Monday, June 30, 2014

Bit of a CV revamp today, pretended I was in Spain longer than I was, removed one of the temping jobs I did and pushed up the other.
Let's see if that helps.
Interview confirmed for Wednesday over in Bedford to do medical compliance. Not a company I've ever heard of, not on any frameworks. At least its supposed to be quite pretty in that area so considering it more of a day out than an interview.

Around lunchtime I emailed that company from that debacle on Thursday, having no response I called the lady, apparently their email have been down and she's not had a chance to speak to the manager regarding getting my money back.
Whatever. I will call again tomorrow about the same time and see what happens then. I NEED that money back!

Friday, June 27, 2014

I went to an interview techniques doodah at the job centre today, to work out why I have such bad luck.

Apparently my life is against me! Cos of Dad and Mum and the Grandparents, people look at my CV and without knowing the background story dismiss me as a joke. Even having done all the courses outside the museum and the secondments make me seem that I have no aim and direction.... Which I probably don't....

I then go to interviews as a bit of a "joke" candidate, much like you'd go to the zoo to see a new baby rhino or whatever.
Bit sad to hear that from people but time for action! She gave me some ideas for things to try, will liase with the job centre so I can get discounted courses and I guess.... rebuild my CV...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I got a call from an agency yesterday, having found my details on Reed. Told me about a position they know of that is having a recruitment day. I had to prepare a 5 min presentation, and be there for 8.30 for a full day.
Kingston is quite a way from me, it 
cost me 16 pounds to get there and I had to leave at 6.40 to get there in time. Another gentleman came from Enfield and left at 5.40 to get there, after having begged a day off of work, short notice.
So yeah. Neither of us appreciated being told that someone or another was sick and we had to go home but they were prepared to interview 4 other people (who I happened to notice were fresh out of uni and local).
Apparently they'll re-arrange for us to do it over Skype and refund costs but as of yet no one has been in touch with me. 
A - Why send the people who travelled the furthest home? 
B - Why only interview a few people?
C - Why text me at 7am to remind me to bring my passport if they knew this was happening?
D - How can I do a presentation with handouts (as requested repeatedly) over Skype?

Anyway phoned them up and demanded that I get my money back..... watch this space....

Went out with Flashy as well tonight, great fun! Ended up meeting these two lads, who tried it on a bit but were a great laugh at the end.
Always good to be chatted up with the line "So would you kill a baby?"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So she went out earlier to see "someone". I suspect will nonsense. She told me she had a meeting at Nan's care home at 2. I said no worries I'd wait for her to come back before I went to the yard. So say the meeting went on for an hour and she spent some time with Nan (which technically I can't argue against [or I could as she knows I'm waiting and can spend all Wednesday and Thursday there]), its a 10 minute drive away. So where is she at 4.20? Or at least why not have the decency to text me and say I'm going here next.
It'll take me close to two hours to get there now via bus and I'm loathe to leave in fear she'll appear and I'll have wasted a two hour trip and 5 pound on the bus when I could tootle there in 20 minutes and it not cost me anything?
URGH. I am never gonna learn am I? I am the Reek to her Ramsey Bolton.
So far car sharing includes me getting a bus whenever I need to go out in  a three hour radius of her also going out.
I went with her to the solicitors. Basically woman got bitchslapped. Told to stop shirking her duties and delegating everything and step up to the plate. All of this drama could have been stopped with one phone call in February. Found it quite hard to keep the smirk off of my face and hide the annoyance that I've been dicking about as always trying to sort out her messes when she literally just needed to call social services and put them on the case and they would have dealt with it all.
Also. I got hit with the bombshell that he's asked her to marry him. Apparently she told him it was up to the children what she did. Boy will not be down with that. I am not keen either. She's known him a year FFS. I said this. She pointed out that she knew Dad a year. She was 18 then, had nothing. Now she's 50. Old enough to know better and owns a house.
 He has nothing. If she marries him he would be entitled to half of it. I don't even know if it was serious and she said yes or not. I may be worrying unnecessarily about that but the fact that it's been brought up means that it will again, and she may not give him the same answer again.
She also mentioned yesterday changing her will. I didnt think too much of it, I've seen her will. Its dated 1996, so long before Dad ever got sick. Before we owned our house. But Now the thought is: Would she have the sense to make sure the house only went to me and Boy? Would she leave it to him?
Have I been watching too many TV dramas to be fearing the worst????

