Monday, March 24, 2014

Salzburg was lovely! So pretty and I love how easy it is to travel about there! Nice to catch up with Welshy too. I went and trotted up to the fortress and around Mozart's house and we went underground to a salt mine with slides and boats!
Massive ice creams and the most random zoo!
I came home and instant despair. Two lots of dishwashing to be done. I didn't go to football cos the house was so messy and I was so stressed about the birds not being fed/watered (only one dead and I guess it had been there a while due to lack of head.....)
I tidied thoroughly and then utter despair today to see mess everywhere again.
I cracked. I shouted at him. He stormed out. I made a rosta and emailed it to mum and Welshy. I plan on talking to him about it when he gets in.
One of the rules were that if someone forgets their week then they don't pay rent that week. Considering I don't think he flushed the loo all week I don't think that's unreasonable.
Mother thinks so. Unsurprisingly.
Things are esculating quickly. I expect to find myself homeless by the end of the week......

OH I had a job interview today! More important than before I get a job now!!!!

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