Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pretty busy little day today. Had a gym session - scales say I lost 2kg! Considering I've hardly been last two weeks through a bad back and then leaving my pass at the stables this week I'm impressed with that progress in a month.
I suppose it could be more if I ate sensibly in the meantime. I'm not exactly dieting or calorie-counting but I am monitoring what I am eating with an app on my phone (phones do so much now days *said in old woman voice*) and I find that is preventing me from going to Greggs and buying cream scones!
Not that there will be much visiting Greggs any more! I now have left the national diabetes charity amid much dismay from the team that I worked with. I genuinely think they would have preferred me to stay and I got a lovely card from them all.
Absolute disaster however when Royal Mail lost a passport and wedding certificate that a lady posted to me. Its not my fault and I'm completely blameless but yet feel incredibly guilty about it!
Anyway, after going to the gym I washed all my bedding, woke a grumpy and sleepy tortoise from hibernation and fed the birds. Mum's friend W came over and he took me to the pet shop and I brought a large outdoor pen for him to go and frolic in, I cut some of the grass to go along with it and then dug out a bit of the top soil. Tomorrow or Monday I plan to go and buy some gravel and little plants to go into his pen and then he just needs a new dry house and he will be a spoilt tortoise with a summer home!
Riding tomorrow and all being well it shall be another hot sunny day so I can do some pole work and jumps on my lesson.
Off to Salzburg on Tuesday! I wish Welshy was back today but this is better than no Welshy!

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