Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Oh dear. Once again naivety regarding Mother has been my downfall. I had been hoping that the housing benefit would be mine to keep - apart from usual rent that goes to her. This would mean that I can live and pretty much break even each week.
After lecturing me for ages about how wonderful her life is, how she only dives 3 or 4 times a week, only eats out once or twice a week, how they have a cleaner and how she only works now 4 hours a week, I then got told how she wants all of it otherwise she will be eating into her savings.
Well hang on. I'm about 1400 into my credit card and at least 800 into my overdraft (too scared to look any more). She has 3k in savings and TBH perhaps she should have thought about this.
Or maybe I'm the one being stupid and childish? I mean if it was a normal landlord I'd not know anything about their lifestyle so it'd be one of those things. And it is kinda benefit fraud otherwise.
Welshy rightly pointed out that he doubts very much if Boy will give it to her seeing as I'm the only one out of the two of us who does pay rent at the moment! And he gets to do " I told you so." as he was unwilling to sign the contract anyway necessary for this. And now I'm fretting that she'll want all of that still if I do go get a real job.

Had an interview on Friday, hoped to hear back from them before today. Haven't. Agency called me up to see if i'd be interested in a HR/Admin role. I said yes, but I learnt in the conversation that they've merged with another charity that I interviewed with earlier this year.
So yeah, it'd be the same role so not convinced I'll get a call back or interview! Hey ho. Just gotta keep on plugging away!

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weenie said...

Good luck with the job hunting/interviews! Chin up!