Thursday, June 26, 2014

I got a call from an agency yesterday, having found my details on Reed. Told me about a position they know of that is having a recruitment day. I had to prepare a 5 min presentation, and be there for 8.30 for a full day.
Kingston is quite a way from me, it 
cost me 16 pounds to get there and I had to leave at 6.40 to get there in time. Another gentleman came from Enfield and left at 5.40 to get there, after having begged a day off of work, short notice.
So yeah. Neither of us appreciated being told that someone or another was sick and we had to go home but they were prepared to interview 4 other people (who I happened to notice were fresh out of uni and local).
Apparently they'll re-arrange for us to do it over Skype and refund costs but as of yet no one has been in touch with me. 
A - Why send the people who travelled the furthest home? 
B - Why only interview a few people?
C - Why text me at 7am to remind me to bring my passport if they knew this was happening?
D - How can I do a presentation with handouts (as requested repeatedly) over Skype?

Anyway phoned them up and demanded that I get my money back..... watch this space....

Went out with Flashy as well tonight, great fun! Ended up meeting these two lads, who tried it on a bit but were a great laugh at the end.
Always good to be chatted up with the line "So would you kill a baby?"

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