when the boats sinking and they're lying on the bed? know what I mean?) Twice I nearly woke from this dream and manage to control it but I couldn't.

Another dream was strange. Me and E and possibly The Brat were at the seaside and a dark shape drifted by.
It turned out in my dream to be some mutant amphibious fish monster. In my dream, it was a called a Butterfly fish but looked nothing like one of these.
It was sort of flat, like a ray but with pointed sharp teeth that sucked all the blood from a person, it flew through the air using wings shaped just like a butterfly. It would hide on buildings waiting for people to leave and then leap on them covering their heads and sucking all the blood from you. I managed to wake from this dream, again almost convinced it was real.

In the last dream before I woke, I was staying at a house, somewhat like my Nanny's but only had two rooms and one floor, I was sharing a bed with 3 or 4 of my friends but I couldn't tell who it was. The only other furniture in the room was a piano near the bed.
The door opened and The LF came in, I smiled Hello, but he ignored me and I thought he was still mad at me and he stayed to play on the piano, he don't know any tunes or anything, it was just random key pressing.
Then he stopped and the piano began to play itself, and I was frightened and pretended to be asleep and then he looked over at a corner of the room and I followed his gaze and the new Bird presenter from Blue Peter was there and I knew she was dead and I was terrified.
I spoke to LF about it later as if in real life , he believes in spirits and see's things.
He told me that she only wanted to get our attention to ask for a drink of water.

And then my alarm went off and I woke.

Bizarre or what?

This post is brough to you by Utter-Ramblings.Co.uk and I-am-a-stupid-paranoid-worrywart.LTD
2 years ago today was the Arsenal/Saints FA cup game.
I'll not forget the adventures of THAT weekend, but I'll celebrate it at the weekend and maybe mourn it too.
In fact the next two weekends are something that needs to be remembered, forever, as it taught me possibly the greatest lesson anyone can learn.

But in other news today is the day when we get the results of all the various tests that's been going on up the hospital the last fortnight.
I'd like to to be good news, but I don't think so.
In fact if I'm totally honest, I reckon there's probably only another month or two left in it.
Really, really hope I'm wrong.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Owls made playoffs!
So on the scrounge for tickets and a trip to Cardiff now!
Now that some of my excitement about my weekend adventures has abated, I shall tell my tale of Two Bloggers, 1 yellow Card and a night out!
As I probably told Flash several times, I was very excited about our adventure and terrified at the same time. In fact I hardly slept the night before and felt too ill to eat much.

So I made my way up to Euston, when the thought struck me that I didn't really remember what Flash looked like and he probably didn't remember what I looked like.
(I had thought about trotting up in footy shirt, so I'd stick out like a beacon, but then having considered possible dress codes in pubs decided against it and my comfy trainers (Hope you feel honoured that I dressed up for you!!)
So I reached Euston at 7.05 and then had another sudden panic about someone else having read my blog, then trying to pass themselves of as Flash and abducting me!
But luckily, the one and only Flash found me, and then took me to a bar, for as I told him, I get lost in my own house and I rarely go up to London.

It was a Scream pub, reminding me fondly of Our Beloved Friary back in Derby and it was even more exciting when I realised that it was their £1 a pint night so we took total advantage.
We found ourselves a comfy settee to sit and chat on and I was still very shy and nervous, but the more we drank, the quicker it went away!!

It was so strange hearing the real names for people such as Dream Girl and Reckless and talking about my friends but using their real names instead of the initals, then seeing pictures of different characters in his blog and I kept giggling to myself at the thought that I was actually talking to a blogger!

It was great fun and a little bizarre being that in someways it was like talking to a stranger but yet a stranger you knew very well, and I got to quiz him on things that I'd always wondered about, such as how he came up with his name when he changed it, and I'd told him how I decided that he'd changed his name to "Nigellus" which was the most interesting name I could come up with using his inital!

