Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I set myself Three New Years Resolutions last year.
1: To travel more
2: Learn another language
3: Finally get another job.

Hmm. I guess I did achieve the travelling thing, I toured most of Italy, well the only bits I'd ever wanted to see anyway. I only really got the one day in Rome, so I'd like to go back and see the bits I missed, actually get inside the Vatican and see the Sistine Chapel, as it was too busy when we were there and we were so limited for time. I think I'd like to go to Venice again as well, its shabby and rundown, but on a good day its one of the most beautiful cities. If things had gone according to plan I'd also be able to tell you that my Visa and plane tickets to India were sorted, but there we go. I still have 18 days of leave to use up before April, so I'm sure I'll get away again.
I did Also achieve my other language resolution, well I claim I did, I guess it depends on the person, I went on a BSL (British Sign Language) course in the Summer, I'd like more practise at it, but I feel I could, perhaps, have a very basic coversation with a Deaf person, I'm also trying to put my Gallery Favourite Talk into Sign, but that's gonna be a long process, perhaps next year I'll do another course in it as I really enjoyed it.
I failed in my mission to get another job, not without lack of trying, I had three interviews last year, perhaps that dont sound too good, but over 300 people went for my Seal Job over in norfolk and to get myself in the last 6 that get interviewed ain't too bad! And I think thats the same with all my other interviews, plus what with the climate at the moment, people are less inclined to leave the jobs they have, or create others, so it was August that I had my last interview, but I have one Thursday week, so we'll see.

Good points of the Year? - Welshy coming back and getting Geronimo, I cant imagine going back to just seeing him, one day every three weeks again, Italy was a good point as well. I've started riding again too, something I've missed a lot, although falling off of Selica last week, wasnt good!
Bad? - Still being in the Museum, still pandering to the whims of Mother - who is the reason I'm home tonight, even though she went to bed at 7.
Granddad's Cancer is another bad point, I couldnt bear it if he died as well, nor can I bear the fact that my other Aunts and Uncles seem to carelessly abandon him and Nanny to me and Mum to deal with.
And Charlton's seemingly relentless slide to League One is also a real bad point! Just think, when I started this blog, we were 4th in the prem and beating the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Now we're 24th in the Championship and 4 points behind everyone else, in a lower league and losing to the likes of Barnsley and Blackpool and if things dont pick up we'll be off to another lower division!

I wanna talk about MH too, but that's a post for another day, so all thats left is for me to thank you all for reading! Wish you a Great New Year and Hope you join me in telling 2008 to fuck off at midnight!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Chrimbo to you all!!!
I've rather enjoyed having 5 lazy days off, although going back to work tomorrow is pleasing me slightly as I'm rather bored imprisoned in this house with no where to go!
Plus in the New Year I have another interview, for a safari park in the midlands. Wrong side of Derby though, but hey ho.
They phoned me up last Sunday, so i wonder if thats a good sign, or not! I've been to a few interviews over the year, for the RSPCA in Norfolk, for Colchester Zoo and London Zoo's but due to the economic climate at the moment, work kinda dried up around August and then didnt come back so I was reduced to looking for seasonal work, but this is a full time position!
I feel really awkward though, it was a job I applied for, merely to keep myself motiviated for applying for jobs, like I said it all dried up and from doing one application a week, to not doing any in three/four months and I was hopelessly underqualified for this job.
But now I have the interview and I cant even remember what the job was, something to do with fish/reptile keeping and public speaking according to the Covering Letter I sent it.
I hate being under prepared for these things!
But figners crossed!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I think i'm all caught up in the general gloom about at the moment. I'm disappointed about my trip to India being cancelled, well postponed indefinately and I'm finding it hard to summon up any enthusisium for finding another adventure.
Work at the moment is pretty shite. Well more shite than normal. There's fewer visitors, cos the weather, economic climate (despite us being free) and its always dead this time of year anyway. But being alone all day with nothing to do to keep you pre occupied does strange things to your mind. I made a film in my gallery on my phone today.

I find this time of year hard anyway.... too many memories I guess. I had to take my Granddad to the hospital last monday for his chemo as all the rest of my so called caring aunts and uncles claimed they were too busy to take the time off.

I hate that room. I hate the reclining green leather armchairs. I hate watching the clock and counting drips from the bag of blood or drugs slowly flow through the arm. I hate the relentless cheeryness of the nurses that work there. I hate being there. Thinking about all the times Dad sat there, how ill he was and how ill he'd be before he'd get the blood and how the blood'd perk him up for a bit and then he'd sink again. I never wanted to return to that room. I spent the day dealing with circular conversations and then trying to sort out his medication and feed him and my increasingly insane Nanny and I wonder why this is happening again and where in the world it is fair.

I came home and shouted at Welshy over nothing and I've been in a foul, tired gloomy mood ever since. I hate Christmas. I want to sleep it away.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So today is the second anniversary of THIS Its so funny now thinking of my dilemma back then of how best to deal with him.
We went out today to the pub we used to do most of our drinking in, only to find out its been upgraded and not for the better! So perhaps we'll fondly reminisce and not go back there again.
Sometimes I try and think exactly where I started to change my mind about how I felt about him, but I dont remember. It just happened somewhere between the long drinking sessions and day long chats either on msn or hanging out together, between the silly little bickering fights we have and the teasing jokes and giggles we had.
But I'm glad it did change.
Also amusingly the day after that incident I was working in the Blackheath shop and managed to drop a pint of probiotic strawberry yoghurt down me and into the freezer, where it froze almost instantly.
I dont know who was more worried about that incident, me or the shop manager. I text Welshy to tell him about me being clumsy just to reassure him more than anything that nothing had changed between us and he told me later that he laughed at me and then cried cos it made him realise that he loved me even though i'm a "clumsy spastic"