Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lets bring it all up to speed. - I didn't get the kennel club job, they said it would be mundane and beneath me. Really disappointed about that. No other interviews on horizon and I'm starting to get worried about funds and whathaveyou.
Booked Driving test. No one knows when it is and I plan to keep it that way.
Got approved to go on council housing list. Boom! Of course I can't do that until I get a job and the list is so long I might even end up being able to afford to buy (insert sarky laugh).
Mother was home, she castigated my lack of cleaning up after the Boy - who is also not working and has moved down into the living room to sleep and live. She spent more time going out with her friends and telling me in one breath how poor she was and needed me to carry on giving her rent (am only one out of the three of us who has!!) and in the other breath how she is diving three or four times a week and goes out most nights to "support" him and the band.
Welshy - Oh God I don't know what's going on there. When he came home he was full of the pits of despair about how he's a hindrance to my life and stopping me doing things cos he doesn't support my dream of escape from London.  We just had a really nice week together, and we both agreed how easy it was to forget the problems of the last two weeks.
He told me he loved me yesterday. Urgh. Not reading into it at all. He is now away again for 2 weeks. Just playing it all by ear which makes me seem like a victim I guess but I'm prepared for either eventuality so am just rolling with it all.
The medical trial people got back in touch out of the blue. I qualify for a different experiment so am going Thursday for a health MOT (ECG's the works!) and then we'll see! I could get locked up for 11 days but get 3k for my troubles. Which would be very very handy.

And that is just about it really. Riding tomorrow and then the week starts again with a trip to sign on.

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