Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I think this edited version of fb chat is as good as its going to get!
Excitingly this can be scrolled down. Seriously Remember when I was completely unable to put photos on here and had to get an external link for comments? Yay Technology!

anyway i am driving 7-9. why not come back after that and we can talk and get things sorted?
I've done my talking you can leave my key in the jerry can and I will let myself in later on
thats not really being grown up is it?
all i'm saying is the punishment works both ways
its not like i'm singling you out
It is as am not done till 11 and no to the none rent for a week that can piss right off
why is that so unreasonably?
surely if the house is tidy then it will never come into effect?
Don't really care but am not down with it and that's it
but then thats you being childish and not me?
i'm not down with a lot of things that happen in this place but i'm expected all the time to put up with it
Fine what ever than
so. basically i'm expected to tidy up constantly after you?
No I've said I will improve on that the the penatly no fucking way
but you have to admit not a lot changes ever?
i mean you say i did tidy before you had a chance but there was rice all over the surfaces
and i still had to do a full load of dishwashing and cleaning of surfaces
and anyway, it should never be at the stage where you plan on cleaning before me. it should just happen organically as soon as a mess is made, not left to the last minute
anyway. you might as well come back
we all know mum would get rid of me and let you stay rather than the other way around. she has told me as much, that if you don't come back i might as well go
apparently i'm only allowed to stay if so i can tidy after you
which is why i got angry.
how about we compromise?
we start the rosta. and if in a months time nothing has changed then we instigate the rule yeah?
Ok but not saying not pay another's rent that's all this has been about I. The first place for me so just leave the key in the jerry can so when am done I can let myself in and sleep
so we're agreed. we give the rosta a chance and if its not working then we do the rule?
Yer ok not be saying on to the rota rules we can workout when am off work
thats fine
Chat conversation end
Seen 18:24

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weenie said...

Hope things work out - can't imagine how stressful it must be!