Thursday, March 13, 2014

Had an interview today. Went ok, clearly as stupid as the first jokers I worked for. I told them i'd only work for them if it was more than I got with my last job. I clearly aced interview though, we'll see what happens. Am pretty indifferent.
Went to the prescreen of my medical trial, had a blood sample taken now to wait 3-4 weeks to see what happens next.
Welshy isn't coming home next week. Someone he worked with had a grandparent die so he stepped into the breech. I'm gonna go see him though. Not been to Salzburg before so that should be nice. It looks really pretty and I can step into Germany too to wrack up another country. :)
Lovely sunny day today and tomorrow is my last day with the diabetes charity which is a shame. I will miss the bookshops!

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