Monday, May 12, 2014

God I hate, hate that woman! Boy accidentally or didnt know that stuff in the back room was to be shipped out. Its a bike, a clothes airer and some other little bits and pieces. So she wanted me to run about tomorrow like an idiot taking it all up to heathrow on the tube. When I refused she got on the phone to her friend W guilted him into driving her car without tax and insurance to do it. So tomorrow I have to give him the car keys just so that selfish bitch who was too lazy to organise all this her end when she knew she was coming back at least 3 weeks ago can get a bike and an airer sent to her in Spain.
I also however have spent today Googling how to get housing benefit. She claimed it was too hard to organise and never bothered during her week of drinking and hanging out with friends here.
So thats what I plan on doing Wednesday.

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