Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In the midst of all the misery I've been posting recently I've just had the best day out I've had for ages!
We hired an arena and showjumps and took the horse out to play. She was so excited! Took two of us to hold her still to tack up and I'm sure she was hyperventilating with it all!
I let her owner ride her first as I was a bit nervous of how excited she was, then it was my go! Once again steering let me down as did confusion over left and rights. We practised perhaps 7 or 8 jumps individually and then strung them together to make a nice course. Where I got lost! Hey Ho!
Got some ok photos too!
When I start working I plan on taking up more jumping lessons and I have my fingers crossed that perhaps her owner will let me take her to some low level jumping contests.
Then home and straight out to football where we put an end to a miserable season by winning 3-1! Luckily staving off relegation!
Also! The temping lady got in touch about possibly setting me up with an interview with the Kennel Club! And I have an interview in Sutton Coldfield Tuesday! Haven't really looked into it too much yet. If I go without Welshy, the wage might be a teeny bit too low.
Will look into it properly tomorrow although to be honest, far more excited about working for the Kennel Club!

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