Later we decided to check out train times back up to Crapsville, and then decided to head to Oxford street where I had supposed to be meeting E but by the time we reached it, she had left so we trundled into another pub. (The Tottenham) I think, near Tottenham Court Tube. (where I ended up after I got lost after my fishy job interview). That was kinda disappointing seeing as we'd thought up a exciting and probably implausiable story to explain just how I knew Flash without it seeming like he'd picked me up out of a chatroom and without giving away evidence of this blog

I was just a little drunk(!) by then and was getting very excited in there about him drinking Vodka and Cranberry just like he says on his blog (I had been very disappointed earlier in The Scream bar that he was drinking Carling!)

I think we only stopped in there for one drink and then headed back to Charing Cross, when we reached that place. I decided that he should come over to Blackheath as I was having far too much fun to want to go home yet, and I felt very guilty when I realised he'd missed his train!

So we got back to Blackheath and went straight in the pub next door to the train station. (Is it the Railway? I swear I go past that nearly every day and I can never for the life of me remember what it's called!)

Another drink in there and I was pretty wasted by then and very, very worried about how Flash would get home again and if he'd have to sleep on the train station floor or something, so I suggested finding the Holiday Inn on the Pennisula but he kept declining.

Ran over the road to get chips and Saveloy and then onto the 89 home, stopping off at the garage so he could get some fags and then he walked me home and I showed off my scaffolding proudly!

A lot of hugs later and we said goodnight, where upon I must have sent several drunken texts cos there was a hell of a lot of (equally drunken) replies on my phone when I woke, several from STF and The Sheep, as well as some from Flash telling me not to worry, before I passed out upstairs, waking up just in time for the Preston/Derby Playoff game.

I had a great time, once the alcohol kicked in and I got over my inital nerves, just as he comes across in his Blog, he's great fun and a good laugh and I'll definately have to take him up on his offer to visit Crapsville at some point!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

David James?
Up Front?
How funny would it be if he'd accidently handballed it?
Sha-la-la-la! (dush dush)
We sent the Palace down!
Hehehehe. I have football to go to Cheryl.... but maybe I'll give you details of what happened after...
Here are some hints, that may or may not be true to bring your curiosity up to boil....

"Let's go break into London Zoo and swim with the penguins...."
"Oooooh! A Scream pub! Cheap drinks!"
"Let's light those fireworks now!"
"Charlton Vs Palace then?......"
"Are you trying to get me drunk Charby?"
"Come to Blackheath! I'll show you the sights!"
"Goats.... What the fuck is that all about then?"
"I've missed my train! I'm trapped in London!"
"saveloys ROCK man!"
"This place has Lollipops!"
"Thierry Henry
(Footballer!) keeps following me to the loo!"
"Lightsaber fight!"

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I met a blogger!!!

And we got drunk

And he is luvverly And his name Is Flashy.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Went to see the reserves to night get turned over by Man U
First time Ive seen them and took some kids along to witness, well they were so bored I was entertaining them but singing through my vast knowledge of kiddie tv programmes and fascinating them by knowing the entire lyrics to "Ernie The Fastest Milkman in the West!"
They'd never heard it! DEPRIVED!
Spent the second half planning what to do with my Visitor!
So far Ive got as far as knowing that there's 14 pubs in the nearby area (sometime being a cabbies daughter has its advantages, even if I do get hopelessly lost everywhere I go.)
Flash I hope you've got an A-Z or something!
I'm trying to think of other cool things to do or chill out but I'm not sure! I hope you're thinking of ideas too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How funny would it be if Tony Christie finally found his way to Amarillo only to find that Marie had moved to San Jose?
I've spoken to a real live Blogger!
Its such a relief to realise that this isnt all just part of my bizarre imagination and a fantasy made up by my computer! (At least I already knew Cheryl was out there!)
There are actual real live people out there that Blog and I'm going to meet one, How exciting!
I was talking to the builder today, he asked me if I wanted to help and go on the top of the roof as "you've not been up have you?"
"Eeerrr... No!" I lied not wanting to admit to my drunken dare of climbing the scaffolding.
So I've been putting windows in the loft this afternoon and admiring it all.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Guess who I (hopefully) might be meeting?!
Guess! Guess! Guess!
A shiny new penny for whoever guesses correctly!
Might have cocked up here gang!
Sent off applications for the two London Wildlife Trust jobs, only I added my CV as well, just been emailed back that CVs will not be looked at.
Is that code for "Fuckoff Idiot, if you can't be bothered to read that CVs will not be looked at you're not even gonna be considered."?
The most awesome thought...
If Derby AND Wednesday make playoffs... Imagine if I could con people into getting me tickets so I can go to both games?
Man I'm knackered, spent the day yesterday at the stables and last night got woken up at 4am by a text from N.
It was obviously a well thought out text, it even had punctuation - well a full stop.
What did it say?
"Wee head."
Just that. Wee head.
His next text explained that he was awaiting a visit from the sandman. Which amused me and I asked if it was Brian, the 42 year old Transsexual from Wales.
He replied that no it was the trainee Sandman, Debbie, 19 from Melton Mowbray and that equal opportunities and nonsexual discrimination had finally caught up with Fairyland.
*shakes head in disgust*
I know too many weird people.

