Monday, February 10, 2014

The funeral today went reasonably well.
Luckily there was no dramatics and all very civil. I did a reading. Moment of panic when my script was different to Aunt G who was doing the other section.
Afterwards Uncle I gave me a ring. "To remember Granddad by." I don't wear jewellery and I don't need a ring to remember him. It is pretty nice to be fair though, garnet and zirconia. Red and White for football.
Where did the money to get it come from? Why didn't they give me something for Brat? Did everyone get the same thing? Too many questions.
Too nice to wear everyday even if I did wear jewellery and its slightly too big for me. I would lose it in a muck heap or something.
I had to hide it from Mother, will have to continue to hide it.

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