Friday, June 13, 2014

I got summoned on Friday to an agency office on Monday, to be put forward for a role within the NHS, I really wanted it, it sounded exciting, it paid well, I had visions of being able to move out, to solve all money crisises and problems forever. I thought it was fate, that it was part of Perfect Friday, having passed my test.
Of course I didn't get it.
Went for another interview today and I'm not sure I performed as best I could for it. It was at Welshy's old halls of residence and made me rather nostalgic for those years way back when I was working in The Health Food Shop That Shall Not Be Named and a lot more carefree despite everything than I am now. Back in the day when I thought I'd be able to use my degree, and escape the Mother.
Foolish child that I was.

The driving is coming along. I *may* have accidentally forgotten to turn off my right indicator and cruised happily along the A2 for about 10 minutes before realising and I'm stalling occasionally and bunny hopping a bit, but the car is a lot more powerful, larger and longer than what I learnt in so it'll take time and every trip fills me with a little more confidence. I had a pass plus lesson and drove to Gatwick Airport which filled me with terror but yet confidence in my abilities, so yay me!

If I do not get a job by the end of this month I will give up the horse, I decided last night. I meant to do it in May but I had a few interviews and postponed it hoping. I cannot afford this expense any more. It will break my heart but there will be other horses that need riders once I am employed again.
Of course knowing my luck the week after giving her up, I'll get another job and it'll be too late!

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weenie said...

Good luck with the job interviews - sorry to hear that you will have to give up the horse, but it's probably the right thing to do until you get yourself sorted financially.