Thursday, April 17, 2014

This is horrible. We have been for a nice playdate like we used to. Went to Crystal Palace and admired the dinosaurs and got happily lost in the maze, went and had ice cream sundaes and its like it should be all fun and affectionate between us, we had sex last night and this morning. But yet he says he doesnt know. Trying to give him space and not quiz too much. Suggested that maybe we should take some time apart when he leaves Monday and not communicate at all instead of texting and whats-apping and facebooking. To either start preparing for life without each other or maybe to make us realise that its worth carrying on with, that we miss each other too much.
Really have no idea what to do apart from try to make these last few days as fun as possible for us both and then at least it'll be left on a good note.

What with one thing and another 2014 is rapidly coming to be the shittiest year I've had for a long time.

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