Monday, May 09, 2005

So. Job Update No. - who cares?

1 - Looking good a asisstants job to work with racehorses - 22k - oh wait... they want a driving license - Bollocks to them!
2 - A stag beetle job - no details on London Wildlife website so off we toddle for details via email.
3 - Volunteer support officer for same charity, 2 days a week 19k - Apply we did.
4 - MH who is being a complete pain in the ass for other reasons is trying to help and sent email details of a barperson needed in The Welcome Inn in Eltham, I don't really want to work in a bar and DEFINATELY not in Eltham, call me paranoid but some memories dont fade that easily, but she wouldn't listen and would point out that beggars cant be choosers (500 overdrawn AGAIN! How is that possible??)
So we'll see.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I wanted Ipswich to go up in 2nd place and Derby through playoffs.
That meant two funky away trips and two pissups.
But now?
Do I attach my support to Derby, as I lived there? Or Ipswich in honour of ITF? Or West Ham as I have a Godfather who supports them, and they are the only London team in it?
Decisions, decisions!

(edited for Cheryl - Who still needs to explain Baseball & American Football to me!)
If you finish in 3,4,5 or 6th place in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divsions, you go into a play off where they have a mini-league and play each other home and away.
The two teams that win over the two leagues go into a final, whoever wins gets promoted, in this case to the top division.
Derby, Ipswich, West Ham and Preston got into the playoff places this season, so I don't know who I want to go up.
I'm gonna do IT!
Oh yes, sometime after the 20th May once GT gets his project in, then I have plenty of time to change my mind if I want.
It's gonna be a nice, tasteful (I know GT, not so sure it will be!!) shot.
With double images!
So two naked Charbys!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Never, ever a penalty.
We Wuz Robbed!
Did Spotty Parker qualify for a champions medal?
I turned it over as soon as the final whistle went, but I saw him sitting in the crowd, cunt that he is.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My brothers chavvy mate has still not picked up on the idea that I don't want anything to do with him and wants me to go out with him this weekend.
How many more times do I need to make myself clear?
All the exciting things happening in my life lately!
1 - The BIG and MORBID discussion of whether Dad should go into a hospice towards the end. Answer instantly - NO.
2 - Granddad maybe getting a pacemaker fitted. Wheee! More stress.
3 - I have a Big and Important meeting in 3 weeks at The StinkyAss Centre (jobcentre) to explain exactly why I haven't got a job yet and to be told off for not having one.
4 - My brothers mate, is always trying to chat me up, its a bit funny and a little freaky, I don't appreciate getting chatted up by nobhead 19 year old chavvys. He's had a bit of a hardlife so I talk to him cos I feel sorry for him. The otherday I mentioned wanting to see HitchHikers Guide to The Galaxy, although I probably would have waited till it came out on SKY or DVD.
"great! I want to see it too! Let's go!""
"Erm..." *panicked thought*
"How bout Tuesday?"
"Err... ok."
Anyway.. Ended up not going and going last night.
He told me the film was on at 8 so away we went. (I talked E into coming as backup).. There was a film on at 7.10 which we'd missed and another at 9.40.
*deeply suspicious*
Grr. Wasting money that I didn't have on bus fare and a few drinks, why tell me the film was on at one time when it wasnt?

