Sunday, March 02, 2014

Another busy week. Riding. Gym-ing, driving, All going well, I'm still a bit struggling with getting over a new bout of loss of nerve after the rear the other week, but its ok.
Driving too. My stupidity meant I got the days muddled up that I was supposed to go do my driving theory test so that was 30 quid down the drain and unable to go again now for nearly a month.
Second lesson last Wednesday, practised bay parking and emergency stops, all went well, my old nemesis parallel parking went badly, not badly bad just not accurate and close to the kerb enough.
Went out with the N.M.M.C.A.S.C plus one to Leicester and had a lovely time with the boys ending in a bar drinking ice cream cocktails and beer on the way home.
Next Saturday I am going to see TP of which I am hugely excited about and then Charlton are playing Sheffield in the quarter-finals of the FA cup. I can see it being a game too far for us but it'll be a nice excuse to see TP and hang out with the boys.
What else is new?
Well I decided to put myself on the council housing list. I'm expecting to be turned down. In fact i'm 95% sure I will but its the only way of escape I can see at the moment.
I also applied for a medical trial so we'll see what happens there. Pays well for a week in hospital!
I have this week left at work and next as well and then I don't know whats happening. I really need to get some interviews lined up although its not through want of trying!
Welshy is home on the 15th and the end of the month will be a year playing with Vimto!

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