Sunday, June 22, 2014

She came back yesterday. Wasn't expecting her until tomorrow. Course the living room was a mess cos Boy lives down there now and I spend all my time in my room (which come to think of it, would have been good training for the medical trial had I got it). So yeah, told off for not tidying that. Told off for tidying snotty tissues and 4 year old Sainsburys reciepts out of the car in case I'd thrown something important(!)
And today I was asked why I had bothered to tidy the back garden when no one can see that, I should have either left it or done that and the front garden.
Which to be fair is not the expected criticism. Gone out in what I already think of as *my car* to see her friend and have dinner with her.
I expect at some point she might ask me how I am but until then I'm busy sorting out all the printing that needs doing for the solicitors. (reason she's back is that Granddad's will/estate has still not been settled and as mentioned someone is challenging her for power over Nan's finances.)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today I learnt I have two birth certificates.  One for when I was born and one for three years later.
My original one confirms that mother wasn't married to Dad when I was born, no big secret I'm in all the wedding photos.

The second is dated when I was 3 and a bit years old and confirms that mum is now married to Dad.
Which is fine you know. Except it was done a year after my brother was born and 2 years 9 months after their wedding.

Well just call me Meg 'afterthought' Griffin from here on in...


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Its good to know I'm the only idiot who pays Mother rent in this house, that she's too dumb to realise no one else is paying her and that the others laugh at me for paying up blindly and for even considering giving her all the housing benefit should I qualify for it...

Friday, June 13, 2014

I got summoned on Friday to an agency office on Monday, to be put forward for a role within the NHS, I really wanted it, it sounded exciting, it paid well, I had visions of being able to move out, to solve all money crisises and problems forever. I thought it was fate, that it was part of Perfect Friday, having passed my test.
Of course I didn't get it.
Went for another interview today and I'm not sure I performed as best I could for it. It was at Welshy's old halls of residence and made me rather nostalgic for those years way back when I was working in The Health Food Shop That Shall Not Be Named and a lot more carefree despite everything than I am now. Back in the day when I thought I'd be able to use my degree, and escape the Mother.
Foolish child that I was.

The driving is coming along. I *may* have accidentally forgotten to turn off my right indicator and cruised happily along the A2 for about 10 minutes before realising and I'm stalling occasionally and bunny hopping a bit, but the car is a lot more powerful, larger and longer than what I learnt in so it'll take time and every trip fills me with a little more confidence. I had a pass plus lesson and drove to Gatwick Airport which filled me with terror but yet confidence in my abilities, so yay me!

If I do not get a job by the end of this month I will give up the horse, I decided last night. I meant to do it in May but I had a few interviews and postponed it hoping. I cannot afford this expense any more. It will break my heart but there will be other horses that need riders once I am employed again.
Of course knowing my luck the week after giving her up, I'll get another job and it'll be too late!

Friday, June 06, 2014

I just passed my driving test!!!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Oh dear. Mother is being challenged by someone or another for power of attorney for Nan. Obviously this is a family member keen to siphon off some of it for themselves. That is if they haven't already stripped their house bare.
Just when things down there appeared to be settled....

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Oh dear. Once again naivety regarding Mother has been my downfall. I had been hoping that the housing benefit would be mine to keep - apart from usual rent that goes to her. This would mean that I can live and pretty much break even each week.
After lecturing me for ages about how wonderful her life is, how she only dives 3 or 4 times a week, only eats out once or twice a week, how they have a cleaner and how she only works now 4 hours a week, I then got told how she wants all of it otherwise she will be eating into her savings.
Well hang on. I'm about 1400 into my credit card and at least 800 into my overdraft (too scared to look any more). She has 3k in savings and TBH perhaps she should have thought about this.
Or maybe I'm the one being stupid and childish? I mean if it was a normal landlord I'd not know anything about their lifestyle so it'd be one of those things. And it is kinda benefit fraud otherwise.
Welshy rightly pointed out that he doubts very much if Boy will give it to her seeing as I'm the only one out of the two of us who does pay rent at the moment! And he gets to do " I told you so." as he was unwilling to sign the contract anyway necessary for this. And now I'm fretting that she'll want all of that still if I do go get a real job.

Had an interview on Friday, hoped to hear back from them before today. Haven't. Agency called me up to see if i'd be interested in a HR/Admin role. I said yes, but I learnt in the conversation that they've merged with another charity that I interviewed with earlier this year.
So yeah, it'd be the same role so not convinced I'll get a call back or interview! Hey ho. Just gotta keep on plugging away!