Yup, it's all go here for a change!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Guess what?!
I didn't vote!
Yah boo sucks to the lot of you!
It's your fault you didnt get elected, you shoulda come found me, I'd have made all the difference you know!
Its election day!!!
(also last day for cheap discounts while renewing the season ticket, if you haven't already!)

So who you gonna vote for?!
I'm undecided.
When it was the local elections in Derby, I was swamped by leaflets, from every kinda party going. So I stuck them all up on the porch door, it looked pretty funky, UKIP, next to Labour, Lib Dem next to BNP. I even did a Vote (real nickname) poster on the computer (which obviously had pride of place.)
Here I have nothing, I'm suspicious of these polling card things that came through the post, how do I know the places where I lived in Derby never got them too.

I wouldn't even know who the candidates here were unless I hadn't been reading Casino Avenue,
I was kinda looking forward to door-knockers and being stopped on the street to have people ask me who I was gonna vote for.
I refuse to just randomly tick boxes (MH is voting Lib Dem but when I asked her on the reasons why, the only one she came up with was the student loan one, she knew nothing of their other policies)
I refuse to go hunting online for information, and no one else seems to know anything.

So am I going to vote?
I don't know, I'm kinda apethetic about the whole thing, in the kinda "Why bother, they're all as bad as each other" kinda thing.
Then I think of the people that fought for women to have the vote and the people that don't get the chance and I feel that I should.
But if they can't be bothered to find me, why should I make the effort for them? If they wanted my vote that badly they shoulda come out and found me.
So! Political Parties out there.
You got a few hours to give me a reason!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Oh my christ.
That Crazy Frog thing has a single!
I loathe that frog.
It's enough to make you want to go out and single-handedly rid the world of every single frog, whether its a tree frog, a nice friendly frog in the pond or a crazy one.
I'd run a competition to destroy frogkind in the most amusing way.
Mind you that little canary one (sweetie?) is really cute and I'm starting to warm to the dragon/loch ness monster thing. Although I could never have them as a ringtone and anyone that does deserves a slap with 2 pounds worth of cheese.
I'll happily sit through an advert with them, but the frog?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm loving the fact that i'm getting all kinds of freaky referrals since mentioning "nude modelling"
(hehehe did you see what I did there? Mentioning it again?)
Been talking it over with CL who said that she'd probably do it, when I explained to her about GT and everything. (Then again, she is called CL for a reason!!)
MH would definately NOT do it and is possibly thinking all kinds of crap about me when I told her I was considering it.. She probably thinks of me as a slapper or something now.
I'm still stuck whether to do it or not.. Yeah it'd make a great story to tell people. (not that I'm sure its something I'd make public to my friends, cos lets face it all the blokes would hassle me for a copy of the picture.)
But then what if the pics got out? Much like this blog I'd die a slow and painful death if anyone found out of its existance.
Definately needs thinking about, might suggest to GT about me getting some kinda bonus to it!
Christ, what am I supposed to say?
Why do I get myself into these situations?

Monday, May 02, 2005

I've been asked to do nude modelling!
For GT's I.S.
I have that "English heritage look" apparently (Which makes me think of old houses!!)
I trust him enough not to put them on the web or show them off or anything like that.
But still people would have to see it and I'm the kinda person who's too shy to go topless on the beach or anything like that.
I dunno.
Shit. I'd need a bottle of vodka or something beforehand.
Look we do win things!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wasn't Anderson ok?
See things can't be that bad...
At least we aint Palace!
I'm gonna become a Glory Hunter!
Yes! I'm gonna cheer on Wednesday in their quest for Playoff Glory!